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Homer is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Homer is a former Ridge Runner and over the years he had met and befriended Jesse Duke, Boss Hogg, and Sam among others asocciated with the profession.


Days of Shine and Roses[]

He attends the Annual Ridge Runners reunion at the Boar's Nest. They watch a film put together from Abel of their adventures sitting with Sam. He excitedly comments ‘Here comes J.D. Hogg in the Gray Ghost’ as Boss comes on the screen. After the movie he asks Abel where he got the video to play for them, learning Abel still has friends in the department. He listens when Bo ignites a fight between Rosco and Boss Hogg. When Bo says that Jesse is the best moonshine runner in the world, he shakes his head. They are amused when Rosco tells Bo to shut up and is excited when Jesse and Boss Hogg decide to race. They are stunned when Jesse decides to go through Loomis’ territory for the race.

Later in the Boar’s Nest, he proposes a toast to the finale moonshine run between Jesse and Boss. When Sam proposes to bet on Jesse, he puts down $10 on Boss Hogg, adding an extra 10. Daisy tells him 'he’s on', throwing down her tip money saying she is putting it all on Uncle Jesse. He looks at it and says there is only ten there before asking where the other 10 is. Daisy tells him as soon as he tips her the rest, he got a deal. He is stunned but goes along with it. They all run outside to see Bo pull up with Jesse, Luke, and Cooter in Black Tilly the Second.

At the start line of the race they all stand outside the Boar’s Nest, cheering for Jesse when he arrives. They also cheer for Boss Hogg’s arrival, which he excitedly points out. He watches Enos check the trunks to ensure all the jugs are in. They all get excited about Boss saying they need a round of drinks and they head into the Boar’s Nest. They have a toast to the Finale run. After they all go outside to watch the start of the race.

Jesse win;s and he cheers. They are surprised to learn Boss Hogg framed Jesse to Loomis. They are further amused by Rosco pulling up in a destroyed car.