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Hortense is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Hortense was originally from Hazzard County and is the sister of Lulu and Rosco. She did not like Boss Hogg and had told Lulu when they were getting married that Boss would either end up in jail or the poor house.


The Return of Hughie Hogg[]

When Lulu heads to the ‘fat farm’, she asks Hortense to watch over Boss Hogg. After Boss loses the house to Hughie for signing everything over to him, she accompanies him to the Duke Farm, forcing him to carry all their belongings and pushing him along as they go. When Daisy and Jesse welcome them into the farm house, she sits at the table feeding Boss' fish while Boss tells the Dukes how Hughie cheated him. She tells the Dukes that ‘it was like taking candy from a baby. A fat baby!’ before asking the fish ‘wasn’t it sweetheart’. She tells the Dukes that she told Lulu before she married Boss that Boss was going to wind up in jail or in the poor house. Boss asks Jesse if Hortense can stay in the barn and offended, she goes to speak but Daisy says they wouldn’t dream of it and she can share Daisy’s room. She smiles gratefully at Daisy. When Jesse says Boss will have to stay in the barn she tells him to keep his ‘fat face out of mule’s feed bag’ and telling him to pick up the suitcases calling him fatso and poking him with her umbrella. She says it will be the first honest work he’s ever done since marrying her poor unsuspecting sister. She then stands up and hands Boss the fish saying ‘and this too dummy’. She turns to Daisy before saying ‘okay darling, where do we go?’ and Daisy shows her to her bedroom.

After they get up the next morning, Boss eats all the Dukes food and she sits on the porch with him with a cup of tea. When Daisy comes out she tells Daisy that she will have to excuse J.D. as he has the manners of a goat and the apatite to match. Boss denies it.

Later they hear a car pull up and go outside to see Bo, Luke, and Rosco. The boys explain they were in jail and that Boss knew. She gives Boss an un-amused look. Luke tells them he has an idea on how to get the paper Boss signed everything over to back and they head inside the house to listen.

While waiting for Daisy to get Hughie out of the Boar's Nest, she sits on the back of Cooter’s truck with Boss. When Boss says he wonder’s what is taking Daisy so long, she remarks Daisy is probably having seconds thoughts about helping a crooked old windbag like him. As Cooter goes to move the truck, he tells her to ‘hang on tight Miss Hortense’. She watches the boys get on the roof and Luke drop into Boss’ office.

She moves out of the way as Boss ties down the safe. As Cooter drives she holds onto the safe. When they are being chased, she helps Boss get the safe open. Boss tells her to help him find the right paper and she looks, tossing out papers as she does. When Luke tells Boss to jump over to the General, Boss throws the bag of papers at her and tells her to jump. She tells him to do what Luke says or he won’t live long enough to get killed. She hits him with the papers before telling him to jump and hitting him with the umbrella. Cooter tells her to just sit tight.

That night she watches Boss work getting his name on his properties again, poking him with an umbrella every time he stopped.