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The Hogg Family Home is a location in the Town of Hazzard building number 607[1]. It is the home of Boss Hogg and his wife Lulu Coltrane Hogg. The Hogg Family Home is a very expensive house with many high end items and decorations.



The Hogg Family home is a two story house located in the center of Hazzard, across from the Gazebo in the town square.

The property had a large front yard with a white fence around it. In the yard are a few rose bushes, white painted benches, and a bird bath.

First Floor[]

Entrance way[]

The house has a small entrance area that opens up into the living room. There is a small cabinet next the the door that shows off various silver pieces.

Living room[]

The living room is a large spacious area with a white fireplace. There is a large painting of Boss Hogg over the fireplace. One both sides are white book shelves full of books. The floors are hardwood with a white carpet that covers the majority of the floor. There is one couch under a window, red with white dots, and a small glass cabinet in the room to display antiques.

Dinning Room[]

Dinning Room boss

The Hogg Family Dinning Room is connected to the Living Room with a small doorway to lead to the kitchen. They have a wooden table, usually with a fruit bowl on it and covered in a table cloth. The room has white wood paneling and wall paper with a number of China Cabinets to display the family silver and other expensive items.


The Kitchen is connected to the dinning room by a small doorway.

Second Floor[]

The stairs between the first and second floor have a white railing and the wall along the stairs has a large number of paintings of various members of the Hogg Family. The stairs themselves are carpeted.[2]

Lulu's Room[]

Lulu's room

Lulu's room in The Rustlers

Lulu and Boss Hogg do not share bedrooms.[3]Lulu's bedroom is decorated in pink with white furniture. She has a phone in her room as well as a key to Hazzard County and a picture of her brother Rosco.

Boss Hogg's Room[]

While not seen, Boss Hogg has his own bedroom on the second floor of his house.