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Hazzard Swamp is a location in Hazzard County featured both in The Dukes of Hazzard (1979-1985) and The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion!


The Hazzard Swamp has a population of many different plants and animals. It is a popular place to go for romantic getaways. [1] It has been expressed that it is difficult to navigate the swamp, Bo Duke expressing that the only person who can get around the swamp is Molly who lives in the swamp. [2]

There are a number of Swamp and marshlands in Hazzard that are covered under this page.

The Swamp is located near the Duke Farm, as Jesse Duke would have to grant Mama Max permission to cross his land to access the Swamp with equipment.[3]


Swamp Landing[]

On the edge of the Swamp is a place called Swamp Landing. There is a small cabin and it sits on the edge of a body of water. It is accessible by Swamp Road. [4]

Black Hollow[]

In Hazzard Swamp there is a small pond called Black Hollow. Jesse Duke says there is quick sand on the bottom of the pond. Bo Duke drove a truck full of weapons and ammunition into the pond and it sank to to bottom. [5]

Molly's Home[]

While not seen, Molly and Alice live in a place in the swamp.

Bearclaw Swamp[]

A Swamp on the edge of the county. There is a small fishing shack that belonged to a Citizen of Hazzard named Bubba until Boss Hogg foreclosed on it. The shack was destroyed and sank into the swamp. [6]

Zach's Landing[]

Zach's landing

Zach's Landing is a jumping off place for the swamp. Zach rents boats and other necessary items for anyone that wishes to enter the swamp. [7]

McCobb Home[]

The home of Jeb McCobb and his granddaughters Sam and Gerry. They know the swamp well. [8]

Soggy Marsh[]

Another part of Hazzard's swamp land includes Soggy Marsh. In 1972 a man named Kingston hid half a million dollars in the marsh. It was found in 1982. [9]


Season 1[]

Swamp Molly[]

Molly and her cousin Alice come out of the Swamp to ask for Bo and Luke Duke to drive a truck of ammunition to the Swamp Landing for Molly to sell. Jesse Duke and Alice go into the swamp to fish for crawdads. At the end of the episode, Bo sinks a truck into Black Hollow.

Double Sting[]

A group of three bank robbers hid in Bearclaw Swamp in Bubba's fishing shack after Boss Hogg foreclosed on it. They used the shack as their base of operations. However the shack was destroyed when Bo Duke rammed it into the water with a pickup truck.

Season 2[]

Treasure of Hazzard[]

While looking for the Cumberland Marker, Jesse, Bo, and Luke Duke go into the swamp with Laura Bardsley. While looking they encounter a number of alligators and Laura is knocked from the boat. Bo jumps in to keep the alligator away from her. After they look for the McCobb family, who find Bo. Jeb offers to show Jesse the marker but after they leave and never come back.

Season 4[]

Pin the Tail on the Dukes[]

In order to hide the fake radar gun's that Boss had made, he and Rosco drive to the swamp to throw it in the mud. After Rosco tosses it, the Dukes jump over the particular part they are at, catching the hair dryer and preventing Boss' plan.

Season 5[]

The Treasure of Soggy Marsh[]

Boss, Rosco, Pruitt, and Biff Gregory search the swamp for half a million dollars hidden in it ten years before. After finding the money, Pruitt and Biff are located by Daisy. They take her as a hostage to try and escape but with Sheriff Little, Enos, Vance, Coy, Jesse, Boss Hogg, and Rosco all chasing after them they are caught and arrested.


The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion![]

Rosco Coltrane works a deal to sell the swamp to Mama Max in order to build a theme park. However the Dukes refuse to allow them access to the swamp. A race is organized between the Dukes in The General Lee against Double Zero for the rights to the Swamp.

Daisy Duke and Enos Strate go on a date in the swamp. While there, Daisy explains that the Swamp was what inspired her to get her degree in Ecology. Enos proposes to her but accidentally drops the ring. While looking for it, Daisy discovers a fern of a species that has not been discovered yet. She agrees to marry Enos but wants to rush back to study the fern. The discovery of the fern requires Rosco to fill out a number of permits from the Environmental Protection Agency before he can move forward on any plans of selling the swamp.

The Dukes win the race and Rosco reveals that the main reason that Mama Max wanted the swamp was for a rare ore that Rosco planted in the swamp. The Swamp is saved and is no longer in any danger of being destroyed.


There are a few people that live in the Swamp

  • "Swamp" Molly
  • Cousin Alice
  • Jeb McCobb
  • Sam McCobb
  • Gerry McCobb
  • Zach