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Helen is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Helen had a history with Boss Hogg and Rosco Coltrane. She had come through Hazzard before, selling stock for a fictitious Hazzard County Dog Racing Track.


Route 7-11[]

Helen and her employees arrive in Hazzard, spreading word that they are looking for a driver for an 18-wheeler. After checking into the hotel for their stay, she goes outside to sees Bo and Luke looking around her truck and subtitly calls Morgan and Artie to help her. She approaches the boys asking ‘may we help you’ and when the boys ask who is 'we' she points out Morgan and Artie behind them. Bo and Luke say they heard she was looking for some drivers and she says that they heard right, provided they can handle it as it is an 18-wheeler. Luke tells her there is two of them so that is about 9 wheels apiece. Amused she agrees to let them try, telling Artie to give them the keys. Luke takes them from Bo saying he’ll drive and asks if Helen would care to watch ‘up front’. She tells him that is the best offer she’s had all day. She introduces herself in the truck and learn the boys names. She tells Luke to give it a shot. Luke drives forward and she asks if that is the best he can do. He says no, throwing the truck in reverse and driving backwards following all the same exact tire marks, stunning Helen while Bo laughs. When Luke parks she also laughs and asks Luke where he learned how to do that. Luke tells her he never learned and that was his first time. She laughs again, impressed. Bo asks to drive now and she quickly tells him ‘never mind’ saying she doesn’t want to grow gray before her time. She tells them they got the job before getting out. She explains that they will pay them $200 for both of them for two days starting tomorrow morning. She then shakes their hands before Morgan and Artie tease the boys. After Bo and Luke leave, she tells her boys that they are going to be perfect.

The next day she talks to Bo and Luke about what is going on, giving them her card claiming that she belongs to the ‘Armstrong-Peterson Shock Absorber Company’ and that all the people in the back of the truck are distributes to check their new shock absorbers. She tells them to get started. She goes into the back, removing her trench coat and getting into the truck to run her casino. As they travel, she checks on the customers, meeting Dewey and kissing his head for ‘luck’. After they stop she goes to see Bo and Luke, telling them they did a good job and she will see them the same time tomorrow. Luke tells her at those wages she can have them any time, day or night. Smiling she says she might take them up on that. Bo asks her about how the people liked the shock absorbers and she tells him that they loved them and most are going to return tomorrow.

The next day she is approached by Daisy and Jesse while boarding the truck. Jesse tells her that Dewey Stovall suggested he come by. Jesse introduces himself as Yancy Peckinpaugh and introduces Daisy as his traveling companion ‘Betty-Lou’. She asks where Dewey is and Jesse tells her that he is sick but Dewey recommended Jesse to replace him. Seeing a large wad of cash in Jesse's hand, Helen becomes excited and invits them into the truck. She gets Jesse and Daisy a drink and asks how they are doing. Jesse talks to her about roulette and Jesse agrees to play but says he needs the ‘right vibrations’. When the truck shakes she calls Bo in the cab telling him to drive more carefully. Bo apologizes and blames it on Luke before promising to be careful. She returns to Jesse and Daisy, who tell her he has the right vibrations and she encourages him to sit down. She is stunned when Jesse wins. Jesse wins a large amount of money before deciding to double. She quickly intervenes saying that she’s sorry and the wheel is looking a little ragged. Arties suggest the poker table and she agrees. She takes Jesse to the table. She then watches Jesse win all the money. After the truck is stopped by Rosco and Boss, they say they want all the money and she says Jesse and Daisy cleaned them out. She is arrested by Enos.