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Hobie Harkins is a reoccurring character in the Dukes of Hazzard and the town drunk.


Season 3[]

Bye, Bye, Boss[]

While headed to the town of Hazzard, he is driving drunk on the road and swerving around. He is stopped by Bo and Luke who ran into the street. He greets them calling them Joe and Duke. He asks how is their Uncle Lester and cousin Pansy. Luke says it’s nice to know he never changes. Luke says Jesse and Daisy are just fine but they need a lift into Hazzard. Hobie tells them that he is afraid that is out of his way as he is headed to Hazzard. Bo says Hobie can get them to Hazzard and they will take it from there. As Luke gets upfront and Bo gets in the back he asks if they would like to have some muscadine wine. They refuse saying they are in a hurry and Hobie says he knows and why do they think he’s doing 60. He goes to drink the wine and Bo stops him asking if he can do Bo a favor and take his bottle and climb into the back and let Luke drive. Luke says he can drive. Hobie refuses, saying he got them this far and he will take them the rest of the way. Bo takes his alcohol. He starts the car laughing in amusement and goes to start it again, to which Bo says he can only start it once. As he throws the car in gear Bo protests.

He swerves around on the roads and Luke asks him again to let him drive, which Bo echoes. He asks if they are sure and Luke says he’s really sure. Hobie says alright and it’s all his before letting go of the wheel. Bo and Luke yell at him and Bo pulls him in the back seat as Luke takes over. Hobie yells at Bo to watch his overalls. Finding his bottle he starts drinking again, offering some to Bo who tells him no thanks.

Bo and Luke stop the car and flee after they are chased by Cletus. Cletus opens the door and tells him to step out of the car. He says ‘I wasn’t driving officer, I was in the backseat’. Cletus says he’s the only person in the car, which surprises Hobie.

He falls asleep in the jail cell, being woken up by Bo dumping water in his face. As he sits up he calls them bartender and says that he said no water. Luke helps him to his feet and asks if Hobie remembers them. Luke moves him along the bars telling him it’s important and he has to remember. Luke says they are the guys he gave a ride to and Hobie asks that he gave them a ride. Luke lets him go so he can move around the bars and Hobie almost drops to the floor.

Luke asks again who are they and he says Homer and Jethro. Bo warns that Rosco is coming and Luke tells him to turn around and take a few steps forward. He does while Luke holds him up then Luke says he’s on his own, letting him go. Hobie falls down onto the bed and goes back to sleep.

Season 4[]

Goodbye General Lee[]

While at his car lot called ‘Friendly Hobie’s Used Cars’, Bo and Luke arrive with the General. He calls them 'Lo and Buke' before saying they know who they are. He asks if they would care for sipping shine. Luke says no thanks and Bo says that Luke is there on business. Hobie says in that case he’ll take the taste he was going to give them and that you should never waste a taste. He asks what he can do for them ad Luke says the General has been ailing. Hobie asks the General is sick saying he’s got just the thing, holding up the bottle and saying to look what it’s done for him. Luke says they want to sell him and trade up. Hobie stands up saying that he just happens to have ‘this little buggy’ and makes a shine pun. He points out a car asking what they think of the red beauty. Luke says it looks yellow and he says through his eyes they are all red. Bo says they can’t afford it and he says the car is only 1500 and he will give them 300 for the General. Bo happily says no but Luke asks how about 800 for the General. He is stunned but remarks that he’s gotta drink something and they got a deal.

After Bo and Luke leave, he calls Boss Hogg. Boss says he can’t hear him and to speak up before realizing the issue is on his end and tells him to wait a minute. Boss comes back and he remarks it’s him. He asks if Boss is still offering a $1,000 bonus to anyone who can get the ‘Luke Boys’ to part with General Lee. Boss asks what’s it to him and he says he snickered them out of it and his repairman has got it running. He asks if Boss wants it or not. He tells Boss that he just needs to raise the bonus to $2,000. Shocked, Boss asks if he’s drunk to which he says ‘well of course’. Boss says he must have the DT’s. He tells Boss he will take the bonus in shine and Boss says he will take it in cash as he just raised the rent on the car lot by $2,000.

After Banyon and Spanner take the General, Bo and Luke come up in the car they bought. Luke asks where the General is and he tells them Boss bought it. He says Boss won’t have it for long as he’s got two men headed to the gravel pits with enough dynamite to blow it higher than he is.