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Hazzard Pond

A location in Hazzard County.


Hazzard Pond is a place many people like to visit, it is also a popular place to loose Rosco or any of his deputies by tricking them to drive into the pond. Enos also cites it as his favorite fishing hole, joking he spends a lot of time there, fishing or otherwise. [1]

Notable Appearances[]

Season 2[]

The Ghost of the General Lee[]

Rosco and Enos chase the General Lee and it jumps into the pond. When no one surfaces Enos goes in to find Bo and Luke's clothes. They conclude the boys had drowned in the pond. This is later proven to be false.

Season 6[]

Dead and Alive[]

After pretending to be dead to allow his paintings to sell, Artie hides out at Hazzard Pond, painting it at least twice. The painting is good enough that allows Bo and Luke to know where exactly he is and go to him to clear their names.