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Hoby Willis is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Play it Again, Luke[]

After arriving inf Hazzard, he stays in the trailer with Eddie Lee while Candy Dix is outside. He checks to make sure no one is too close to the trailer while Eddie Lee talks to Starkey on the phone. Eddie Lee hangs up and informs him that Starkey is going to kill him for sure, unless he can come up with the 100,000 he owes. He asks Eddie Lee what is he going to do before helping Eddie Lee put on his coat. Eddie Lee says he is going to see if they have anything left to borrow on. Hoby reminds him that everything including the motor home is mortgaged as it is. Eddie Lee says he knows but he starts looking anyway.

As they continue to go through files, Eddie Lee tells Hoby there isn’t anything there. They are interupted by Candy’s arrival. Candy greets him and he remarks ‘howdy’ before looking through the files again. Eddie snaps at Candy and she leaves. He finds an insurance policy and pulls it out, joking with Eddie Lee that maybe he can borrow against that. Eddie announces ‘this will do it’ and says it’s worth 75,000. Confused, Hoby says that he can’t collect the money unless Candy dies. Eddie Lee turns around, saying Hoby said it, not him. Shocked, he asks that Eddie Lee would murder her.

They go into the concert and hear Candy stop to dedicate a song she was singing to a local boy, a friend of hers, named Luke Duke. Boss Hogg praises them on Candy and Eddie starts talking about her in past tense.

After they go into the trailer to see Candy Dix kissing Luke. Candy Dix introduces them all and they shake hands. He becomes nervous when Eddie Lee tries to start a fight with Luke. Candy asks Luke to wait outside and he moves out of Luke's way as he exits the trailer.

Candy goes outside and Eddie Lee follows her, prompting him too as well. Eddie Lee starts a fist fight with Luke and he attempts to intervine. He hits Luke but Luke knocks him down. They watch Candy leave with Luke, Daisy, and Bo and Eddie Lee pulls him up saying they need to get her back or he’s dead. They get in their green car and he drives after the General Lee. When Bo stops, he gets out of the car and poitns a gun at Bo and Luke. When Luke tells Candy not to get out of the car, Eddie Lee orders him to keep Bo covered so he can beat Luke with a piece of wood. He is suprrised when Luke flips Eddie Lee over and Bo suddenly attacks him, knocking away his gun and hitting him. Bo knocks him down and the boys get in the car before driving away. He gets his gun as Eddie Lee says they need to get Candy. He asks how, saying they can go anywhere in the county and they don’t know the territroy. Eddie Lee says to get Boss Hogg.

They go into Boss’ office at the Boar’s Nest where Boss is with Rosco. Eddie Lee tells Boss that someone kidnapped Candy. Boss says they will find her, for a price, and that he wants invovled in Candy’s contract. When he offers 25,000 for 10%, Hoby comments that Eddie Lee can use that money.Eddie Lee agrees.

They go to Boss Hogg’s office in town to sign a contract with him. They are surprised when Luke comes in, saying he is there to file charges of assault with a deadly weapon. He closes the door to keep Luke from leaving. When Eddie Lee goes to hit Luke, Luke knocks him down. Hoby tries to help but Luke also hits him before fleeing. They manage to get outside, but the Dukes are already gone and Rosco tells them that he saw the boys on their way out of town and Candy Dix was with them. They rush after the Dukes, Boss saying they are temporarily legally sworn in deputies.

Bo stops suddenly, causing Hoby to swerve to the side, turn, and start chasing him again. Hoby catches up and starts ramming into the back of the General. Eddie Lee says for him to knock them off the road. He protests that it will kill them for sure and Eddie Lee says it will, reminding him they are technically the law right now and the Dukes are fleeing. In shock, they watch Bo jump the General over a hay truck. Stunned, he asks if Eddie Lee saw that while stopping. He asks what they do now and Eddie Lee says to go back to town.

They return to Boss’ office to see him practicing a speech. Eddie Lee explains the Dukes got away. He says they could be hiding Candy anywhere. Boss says he will have Candy back in an hour. After Boss ensures the boys cannot call the state police, he and Eddie Lee head to the motorhome.

Later he listens in the trailer as Eddie Lee tries to get an extension for the due date. Starkey says he has to talk to his partner first.

When the phone rings, Eddie Lee says it’s probably Starkey and to keep his fingers crossed, which Hoby does. He is shocked to learn it’s Candy calling. Eddie Lee and Candy agree to meet infront of the Emporium in town in thirty minutes. They leave.

After arriving in Town, they pick up Candy and drive down Peach Tree Lane. When Candy asks where they are going, he asks ‘what about her’, alarming her.

They come to a road block by Enos and he pulls down another road. Alarmed, he asks how did they know but Eddie Lee says they don’t and Enos was put there by Boss to stop the Dukes. He says they should just kill Candy now, alarming her to their plan. Eddie Lee yells at him and says for him to just drive.

Bo and Luke force them into a junk yard and Hoby crashes into a pile of cars. The two get out of the car and flee. They cut through the cars in the junk yard, seeing Bo and Luke behind them. He trips and falls, Eddie Lee stoping and he picks up a large rock, throwing it at the boys before they keep running. However the boys catch up again and Bo grabs him from behind. He gets the upper hand and he and Bo roll around in the mud. Bo manages to get the upper hand again and he tries to hit him with a piece of wood but Bo moves away. When the wood gets stuck in a door Bo knocks him down. Rosco arrests him.