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Hazzard County Orphanage, also called Sheridan Orphans' Home. It is privately owned and funded by donations.


The Sheridan Orphan's Home was a privately endowed home for orphans in Hazzard County, Georgia. At some point the money to maintain it ran out. Boss Hogg owns the mortgage on the property and would not allow it to be supported by county funds in order to use the land for a shopping center.[1]

The Orphanage is heavily supported by the Duke Family and the community of Hazzard. On Sundays Cooter Davenport comes and picks up all the kids to take them out on picnics.[2]


Season 1[]

One Armed Bandits[]

Jill Dodson, having grown up in the county orphanage, wanted to help prevent it from being shut down by the Health Department, who ordered it to be completely re renovated. Unable to raise the funds, she helped out where she could. The orphanage ended up being saved due to a large sum of money donated by Sheriff Rosco Coltrane (in reality it was the Duke Family) from slot machines he brought in Hazzard. The Orphanage had a large picnic to thank Rosco for his contributions

Season 2[]

Officer Daisy Duke[]

While not making an appearance, Daisy Duke donated $10,000 to the orphanage after being awarded it for stopping a group of bank robbers.

Season 3[]

The Late J.D. Hogg[]

Boss and Jesse Duke drive out to see the current owner of the orphanage so that Boss can explain that he has turned over all the property and building to the owner at no cost to them. The man, shocked, collapses at the news.

By-Line Daisy Duke[]

Boss Hogg donates $5,000 to the orphanage to keep his involvement in stealing tractors a secret.

Season 4[]

Double Dukes[]

Bo and Luke turned over a reward from the Armored Car Company for stopping a robbery to the orphanage fund.

The Sound of Music- Hazzard Style[]

Mickey Gilley does a concert in Hazzard for the Orphanage where the proceeds are for the Orphanage Benefit. Later after stopping a group of record pirates the Duke Family would donate the reward to the Orphanage Fund.

Nothin' But the Truth[]

The Dukes brought down a casino and donated the money from the cash box to the orphanage.

Season 5[]

Hazzard Hustle[]

The Dukes donate a large amount of money to Reverend Frawley for the Orphanage.

Big Brothers Duke[]

Andy, who had been with the Dukes for a few days as part of the Big Brother program, donates money to the orphanage that he got for a reward.

Season 6[]

Brotherly Love[]

The Dukes donate a large amount of money to the orphanage.

A Boy's Best Friend[]

A young boy named Terry Lee is sent to live at the orphanage after losing both his parents in an accident. Terry Lee doesn't talk, worrying the caretaker Mr. Grant who sends for the Doctor a few times to check on him. Bo and Luke decide they want to help and adopt a dog for the boy. However it is discovered the dog was stolen.

Terry Lee and Ira build a doghouse for the dog, but it is stolen by the thieves. The original owners of the dog come out to meet Terry Lee while the Dukes recover the dog. When the boys return the owners of the dog decide to allow Terry Lee to keep her but also adopt Terry Lee.






  • The Duke Family regularly makes donations of prize money or rewards to the Orphanage. This is most likely because Bo, Luke, and Daisy all lost their parents.