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Holly Comfurt is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Holly is a distant relative of Jesse Duke's and a widowed mother of two. She lived on a farm with her two children.


Southern Comfurts[]

When a man comes to buy their land, she calls Jesse. When he arrives she runs to hug him, happy to see him. She explains that outside of John Henry, Jesse is the only man in the world she trusts to tell her what to do. Jesse tells her he isn’t going to let a ‘city slicker’ take a widow woman out of her property. She listens to Jesse be told the company will buy their property for a quarter of a million dollars in shock.

After selling the property and being paid, they head to Savannah but choose to stop to see the Duke Family first. They pull up in the Rolls Royce and she gets out, asking if Jesse and the kids are ‘just gonna stand there catching flies’ or if they are going to greet them. Shocked Jesse asks if that is her and she asks him who he thought was under all the perfume and fancy stuff ‘the Queen of Shiba’. Jesse greets her and the kids. She hugs Luke and the others. Jesse asks her about Iggins and she says he’s a servant man, chauffeur, and butler. She tells Jesse that Iggins came with the car. Jesse questions the man and her clothes and she tells him it’s just her and to come inside as she has presents for him.

Inside they give the Dukes presents and Daisy comes out with hers saying they are the prettiest dresses she has ever seen. She hugs Daisy, thanking her, and explains she had a fashion lady at a boutique help her pick them out. They go over to Lori to watch more presents. When Jesse’s is opened and he see's it's a mink coat, Jesse says it must be Daisy’s. She takes it saying it is 100% mink and it’s for him. Jesse protests that a man doesn’t wear a mink coat and she says there are male minks. She puts it on him, and tells him that he looks cute in it. Jesse pulls her aside and says that they can’t take the presents from them. Holly tells him to listen to her and that it’s the least they could do to repay him for negotiating the land deal. Jesse says he did it out of love and they do it for kin.

When someone knocks at the door, Iggins goes to get it and when Jesse attempts to get the door Iggins insists he will do it causing her to remark ‘ain’t that sweet Jesse’. When Boss comes barging in, Iggins says he refused to be announced and she says in that case they can call the Sheriff while moving to stand by Jesse’s side. Boss says he is there with the Sheriff to collect a debt from Bo and Luke. When Jesse says they tried to pay him, Holly tries to keep them from fighting and tells John Henry to bring her her purse. She says if there is money owed she will pay it. When she goes to get it, Jesse tries to talk to her and she ignores him as she gets out the money. When she gives Boss $100, Jesse yells at her to wait a minute and that she can’t go paying the Duke's bills because she came into a quarter of a million dollars. Boss says he doesn’t want to cause a family squabble and hands her back the money saying he will just let the whole matter go. She remarks that is real friendly of him before asking his name and he introduces himself, bowing to her to which Holly does back. Jesse tells her the only reason Boss is bowing is to see into her purse better. Upset Holly scolds him saying Boss is doing an honorable thing and Jesse says a nasty thing like that adding 'shame on you'. Rosco comes in and Boss throws him outside. Boss says it was nice to meet her before ripping up the warrant and leaving.

While sitting in the Duke family home with Jesse and having coffee, Jesse gets up and tells her that she is getting awful uppity with the money and asks what she plans to do with it as they go outside on the porch. She tells him the first thing she did was get them new digs. She explains she put $50,000 deposit on a new house with 20 rooms and each with it’s own indoor plumbing. Jesse expresses surprise and she says it’s going to be a rooming’ house in Savannah. She says John Henry is good with people so he will help run the place. Jesse says she doesn’t know anything about running a business and she tells him she didn’t know anything about farming either until she did it. Jesse agrees that is true. She says these days they need to make the money work for them and she wants to send John Henry to college and Lori has her heart set on opening her own little boutique shop. Jesse says that it sounds like she has most of that money already spent. She says shes does and the house is going to take a lot of work already as it needs painting and furniture but it will be worth it. She says if he ever comes to Savannah he has free room and board for life before going inside. Jesse follows her.

Bo, Luke, and Lori return from a trip to town and tell them that all the money was stolen. John Henry asks what are they going to do and Lori asks what can they do. She tells them to stop getting their feathers ruffled and they will think of something. Besides, they have been poor before and being down isn’t so bad. Jesse asks since when and she tells him when your at the bottom of the stairs you have to climb. They decide to go look for the car the money was in and Jesse says he and Holly will go to Pine Springs. She cheers for them to get going and gets in the the truck with Jesse.

As they drive, Jesse tells her that he knows it’s foolish to tell her this but he wishes she won’t worry anymore than she has to and the boys know every nook and cranny of the county. She says she always wanted to get an education and she is learning the hard way. Jesse says suppose and she asks if he’s about to say they don’t get the money back before telling him no, she isn’t going to think that way. She says she’s got too many plans for her kids and isn’t going to let them down.

While Jesse and her check out a car she remarks it isn't the right one and Jesse says they know now but they had to check. When Enos arrive Jesse asks what do they want and she shoves him out of sight saying for him to stay put and she’ll find out. She approaches Enos, who asks about Uncle Jesse and says says he went into the office at the end of the line. She waves for Jesse to come and when he asks what Enos wanted she says ‘let go’ and gets in the car.

In the truck Jesse says that he knows she will get the money back but just in case they don’t then her and the kids will have a roof over their head and three square a day as long as he’s around. Holly grabs his hand, smiling and saying it never occurred to her otherwise. Flustered Jesse tells her to keep her eyes pealed. Luke calls with a lead and they head to Center City.

As she rides with Jesse they hear that the car with the money is headed to Hazzard and John Henry and Daisy stopped for Lunch. As he drives Jesse tells her shes’ got enough worry lines in that pretty face of hers without adding more. She tells him there isn’t much to smile about when your whole life and your children’s future gets stolen out from under you. Jesse tells her that isn't the case yet. She says she should have stayed on the farm and lots of money brings nothing but trouble. She says your always afraid your going to lose it and you don’t know what to do with it. Jesse reminds her of the boarding and bed place. And paying for Lori and John Henry for school is the best he can think of. She says she should have put it in the bank and Jesse agrees adding she said it, he didn’t, but they will get the money back. She asks where will they go if they don’t get it and Jesse remarks he’s been thinking that maybe turning the farm into a bed and breakfast and her and the kids can be his first costumers. She cries and laughs and Jesse says those are the lines he likes to see in her pretty face.

Bo radios them to say he got the grey sedan but they need help with Rosco. Jesse says he’ll cut off Rosco and tells her to hang on. They cut off Rosco at the Junction. After they all get on the road again, they arrive to see Lori reclaim the money and they all hug.

They go to leave, and she kisses Bo and Luke goodbye. Jesse says he hates to see her go but he knows she got to do what she got to do. She tells him she has plenty of room for him in Savannah. She says anytime he wants a roof over his head he’s got it. She kisses her finger putting it to his lips and tells him not to take too long. She gets in and they leave.