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Hickey Burns is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


After Josiah Benson was thought to disappear with $2 million worth of diamonds, he and Hickey were hired by the insurance company to find them and the diamonds.


Good Neighbors Duke[]

He and his partner Leroy approach Cooter, greeting him saying ‘Good morning, brother’. Cooter asks how they are doing and he shows Cooter two pictures asking if he’s seen them around those parts. They are Adam and Ester Venable. Cooter says he can’t say he has and asks what their names were. He remarks Benson and Cooter says he hasn’t heard of them either. He thanks Cooter saying ‘Much Obliged’ before walking away.

As they leave his partner asks that they have been chasing rumors long enough. Burns says they’ll just talk to a few more locals and if they pull up empty then they’ll pull up stakes and move on to Tennessee. When Leroy complains about how long they have been out this he tells him nobody ever said the bounty hunting business was easy. He then tells Leroy to get in the truck.

While in town they see two people who look like the people they are looking for. He decides to get a closer look. They walk over and look and he suspects it is who they are looking for. When Bo and Luke head back to the Venable’s Farm, he decides to follow them, saying then they will know for sure.

While Bo and Luke are working outside at the Venable Farm, they slip into the house. He looks around, finding a number of empty bags but they have J.B. on them and he calls Leroy over saying ‘this little goose did some honking’. Leroy asks where are the diamonds before adding that they aren’t about to be told. He says maybe they will before planting a bug under a lamp.

They leave, not knowing that they dropped their license plate. He hears a horn and looks back to see Bo and Luke. He tells Leroy ‘it’s them hayseeds. They must have seen us’ and tells Leroy to burn rubber. When Leroy pulls out a gun to shoot at them, he tells him to put it away. He tells Leroy to run the boys off the road, which he does.

They stop to listen on the house and he concludes the diamonds must be there saying he can tell by the worry in the old man’s voice.

They listen to Ester and Adam talk about leaving and then listens to Adam call Jesse and ask if Jesse can watch a package for him. Jesse says Daisy will pick it up. He tells Leroy that the targets are going to give Daisy a package and he has a feeling that she will give it to them. They hear a knock at the van and Rosco tells them to get out. Rosco tells them that they don’t have a license plate and he asks Leroy if he thinks that is why the boys were chasing them. When Leroy goes to talk he shushes him. He tells Rosco they are from the FBG, the Federal Bureau of Geology and are checking on a uranium deposit and they can’t talk about it as it is a violation of the Natural Secrets Act. Rosco agrees to be quiet and he punches Rosco’s shoulder before leaving.

They go to the Venable Farm to find a toll booth. Cletus greets him, asking how he is and he says he’s fine. Cletus says there is a $15 toll and he asks if Cletus can break a hundred. Cletus says he can’t and he tells Cletus to tell him when he can and they leave without paying.

When Daisy drives by, they fall in behind her. When they come up to a turn, he tells Leroy to make his move. When Leroy overtakes Daisy they get out to confront her. Daisy kicks Leroy into Hickey and they both go down. He tells Leroy not to let Daisy get away as she has the diamonds. They get into the van and drive after her. When they stop he tries to get the case out of Daisy’ jeep but she grabs it and runs. They chase her. After losing sight of her they hear a twig snap and look up to see Daisy in a tree. He is tackled to the ground from behind by Luke. Luke hauls him up and punches him in the face. They run.

In the van he listens to the bug as Adam and the boys talk about how the boys were supposed to fence his diamonds. They hear Luke say to go to the bottom of Widow’s Peak, repeating it three times. He tells Leroy to find Windows Peak.

They wait at Widow’s Peak and when they see the Venables they follow. They are ran off the road by Cooter and they confront him about his driving. They get back on the road and catch up to the van but they hear the Venables talk about not having breaks and becomes alarmed. They see the car go off the road and explode. Believing the two to be dead, the report back to the company what happened.