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Hector Farley is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


One of Jesse Duke’s longest friends. He used to be a man who went nowhere without a smile on his face. He once worked with Boss Hogg as a partner but Boss framed him and got him arrested. While in prison he lost his Farm to Boss, which is why Boss framed him in the first place. While in prison Jesse sends him letters to keep his spirits up.


After being released from prison, he returns to Hazzard where his friend Jesse was going to pick him up. As he gets off the bus, Jesse excitedly greets him. After a moment he realizes who he’s talking to and happily greets him. He quickly puts down his suitcase before hugging Jesse. He thanks him for the letters he sent over the years. Jesse says that was nothing but he insists it was something. He says they gave him hope for the future when he was losing the heart to go on. He hugs Jesse again but Jesse quickly shows him Daisy, then pointing out ‘little Luke’ and ‘little Bo’. After greeting the kids he asks Jesse where he can find J.D. Hogg. Jesse offers to take him to the farm first saying there is plenty of time but he insists he’s already done plenty of time and JD owes him for his farm. Hearing a commotion, he looks over to see Boss and Rosco across the street. He screams ‘JD you varmint, you and I got business’ before running across the street. He and Rosco collide into each other, knocking Rosco over. He apologizes, trying to help Rosco up but Boss tells Rosco to arrest him for assaulting a police officer. Rosco threaten to arrest him but he gets angry yelling that he’s spent enough time in jail, that he isn’t going back and Rosco can’t make him. He runs off, ignoring the Dukes who are calling for him. He gets into the nearest vehicle, Rhubottom’s van, and drives off.

As he drives from Rosco, he sees Bo comes after him in the General before having Rosco run into a bush. He is surprised when Bo then passes him and blocks the road. He gets out asking what are they stopping him for and do they want him to be put back in jail. They convince him to get in the General and leave with Jesse as they take the van. He and Jesse go to the farm.

The next day he walks around the farm with Jesse, remarking it’s a ‘mighty fine spread’ and laments that had it not been for Boss he might have had one this good himself. Jesse says he’s going to get his place back and in the meantime to stay there with them. He thanks Jesse and while his friend talks about how he wants to get the farm back he gets in the pickup. Jesse asks where he’s going and he says he’s going to have it out with JD right now.

He drives into town before parking by the church. He sees Boss and Rosco out of the county building and starts storming over. Before he can reach them he is grabbed by Luke, who is speeding by on a cart. Luke pulls him onto the cart until they get to the square before jumping off. Bo pulls up in the General and Luke shoves him in through the window before Bo drives off with him. He rides in the front seat as Bo drives, losing Rosco by jumping the General Lee. Bo asks if he’s alright and he remarks he thinks so.

While at the farm, Jesse says he’s ashamed of him as he’s never harmed a living soul and yet if Bo and Luke hadn’t stopped him he would have attacked Boss. Hector says he didn’t mean any bodily harm, he just wants to talk to him. Jesse says he’s on parole and can’t have those fits of temper. He apologizes and Jesse reminds him the boys are on probation and they are being framed for a charge. He promises it won’t happen again and thanks the boys for keeping him from doing something foolish. Luke assures him it’s not a big deal. He listens to the boys talk about finding Cletus for his ‘so called’ radar gun.

While at the farm, he holds the yard for Daisy to allow her to roll it into a ball. Jesse explains another idea of waiting until the corn crops come in and then they will get the money back from Boss. The phone rings and Daisy says it’s Boss calling for Hector. He gets up and takes the phone. He tells Boss he doesn’t care what he has to say until he hears Hector out first. He is shocked when Boss cuts him off, saying he wants to give him back his money. Boss says he wants to give him the whole $25,000, leaving Hector in shock. Boss says to meet him at the courthouse in 30 minutes. He hangs up and thanks Jesse for the offer of getting a lawyer but JD just promised to give him the money to buy some land. Daisy and Jesse disagree but he says JD sounded sincere enough to him. He gives Daisy back her yarn and tells Jesse not to stop him before running out. He grabs the keys to the truck and leaves in Dixie.

He arrives in town and parks by the square. Boss tells him he’s got the money in the red box. Excited Hector heads over but Bo and Luke pull up in the General and Luke pulls in him the window before they drive away.

Luke helps sit him up between him and Bo, apologizing for manhandling him. He tells them to turn around and go back to town. Bo asks if he wants to go to jail, surprising him. He explains to them that JD was about to give him the land money he’s owed and Bo explains that was the county payroll. Luke says everyone in the county knows it and if he touched it he would have been arrested. He realizes they aren’t fooling with them and gets upset saying he knew it was too good to be true and now he’s got them in trouble again. Bo tells him not to worry about it. While in the car Bo is forced to avoid two trucks to allow them to escape Rosco. He says the next time he sees JD he’ll take that ‘lily white hat of his and shove it right down his throat’. Bo and Luke ask him to please steer clear of Boss for a bit, at least until they are out of trouble. He tells them he can’t promise that as he has his self respect to think about. Luke says if that is the case then he has to stay with them for now. He tries to protest but Luke tells him to sit back and enjoy the ride.

He sits with Bo and Luke in the General as they watch Daisy and Jesse confront Cletus about a ‘radar gun’ and take it from him. They then drive by and take the fake radar gun, which they confirm is a hair dryer. He concludes he’s not the only one JD has ripped off, which the boys say if he wants to know who all Boss has ripped off he might as well go through the phone book.

Boss radios the boys over the CB about the stolen ‘radar gun’ and Luke threatens to take it back to the state police unless Boss drops the charges. Bo takes the CB adding that there is also the matter of Hector’s and Boss has to give him back all the land money he owes. He is happy and amused. When Boss agrees he tells the boys he’s grateful.

They arrive at the court house but when they give back the evidence to Boss, Boss tells Cletus to arrest them before leaving with the hair dryer. He laments that there goes any chance he had at getting his land money. When Bo and Luke trick Cletus into losing all his bullets, he gets in the truck with Jesse and they head out after Boss and Rosco. He remarks they will never catch them but Daisy assures him they will.

While chasing Rosco, they are run off the road and the truck stalls. Jesse gets it started again and they arrive at the swamp to see the boys got the hair dryer back. He watches Jesse make Boss spit and shake on dropping the charges and giving him the land money.

After getting his money, he bought a farm in Hazzard. As he leaves the Duke Farm to be driven to his new home by Jesse; Bo, Luke, and Daisy see him off. He shakes the boys hands and Luke presents him with an ax. He says they shouldn’t have while Daisy gives him a kiss. Bo tells him they will come out every Tuesday to help him. He gets in the pickup and leaves with Jesse.