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Henry Flatt is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Born December 1, 1929. Henry was a well known con man and had tricked Boss Hogg out of $20,000 before faking his death on July 12, 1979. Many people in Hazzard, including the Dukes, had been present for his funeral. He used the money to create a Youth Center in Capital City that he runs with his daughter Gail.


R.I.P. Henry Flatt[]

After seeing markers in the cemetery, he goes to investigate. He sees Bo, Luke, and Daisy when they are passing through. Alarmed, Daisy runs. He tries to flee but Bo and Luke tackle him. They pull him up and he yells for them to let him go as it’s only him. Luke asks didn’t they lay him to rest a year ago and Bo says he remembers what the preacher said and Henry agrees, saying that he would have all of eternity to repent of his sins. Bo brings up the money he tricked from Boss. Luke says there was a $500 reward for him and Henry says he shared that money with the undertaker for burying a coffin of bricks. He says the only way to live was to declare himself dead. Luke asks why is he risking being found again and Henry shows them the road markers. He explains’ Boss is making a new road and it is going to start right over his grave. Bo protests no one has the right to do that and he says that according to the law if a grave is moved they have to verify the contents of the box, and if they do that to his it will be discovered that he is alive. He hides out in the barn for the night.

In the morning Jesse yells for him saying he thought they were rid of him. He nervously tells Jesse that he isn’t still holding that money from Boss. He explains that the road won’t stop in the cemetery either but will also take out the Veteran’s Cemetery. Henry says he hasn’t had the privilege to serve like Luke and some of the others but if he was he wouldn’t stand for it. He looks out the window, glad when Jesse agrees to help.

Later Bo and Luke come to the Youth Center and he sees them talking to his daughter. When the boys are fighting over her he calls out to them, greeting them and saying he sees they met his daughter Gail. He approaches them and Luke asks if they can speak to him alone but he says there is no need for that as Gail knows all about his past. The boys explain that Boss wants to put a housing development there. He comments that it’s all over then, they will open the coffin and find no body and all his dreams and hard work are gone. When Gail says for him to keep good thoughts and he says if she did what he had she would know that there is no such thing as miracles. He gets an idea commenting about making his own miracles.

They go outside and he borrows the van. He goes to the city morgue and meets with the attendant saying he is looking for his dear friend and client. The Attendant says they have had this body for a while and they haven’t been able to find out who it is. When the coffin is opened Henry pretends to start crying. He agrees to make a positive identification and learns they had a tattoo, throwing him off. He tricks the attendant into reading the number. He asks the attendant to give him a few moments to say goodbye and he steals the body.

He returns to the youth center and tells Peggy to take it easy on Bo and not to hurt him after she throws him to the ground. He joins Gail and Luke and Bo asks how it went and Gail asks if he got the donation he claimed to be getting. He says they might say so and asks if Bo and Luke will take him back to Hazzard. Luke says that is the one place they shouldn’t drive him and he says that is a chance he’s gotta take. Gail says she’s coming and give her a minute to get dressed.

When they enter Hazzard, Luke asks what Rosco wants now due to him chasing them, and Bo says they haven’t done anything wrong. Henry says ‘except for what I have back under the tarp’ and tells them that he stole a body to put in his grave. Upset, Bo says that is body snatching and he remarks that the attendant did mention something like that. Luke rsays it isn’t going to sit well with their probation and Bo says if they get caught they are going to spend the next ten years wondering how they let Henry get them into this. As they drive the back door opens and he and Gail try to stop the coffin from falling out. When Gail calls for Luke he tells him to give them a hand.

Bo and Luke stop and Luke tells Henry to get under the tarp as he’s supposed to be dead, which he does. After they escape, Luke tells him to get up and Gail asks how he could do such a horrible thing. He tells her no one has claimed the man in over a week. He mentions the number on the tattoo and Luke demands to know what he’s talking about. He recites the number. After Luke’s thinks he comes up with a plan, the van stops and he and Gail run to the farm through the woods. They arrive at the Duke farm and wait until Enos leaves before going inside.

They eat with the boys and Jesse says no one has that number on file. He says he’s sorry but what did Jesse expect him to do, wait for them to take fingerprints. Jesse says if he waited and took his medicine a year ago they wouldn’t be in this now.

After learning Boss is planning to frame Daisy, they leave with Jesse’s truck. Bo and Luke catch up and pull them over. Luke asks what he’s doing and he says he is going to see Boss and Luke asks if he can wait until Jesse gets the call from Washington.

After Alex and Boss move the body into the pickup, he and Gail take it out before driving off in the pickup again. After getting a call from Daisy, he arrives at the Veterans Cemetery and Jesse tells him to get a shovel and help him dig or he will bury him before Boss does. When Daisy arrives, he and Jesse get the body out of the General and put it in the hole before both taking off their hat for a moment. Jesse tells him to get lost for a while so Boss doesn’t see him. He leaves.

Later he watches the military funeral in the van, knowing his secret is safe.