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"High Flyin' Dukes" is the eleventh episode of the sixth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Daisy, who has her pilot license, fills in for Hazzard County's crop duster, her boyfriend Joe Ward (Michael Crabtree), when Joe is injured. Boss Hogg has two crooks named Percy (Steven Williams) and Hector (Nick Benedict) secretly mix poisonous lye in the crop duster's pesticide mixer. As Boss had planned, Daisy kills Boss Hogg's crops so Boss can sue the Dukes for damages, in hopes of winning the Duke farm. But Boss Hogg's scheme backfires when Percy and Hector form their own plan -- they tell the county's farmers to pay a ransom, or get lye dumped on their crops. The Dukes set out to stop Percy and Hector before Hazzard becomes a wasteland.


Balladeer: Now Bo and Luke can do some highflying. Sweet Daisy flies the hard way, in a plane. Likewise when she could barley reach the pedals, old Darcy gave her flying lessons. Now Joe Ward, who bought out Darcy, is teaching Daisy crop dusting. Handy thing for a girl to know. Daisy got on the horn and raised Bo and Luke, told them what was happening and to have an ambulance meet them at Hazzard field right quick. So Daisy turned the plane around and headed back with the ailing Joe Ward. And Bo and Luke headed for the field, along with the ambulance from Tri-County Hospital. Only in Hazzard could a simple Crop dusting get so complicated. When you work on a farm for a living, crop dusting is serious buisness. Joe was real worried about the people who were counting on him.

Bo and Luke ride around in the General, Bo jumping the car.

Daisy and Joe are in the air, Daisy in the front and Joe behind her. He tells Daisy to make sure she has enough room to pull back up. The boys watch Daisy from the car, happy. Suddenly Joe yells in pain and passes out. He falls on the controls, nearly forcing them into a nose dive. Daisy regains control of the plane before calling on the CB for help. Bo and Luke rush to the airport, Luke calling for an ambulance. Daisy then sets the plane down.

Hazzard Airfield

Daisy lands and Bo and Luke pull in with the ambulance behind them. The boys run over to the plane and they help Daisy out. Bo carries Joe as Luke helps stabilize him. They get him on the stretcher. Joe is upset, explaining that Capitol City can’t help the farmers as they are over booked. Daisy says she will fly the plane and Bo and Luke can handle the orders and the mixture. Bo hugs Daisy as they take Joe away and Daisy says to check the schedule for tomorrow. They head inside, Daisy expressing worry.

Boss’s Field

Boss and Rosco look over the field, knowing that Joe Ward will dust it the next day. Percy hits the record button on a cassette player as Boss explains to Rosco that he knows the field will not grow anything and he hired Percy and Hector to ensure lye gets mixed in with the pesticides for the field. Rosco gets upset saying lye will kill everything and Boss tells him that is the whole idea. He says he bought the land for $50 a piece and he will collect three times that from Joe Ward’s Insurance Company. Rosco tells him that he just learned Joe Ward is in the hospital. Boss tells him Daisy will be dusting the farm and he can sue the Dukes. Rosco asks why as they got nothing. Boss says he will take the farm. Boss leaves with Rosco and Percy shows Hector the tape.

Duke Farm

Bo, Luke, and Jesse wait while Daisy talks to the doctor on the phone. She informs the boys that Joe had appendicitis and he is going to be laid up for a week. The Dukes are relieved.

Hazzard Airport

Percy and Hector mix lye into the pesticide. While they finish the Dukes arrive. The two scramble to get out of there but the Dukes spot them. They let Daisy out to check the plane while Luke drives after the two. Daisy begins to look it over.


Bo and Luke chase after the two men but go the wrong way and lose them. Upset, the boys conclude they won’t get any answers and head back.

Hazzard Airport

Not finding anything wrong, Daisy sets up to fly. She goes down the runway and takes to the sky.


Percy and Hector talk about their next plan. Percy says the Dukes can’t do anything anyway.

Boss Hogg’s Field

Boss and Rosco happily watch as Daisy dusts the field.


