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Herky, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Undercover Dukes Part 1[]

They go out to the track with his team that includes Terry, Wayne, and Jeff and meet Bo and Luke, who will be driving the car for Mary Beth Carver. They watch Bo take the car out on the dirt track around the obstacles.

After Lunch they head to the track to drive there. When Mary Beth says that the engineer who modified the car wants to ride, Bo tells him to get his helmet and get in, assuming it was him. He tells Mary Beth he will get her a helmet while looking directly at Bo. He laughs at Bo’s stunned response and when Bo says to fix her a seat, he says it’s already done. Unfortunately the two only do one lap before coming back and arguing, ending the test drive.

Undercover Dukes Part 2[]

Saturday morning Bo does a lap in the car at the Carver property when he spins out. They all rush to see what happened. After Bo is taken up to the house to get ice, Mary Beth has his look over the car again to be sure everything is fine.

He confirms there is nothing wrong with the car. He continues to look however when Bo and Luke come by and agrees to take the car to the track with Mary Beth.

Mary Beth, Anna Louise, Jojo, and Carver, go to see Bo, Luke, Herky and the team before the race starts. Carver tells them to win at all costs.

As the race starts, Luke tells him he needs to make a phone call and he will be right back.

Jojo tries to get his attention and asks where Luke is. He tells him that Luke went to call his kin as it’s his Uncle’s birthday. He then returns to work, cheering for Bo.

During a yellow flag, Bo stops and they refuel the car. Seeing Bo is distracted, he tells Bo that if he’s got something on his mind, get it off before sending Bo out again.

Bo makes another pit stop when a major accident occurs. To his shock, Bo gets out of the car and tells him they will be right back before leaving with Jesse and Daisy.

Later Bo returns to the car but is not performing the same as before. Bo then makes an unscheduled pit stop, alarming them all but returns to the track when he says to get out of there.

As the race continues, Mary Beth wonders what is wrong with Bo as he isn’t’ the same driver he was a half hour ago. He agrees and asks if Mary Beth wants him to call Bo in, but Jesse says that is just Bo’s style and he’s saving up for a ‘big finish.’

Bo wins the race, taking a victory lap and returns to the pit where they all rush to greet him and congratulate the win.