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Homer Willis is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


A dentist who drives an RV that functions as his office with hours from 9 to 6.


Gold Fever[]

While leaving Hazzard; Bo, Luke, and Jesse pull up alongside him in the General Lee. He opens the window to greet them as he continues to drive and Luke asks him to pull over. He says he can’t really hear them and they nearly crash into an oncoming car. Startled he pulls over. He lets the three Dukes into his RV and tries to get Jesse to open his mouth and asks him not to fight him. He works with Luke to slip a sedative into Jesse’s mouth. He then looks at Jesse’s teeth telling him he has a deep cavity. He explains he is on an emergency call to Spenser Creek and gives Luke a bottle of pain pills, telling Luke to make sure Jesse takes one every four hours. He tells Jesse he will be back at four pm. He helps the boys take Jesse out.

Returning to Hazzard, he sees the Dukes on the side of the road. He pulls over and comes out to greet them, assuming that Jesse’s tooth is getting worse. Bo shoves past him, saying to excuse him but they need to borrow his wheels. Willis tries to ask Bo what is going on and Luke offers to explain as they all get back in the RV. He protests that it is his vehicle. He is shocked to hear they are chasing people that were shooting them. Luke grabs his alcohol and he demands to know what Luke is doing with his sterilizing alcohol. Luke says they will replace everything. Annoyed he tells Luke that the alcohol is so hard to get that you need a license to use it.

When Harkness and his men start shooting, he comments now they got him mad. He asks Bo if he can get any closer, telling Bo to go. He watches Luke fail twice at throwing homemade bombs at the car and comments that the third one has got to be the charm, kissing the bottle before handing it over. When the car wrecks, he runs out with the Dukes to help capture the men. He helps fix up Jesse’s teeth before saying goodbye to the Dukes and leaving for an RV drag race, finding dental work too dull now.