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Heep is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Sound of Music- Hazzard Style[]

He and his partner are hired by Boss Hogg and Rosco to make black market tapes of a Mickey Gilley concert in Hazzard. While the concert is occurring, they are in their van recording it. While they are copying a tape, Morton calls out to him to inform him the feds are there and it looks like they are going to block the alley. Morton tells him to grab the master reel as they need to make a run for it on foot. He grabs the reel and they run out the door and down the alley. They reach the road to see the General Lee with Bo and Luke. Morton makes Bo stop and Luke get in the backseat. He gets in the back beside Luke as Bo drives them away at gunpoint.

As they leave town, he watches the road behind them for the federal agents. As Bo attempts to lose the pursuer’s he comments ‘y'all fasten your seat belts we’ve just been cleared for take off’ before jumping over the creek. He looks back to see the agents stopped and cheers saying ‘we lost them!’ Morton has Bo pull over and he climbs out the back. He says this is the end of the road as Luke gets out, remaking ‘we ride and you walk. He is amused by Bo’s sarcastic comments and when Bo says he’s dizzy and kneels down, he watches him grab a handful of dirt and says Bo isn’t going to try that old trick adding he figures Bo thinks he’ll pick up a handful of sand and throw it at them. Bo smiles at him before letting go of the sand, saying he recon they saw they same movies to which Heep nods. Bo says you can’t blame a guy for trying. He is surprised when Luke suddenly launches Bo at him. Bo hits him, making him lose the gun. Bo knocks him down before Luke throws Morton on him and the boys escape with their car. They get their guns and shoot after the boys but miss. They sit in frustration as they realize the Master Reel was in the car.

He waits outside a phone booth as Morton calls Boss to let him know they ran into some trouble.

He waits while Morton talks to Boss on the phone a second time, being sent to the old saw mill to wait for the truck and tape.

While waiting at the Cotton Mill with Morton, Rosco arrives with the tape and truck. Rosco asks if they can give him a ride into town and he remarks ‘with the feds looking for that truck? You’ve got a hole in your screen door’. He is stunned when Morton tells him to drive Rosco back to the main road. He does.

While copying the tapes, he is surprised when Morton remarks they are dumb. He laments working with Boss and Heep laughs saying he likes his thinking. They start packing up.

Heep and Morton go to the Boar’s Nest where they see Boss eating. Boss greets them and he greets him back. Morton asks to see the money and Boss remarks he will get the money for them as soon as he finishes ‘this little snack’. He pulls a chicken wing from Boss saying with his appetite they will be there for a week. He tells boss to get the money and eats the food. He watches Morton force Boss to get out the money at gunpoint. Morton says they are taking all the money and Boss asks them to wait. He grabs Boss by the collar of his shirt asking what Boss figures on doing about it. Boss tells them he had Rosco take pictures of them. They kidnap Boss, leaving a note for Rosco to have him meet them at the Cotton Mill with the pictures or they will kill him.

They go to the Cotton Mill and he waits, watching Morton and Boss as he leans against the wall.

When Rosco arrives, he sits on a bench cleaning his nails. He isn’t at all surprised that Rosco came in a door that his back is to and casually asks if Rosco brought the pictures. When Morton comes in behind Rosco, he turns to watch Morton capture the Sheriff. They are unimpressed when they watch Rosco and Boss interact.

Learning Rosco never took any pictures, they put Rosco and Boss in the back of their van as hostages before driving off. He is amused when he hears Boss sobbing in the back, saying Lulu would get his money if he dies. When Morton goes to the Mud Flats, they get stuck in the mud. He tries to get a log to help them get out but notices Bo and Luke arriving in the General. He goes and gets in a bulldozer, waiting until the boys stop the General before shooting at them and driving the bulldozer toward them. Luke runs toward him but falls in the mud. He drives toward Luke, grinning at the idea of running over him. Luke manages to climb on the bulldozer. He continues to shoot at Luke but runs out of bullets. He throws the gun at Luke when Luke tries to approach him. The two begin wrestling around and fall off the machine. Luke knocks him into a large mud puddle. Cletus arrests them.

They are handing over to Ben Jordan and Marjorie Dane, Federal Agents who have been tracking them.