Hector complains that they could have made more if they weren’t working for Hogg. Percy asks what Hector has in mind. Hector says he can steal the plane and they can threaten all the farmers and make them buy protection to keep them from salting the fields with lye.

Duke Farm

The Dukes sit at the picnic table telling Jesse what happened. They are all surprised to see Boss and Rosco pull up, Bo citing it as bad news. Rosco announces that they really did it this time. Boss says the field was dusted with lye. Luke and Bo realize it was mixed into the pesticide. Boss says he knows nothing about that but he does know Daisy sprayed the field. He serves them the legal papers and Boss says he will be taking all their property as collateral. Bo tells them that they heard Boss and if he wants everything they should just give it to him, nodding to the table. Luke and Daisy catch on, grinning before flipping the bench. Bo and Luke run as Jesse tosses a chicken on Rosco. Boss takes the chicken and he and Rosco chase after the boys, causing Jesse and Daisy to laugh.


Bo and Luke speed down the road, Rosco following. Luke says they are gaining on them and Bo says he’s going as fast as he can. They come up on a water truck and Bo goes around, causing the driver to stop. Rosco goes around it and gets sprayed with water. Boss is amused. Bo and Luke wonder how Rosco got around the truck. Meanwhile they spot the car from the airfield going in the other direction. Bo turns to chase them and Rosco turns to chase Bo. As the chase continues Boss finds an egg in his lap.

Enos comes toward them, confused, and joins the chase. The group comes back toward the water truck, everyone going around it. Rosco goes the other way so Boss gets soaked. Bo meanwhile manages to catch the blue car and force them to stop. Rosco and Enos arrive, stopping as well. Enos crashes into Rosco, causing Boss to break the egg on him. Bo and Luke grab Hector and Percy. While they fight with Boss about the men being at the airfield, Luke opens the trunk to show the lye. They tell Rosco to arrest the men but Boss, Rosco, and Percy point out that there is no law against having lye. The boys say that Rosco has the authority to arrest them on suspicion and tell them that if Rosco doesn’t, they will make a citizens arrest. Rosco says they can’t do that but Enos says the boys can. Boss reluctantly orders Rosco to arrest the two. Luke promises that they are going to keep investigating and he and Bo leave. Boss then sends Enos away with the chicken.

Bo wonders what is Boss going on about as he drives and Luke says Boss is determined to pin the whole thing on them. Bo suggests it’s one of Boss’ scams. Luke says they need to get Daisy and go back to the field.

Enos leaves and Boss scolds the two for leaving the lye in the car. Rosco says that they almost had his hands tied. Percy reveals the tape to Boss and says they better handle the Dukes or they will play the tape for everybody. Boss and Rosco let them go.

Hazzard Airport

Percy and Hector check over the plane before Hector starts up the plane and Luke tries to cut it off with the General but the plane takes off and they loose Percy. The Dukes wonder why the men aren’t in jail and head off to find Boss and Rosco.

Abandoned Landing Strip

Hector puts the plane down.

Boar’s Nest

Boss gets a message from Rosco, who is using a rolling pin. Boss is glad that Hector and Percy are long gone. Rosco and Boss celebrate what they are going to win in this venture, even getting the General Lee that Rosco wants to crush. Bo, Luke, and Daisy burst in and Boss says that the sign on the door says ‘private’. Bo says the badge on Rosco’s shirt says ‘Sheriff’ and that makes him a public servant to them, the public. Daisy snaps at Rosco asking how the men are still free after stealing Joe’s plane. Boss is shocked, accidentally letting slip about the tape. Boss tries to tell them its not their business and the Dukes become infuriated. They ask about the men being free and Rosco says that they escaped. Boss says the Dukes don’t have a case and until they have evidence he will be sue the pants off of them, infuriating Daisy. Daisy starts to tear into Rosco but the boys pull her out and leave. Boss celebrates this change of events, saying with the plane Percy and Hector will be long gone. Rosco then tosses Boss back on the bed to continue the massage.


Percy talked to a farmer before signaling Hector who dusts the farm with flour. Percy threatens the farmer, saying next time Hector does it, it could be lye unless they pay protection.


