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Homer is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Homer got sick when he was six years old and the only person he would let near him was Jesse Duke. His father has a still that he still operates on their property.


Duke of Duke[]

Luke and Jesse come to see him at work, both greeting him. Homer asks ‘Uncle Jesse’ if he knows that the law is looking for Luke right now and Luke says they are looking for something important and they need his help. Homer says he doesn’t know about that. Jesse reminds him of when he had colic and the only person he would let take care of him was Jesse. He says he is still grateful but circumventing the law doesn’t seem right. Jesse asks him how many people know about the still Homer’s dad is keeping on Homer’s property, challenging his view of the law. Nervous he looks around and says they best go in the back where no one can see before letting Jesse and Luke in.

He helps look through the records and explains there never has been a recorded deed on the property Gaylord Duke owns. Luke says Gaylord has the original land grant. He tells them that if the back taxes aren’t paid by Monday at noon the county will take it over and put it up for public auction. He says it would be his job if Boss found out he told them but the supermarket chain the 'Dixie King' has been interested in that property for a long time. He says that Boss wasn’t going to post any notice about the public auction and Boss would be the only bidder and receive it for practically nothing. They thank him and Jesse tells him that incidently he never was sure if Homer and his father kept a still in the silo or not. After they leave Homer realizes he accidentally revealed their secret.