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Homer Snead is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Great Bank Robbery[]

Part of the Hazzard County Deputy reserve force and volunteer firemen. After Boss has them activated, Rosco gives them a shotgun and a badge and marches them over to the bank where Boss and Cletus are waiting. When Rosco says they are ready for duty, he nods. He stands at attention as Boss explains they have been called to guard the bank, nodding to show he understands. Boss paces in front of them and they pull back each time he turns to avoid getting hit with a rifle. When Cletus points out Daisy is at the bank, Boss tells them to stay at the bank and keep a sharp eye. He nods to show he understands. However when they all runoff he initially goes to follow Rosco before rushing back to stand at the Bank door.

He guards the bank through the night and the next morning, pacing the front of the building next to Cletus. When they see Bo and Luke scramble by they move to give chase but are left at the bank by Rosco and Cletus. Not long later there is a reported fire. The fire truck stops for them and Jesse says it’s time to board. He protests saying ‘Uncle Jesse we can’t’ as they have to guard the bank. Jesse asks what is more important as they need help. He tosses off the deputy hat, cheering and climbing on the truck.

After checking out the fire, Boss asks for a report and he says nothing to report. Boss asks if they are there, who is guarding the bank, which they do not have an answer to.