As Bo drives, he suggests they tell Joe what happened but Daisy disagrees as he’s getting over an operation. Luke agrees with Daisy and says they need to catch the fellas. Jesse, from the farm, calls the kids over the CB. He asks if they know where Joe’s plane before informing them about the protection racket and asking where the kids are.

Duke Farm

The three arrive and get out of the General while Jesse explains that the two are running a protection racket. Multiple other farmers had been calling Jesse about it and Luke remembers the tape, suggesting they got something on Boss. Jesse says they need to do something or everyone will lose everything. They all split up, Jesse in his pickup, Daisy in Dixie and the boys in the Genera.

Boar’s Nest

Enos comes in to tell Boss and Rosco, informing them that the Dukes and Joe are innocent of the charges as he has been informed that the two men the Dukes made a citizen’s arrest on are currently running a protection racket in Hazzard. Rosco and Boss become distressed, Boss saying he will not allow anyone to harm the people of Hazzard. Rosco and Enos go to leave but Rosco stops, reminding Boss of the tape. Boss remembers they were staying at the hotel and decide to look around their hotel room.


Luke tells Jesse and Daisy to look at any place the plane could be hidden and says he and Bo will check out the airport. Jesse responds saying they would be smarter than keeping the plane there but Luke reminds him it’s the only place they can get fuel for it. Jesse says that makes sense.

Hazzard Airport

Percy and Hector are filling up gas cans, Percy snapping for Hector to hurry up. Percy spots Bo and Luke and tosses the last gas can in the backseat. They take off and the Dukes follow them.


As they approach a bend in the road, Percy has Hector stop. He tosses the gas can from the backseat and shoots it, blowing up the can directly in front of the General. Bo swerves off the road, asking if Luke is alright. Luke says to go get them.

Town of Hazzard

Boss and Rosco arrive at the Hazzard hotel, that is receiving new furniture. Boss waits outside while Rosco goes in. He is tosses out a second story window due to finding the wrong room and startling the people using it. Boss and Rosco are knocked into a parking meter and Rosco goes to write them a ticket before Boss sends him in again.

Duke Farm

Jesse arrives at the farm to hear the phone ringing. He answers it to hear Percy inform him that they are next on the call list.

Town of Hazzard

Rosco gets tossed out of the hotel again and the owner gives Boss a bill for damages. The man who tosses Rosco out comes out with his hat, which he destroys before returning.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke return and Jesse and Daisy inform them what happened. Luke suggests they get a tape on the two men running their protection scam. Daisy asks how will they find them and Luke tells Uncle Jesse to call around and see what farms haven’t been visited yet. Luke asks Daisy to get the tape recorder she got for Christmas. Then he runs through the plan with Bo.

Boar’s Nest

Boss wonders how they can find Percy and Hector. Rosco says the only way they can do it is to be a Hazzard Farmer and wait to be called, but Boss’ field was already destroyed. Boss tells him he’s got an idea and they just need to find what farms haven’t been hit yet. They head to town to look over the list of complaints.

Duke Farm

Jesse says the men left Moses Baxley’s place and that Ned Beemer is next at two pm. The four head out, praising Jesse before all four get in the General.

Hazzard County Building

Boss and Rosco exit the court house, realizing the last farmer to be visited will be Ned Beemer. Boss says they need to get to the Beemer Farm first.

Ned Beemer Farm

The Dukes hide the General and Luke says since these men have never seen Jesse, Jesse will pretend to be Ned and they will record the threats that the men make. Ned agrees to the plan and hides in the barn with Bo, Luke, and Daisy while Jesse stands outside. Daisy sets up her recorder while Ned gets his gun.

