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Homer Griggs is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Homer is described as a trusting old soul who doesn’t even keep his eye on the door.


Season 3[]

Bye, Bye, Boss[]

After Jesse asked, he keeps the last roll of screen in his inventory at the General Store for Bo and Luke. He goes in the back, humming, when he hears someone come in. Assuming it is Bo and Luke he says he’ll be right out and they must be there to pick up the screen. When the door is suddenly closed and locked, he tries to get out of the closet and asks what is going on saying that they better open the door. He bangs on the door and tells them to stop playing around as he has work to do. He asks who it is again and breaks open the door to see the General leaving. He comments ‘I’ll be doggoned’ surprised the Duke boys would do something like that. He notices they didn’t even take the screen.

After noticing what was all stolen, he calls Rosco. He tells Rosco that the Duke boys just robbed him and picked him cleaner than a chicken. Rosco asks if he’s sure it was the Duke boys and he says he saw the General Lee drive off just now. Rosco tells him to get his nerves together and make out a list of everything the boys stole and he’ll arrest them.

The Dukes make peace with him, explaining that the General was stolen and it wasn't them who robbed the store and he sells them the screen.

Later while serving three men at the store, he learns Digger Jackson escaped from prison.

Season 4[]

Bad Day in Hazzard[]

While at the store, he and a few of his customers hear Boss Hogg make an announcement about a spraying for fruit flies in the town square.