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Junk yard

Hazzard Junk Yard is a location in Hazzard County, Georgia.


Season 1[]

One Armed Bandits[]

Bo and Luke Duke met up with Cooter, Dobro, and Brodie to discuss a plan to steal Sheriff Rosco's slot machines. The five then drove around in the junk yard to leave, getting lost a few times due to the walls of stacked cars. There are a few dirt roads through the junk yard and eventually the group finds the exit.

A few days later, Enos is parked in the junk yard, practicing his draw. Bo and Luke meet up with him to explain how they are going to give Rosco credit for saving the orphanage.

Daisy’s Song[]

Realizing they are being followed, Bo pulls into the Junk Yard to loose them. The FBI agents follow them. Bo pulls around a sharp bend to which the agents follow. The General parks, allowing the agents to go past them and find a dead end. Bo then comes up behind them, ramming their car into another car before driving away. The FBI agents follow them down a dirt road through walls of stacked cars before losing them. Bo comes up behind them in the General and rams into the back. The agents stop the car before getting out and running to the General, wanting to talk to the Dukes but not knowing who they are, Bo puts the General in reverse and drives away. Bo gets a head start but then stops to allow them to catch up before driving away again. Bo then goes between a few crushed cars and knocked one down to trap the FBI agents in the yard.

Repo Men[]

Looking for help from Cooter, Bo and Luke go to the Junk Yard where they find Cooter playing with the car crusher. Cooter is excited, telling them that he loves playing with it and the boys ask him for his truck.

Later after Ace Parker and Boss Hogg double cross them, Jesse and the boys take all the cars from Ace's lot to Cooter in the junk yard and Cooter crushes them all into cubes before returning them to the car lot.

Season 3[]

Carnival of Thrills: Part 1[]

After impounding the General Lee, Boss and Rosco send it to the Junk Yard to be crushed. Enos is sent along to ensure that the deed is done. However the Dukes arrive and beat up the junk yard employees before making off with the General, saving him.

Uncle Boss[]

In order to erase a tape that Hughie Hogg is carrying, the Dukes, Enos, and Rosco corral Boss and Hughie into the junk yard. Cooter then uses a large magnet on a crane to wipe the tape before allowing Boss to leave.

Season 4[]

Sadie Hogg Day[]

In order to prevent his theft of County Funds being discovered, Boss and Rosco head to the incinerator to burn Boss Hogg's secret ledger. A chase is lead into and through the Junk Yard where Bo and Luke manage to get the ledgers from Rosco and give them to a bank examiner to show the true source of the theft.

Season 6[]

Play it again, Luke[]

In an effort to save Candy Dix from people trying to kill her, the Dukes, Enos, Rosco, Boss Hogg, and Cooter force everyone into the junk yard. Bo and Luke are able to fight the killers off and save Candy.