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The Hogg Family has been in Hazzard County at least since the mid 1800 's. The Hogg Family has had long time ties to the Coltrane Family and a rivalry with the Duke Family that came to a temporary truce for forty years with the friendship of Jesse Duke and Boss Hogg until reigniting again.

19th century Hoggs[]

20th century Hoggs[]

Notable Family Members[]

  • Mama Hogg- Big Daddy's wife and Boss and Abraham Lincoln Hogg's mother. She was described as a good baptist woman and died sometime before 1978. She and Lulu Coltrane did not get along. [1]
  • Emma Lou Hogg- Boss Hogg's Great Aunt. She passed away sometime in late 1980 and left her property to Boss and Abraham Lincoln Hogg. [2]
  • Harry Hogg- Boss Hogg's grandfather. According to Boss he was in the confederate army nicknamed "Lighthorse" and road with Stonewall Jackson. However as Rosco points out, he 'road the other way'. [3]
  • Grandpa Hogg- Presumed to be Thaddeus' son and died in 1984. Boss's grandfather. He left all his money to one of Boss Hogg's brothers and all his belongings to Boss, his favorite, which included most of Thaddeus' belongings as well. Very likely to be Harry Hogg but never stated. [4]
  • Sadie Hogg- Boss Hogg's Great-Great Grandma. Hazzard County has a holiday every year named after her where the women take over the county for a day, justifying it over her being the first woman in the south to have their own cotton gin. [5]


While not part of the Hogg name, there are a number of citizens around Hazzard who are related to the family.

  • Mabel Tillingham- Boss Hogg's Cousin
  • Grady Byrd- Boss Hogg's Cousin
  • Joelene Hunnicutt- TV Show "Alice"- Joelene mentions having a cousin named J.D. Hogg. [6] Boss Hogg and Enos Strate appear in the show
    • Joelene's granmother Granny Gums is over 90 and works in a rodeo. Her maiden name was Hogg and she tells Boss Hogg about Mel's resturant where Joelene works.


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