Percy and Hector arrive. They confront Jesse, assuming he is Ned, saying he should have heard about them by now. Jesse says that he heard they put lye on Boss’ field and are now going around Hazzard threatening all the farmers to do the same unless they pay for protection. The men confirm that is exactly what is happening. They tell Jesse to pay $500 or they will destroy the farm. Jesse says if they were smart they would reach for the sky because Ned Beemer is currently standing behind them with a shotgun at their back. Rosco and Boss arrive and the Dukes give tell them about the tape, saying it is a complete confession of destroying Boss’ farm, the protection racket, and stealing the plane. Daisy hands the tape over and Percy tries to remind Boss about theirs. Luke orders Rosco to search the men and Rosco says he will do it in town. Bo asks where the plane is and Hector tells him. Luke also adds not to let them escape. Feeling the situation is resolved, everyone returns to work.


Boss threatens the two men that the tape will keep them in prison for 5 to 10 years. Percy says the one they got can do the same and they can swap. Boss agrees on the condition that everyone’s money will be returned. However when Percy pulls out the tape, it’s actually a gun. They take the tape and Rosco’s gun before forcing Rosco to stop. Boss and Rosco get out before stealing the car, Rosco protesting as it’s his sixth one that month. The men leave them there and Boss and Rosco start walking. Boss wonders how many miles are they going to have to walk and Rosco says about 18.


Daisy checks over the plane while the other Dukes watch. She confirms there is no harm done and the Dukes decide to head back. Daisy asks for Jesse to ride with her but Jesse says he feels safer in the General. Daisy takes off in the plane and the boys head out in the General.


Boss takes off his boots, saying this whole thing is Rosco’s fault. Rosco snaps that Boss needs to find better people to do business with. Boss forces Rosco to let him climb onto his back and Rosco struggles to walk toward Hazzard.

Daisy continues to fly and notices the police car. Confused, she calls the boys on the CB, and since Luke is driving Bo responds. Daisy spots Boss and Rosco and informs the boys that Rosco and Boss are walking and that the car is on highway 14. The boys head out after them. Luke decides to cut across country to get to the highway. Despite making it, they realize they are still too far behind. Meanwhile Percy and Hector hear the plane and realize they are being followed.

Luke asks if the rope ladder is still in the duster. Bo becomes alarmed, asking that Luke is kidding. Luke says he would do it if he wasn’t driving and Bo says he would. Bo asks Daisy if the ladder that Joe uses for stunt flying is there. Daisy confirms it. Bo tells Daisy to drop the ladder and pick him up. Jesse and Daisy both immediately object to the plan but Bo tells her to do it and Daisy says he better know what he’s doing addressing him as young man. Daisy flies by the General, dropping the ladder and Bo, resigned, climbs onto the window sill and onto the ladder. Luke tells him to be careful as he cuts off the highway again to try and catch up.

Daisy flies toward the two thieves with Bo handing off the plane. Percy looks back and sees them. Hector says they have to be out of their minds. Percy starts shooting at Bo, using all the bullets in his gun before taking Hectors and using all the bullets in that one. After he runs out of bullets, Daisy lowers Bo onto the windshield of the car. Bo takes away Percy’s gun before sliding into the window and fighting with Percy. Daisy drops the ladder and CB’s Jesse and Luke to tell them Bo is alright. Both men are heavily relieved. Daisy decides to dust the road to make the men slow down. Bo meanwhile knocks out Percy and Hector runs off the road. Luke drives up and catches Hector, who tried to run for it. Enos arrives and arrests the two men. Daisy flies by again and they all wave.

Balladeer: Well now, that’s what I call a winged victory. Bo put out a call for Enos. After the Dukes made sure that all the farmers in Hazzard got their money back, they kept both tapes to make sure Boss not only dropped his charges against them and Joe Ward, but made sure that Boss planted something. After all, Boss had a contract with old Ward to dust his farm for the rest of the season at double the price. That was okay for Joe, who was real happy to get back. So if anyone out there are interested in farming, come to Hazzard. See how they do it. It’s a real great place to grow, especially a family. Like the Dukes.


Boss and Rosco assist by using hand seeders to assist the farmers they hurt. The four Dukes watch as they do. Joe flies overhead and the Dukes wave at him. Joe waves back.


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  • Daisy now has a full pilots license and is learning how to crop dust
  • When the police car is stolen, Rosco says it is his sixth car that month, reinforcing Boss' concerns about how much the county is paying in police cars