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Hijacked Driver is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Road Pirates[]

He is driving a truck of 100,000 dollars worth of color t.v. sets through Hazzard County. He sees a police car across the road and stops, remarking ‘good old Smokey, always there except when you need him’.  He goes to check on the driver, seeing that he looks unconcious. The man pulls a gun on him and two others come up behind him, covering his face. Surprised he asks ‘cops on a hijack?’ and is told he catches on quick. His hat is pulled over his eyes and he’s moved to the side of the road, being told not to take the cap off for ten minutes.

He goes to the Police Department and informs Boss Hogg and Rosco about being robbed. He is asked what they looked like and he says he isn’t sure about the Top Dog, but he was driving a Hazzard County Sheriff’s Car and wearing a uniform. Boss explains Rosco has an alibi and becomes slightly alarmed when Rosco asks which one that was. They conclude it must be Cletus, the only other law officer in Hazzard.

Cletus turns himself in and is put as the only man in a lineup. He is asked which person in the line up looks like the hijacker. Confused he points to Cletus saying he’s the only one there.  Bo and Luke come in and say that they can’t accuse Cletus as Cletus was with them. He calls out for them to wait a second, as they could be the two who snuck up behind him and took the truck. He watches Bo, Luke, and Cletus flee and tries to point it out to Boss and Rosco who are flailing around.