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House Cleaners is the seventh episode of the series Enos


When robbers posing as policemen make trouble for Lieutenant Broggi, Enos and Turk help him out.


Enos and Turk have a flat tire in their car. Enos fixes it as Turk watches. An ambulance passes and Enos says they need to hurry up so they can follow the ambulance and see if they need any help. Turk says they need to go as they have Broggi’s special briefing to make and when Broggi chews you out, your clothes don’t fit. Enos laughs before telling Turk not to do that. Meanwhile the ambulance arrives at a large mansion and two paramedics run inside with a gurney. Enos finishes the tire as a police car arrives at the house.

The paramedics bring out an older man who is screaming about breaking his leg. Chester Dade yells for Melissa, becoming even more aggravated when the paramedics suggest cutting off his boot. He asks Melissa for his gun, which she reluctantly hands over, terrifying the paramedics into hiding behind the ambulance door. Dade says now he might get some cooperation and they load him into the ambulance. Melissa is started by two police officers who ask what they can do to help. Dade screams at Melissa to make sure everything is locked up and the ambulance starts loading everything up. One of the men tell Melissa to go on ahead and they will lock up for her. She thanks him before handing him the keys and leaving with Dade for the hospital.

Enos and Turk arrive in the neighborhood, Enos commenting on the houses and saying they don’t have anything like it back in Hazzard. Turk says the buck stops there. At the house the ambulance leaves as Enos and Turk arrive. Enos says they should go see if the old boys need help and Turk tries to stop him, reminding him of the special briefing.

In the house one of the thieves comments ‘that chick likes to keep warm’ saying there is about twenty grand in fur coats. The second thief says they don’t have a moving van and the trunk won’t hold much but the first says that he’ll squeeze them in and the silver needs padding. He asks how the second, Briggs, is coming with the safe before noticing Enos and Turk walking around outside. Enos and Turk go around the back of the property and the two thieves go out the front door with two boxes of silver. They rush to put it in the trunk while Enos and Turk look around in the house. Enos is amazed by various items and Turk says for Enos to look at the watch. They go to rush out the door only to nearly collide in the two thieves. Believing them to be officers, Turk introduces them and one of the thieves says they are just following up on an emergency call, that the man who lives there busted his leg and they were helping the secretary by locking up. Briggs claims they just got a call and hand over the keys to Enos asking if they can finish locking up. Briggs and his partner leaves and Enos remarks people like that make him feel good. Turk says to hold onto that feeling because they are now late for the briefing.

Theodore Kick goes over the fourth house that was hit to the officers present in the briefing room. He explains 150 thousand of silver was stollen before covering the fifth house. He takes his seat as Broggi takes over, saying the homes were burglarized in broad daylight. As Broggi goes to cover a key detail, the door opens and Enos notes that they already started. One of the officers comment ‘better late than never’. Enos and Turk try to take their seats but Enos falls and makes a racket in the dark, prompting other officers to yell at Enos to sit down. Broggi finally has Sergeant Stevens put the lights on. Broggi explains that one common factor they found what each burglary happened after the owner of the house had an accident and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Turk and Enos become alarmed. Broggi gets a note passed by a woman and asks if there are any questions. Enos puts up his hand but Broggi ignores him. Enos says they need to tell Broggi but Turk says to be cool since they don’t know for sure.

Turk and Enos go back to Dade’s house. A taxi approaches as Enos tells Turk he had seen a house like this in a picture show one time that has a whole staff working for them. Turk agrees that there is usually one limousine and Enos questions the comment since it’s a taxi pulling up. Melissa gets out of the taxi, breaking her heel as she does. Melissa walks up to Enos and Turk, and Enos remarks she marches good and the VFW could take lessons from her. She asks if there is something wrong and they introduce each other. Enos mistakes her for a maid saying she looks like a movie star. She says she is the executive assistant. Turk asks if she lives there, which she confirms saying her salary doesn’t allow her to live anywhere else. She asks how she can help them and Enos gives her the keys, Turk saying they want to have a look around. She explains how her boss, Chester Dade, was painting the bathroom and fell off the ladder, breaking his leg. She says she came back to get some of his things but needs to go back to the hospital. She says without his personal phone book and ropes he’s just ‘little Alice in Wonderland’ confusing Enos and Turk. Melissa explains Dade is a three time world champion calf roper. Enos is impressed and asks if they can look around. Melissa reluctantly agrees, suddenly noticing that a number of furs have been brought downstairs.

Broggi storms out of the Dade house, Turk and Enos following. He says jewelry, heirlooms, furs, and others have been stolen. Kick joins them, saying Melissa is still going over everything. Broggi says it’s 200 thousand dollars at least. He asks who lives there, Enos says Chester Dade and Broggi asks if Enos means the Texas Cattleman with all the oil wells who brought a case against his own mother in the Supreme Court and they let his house be burglarized. Enos says that they didn’t let it and Broggi says they were there. Turk says so were the other two officers. Broggi says that the buck stops with them as they are the elite. As Melissa goes to leave, Broggi is stunned and gets the door for her. He says for Enos and Turk to stay on their toes before grumbling as he goes to his car.  

Enos and Turk get a call to check out a motorcycle. They respond but the driver sees them and tries to flee. Enos drives after the cyclist, prompting Turk to ask if he’s crazy. Enos cuts the bike off, but the driver takes it into a building Enos and Turk surround the building, but the cyclist comes out the back with a waitress. He tosses the waitress on Enos and continues to drive but accidentally drives into a dumpster, shocking the garbage men.

Furious, Dade chases a nurse out of his room. Turk goes to see Enos at the nurses desk, saying it really doesn’t matter if Enos got the name right or not as there was no report made by any officer on that particular ambulance call. Enos wonders what kind of police work is that as Broggi would nail them to the wall if they forgot a police report. Turk says he doesn’t think they forgot, startling Enos. Melissa comes out of Dade’s room, saying she heard they wanted to see her. Turk asks if she remembers what time they went to the hospital and she says around twelve. Turk says he logged them in at that house at twelve o’clock. Turk asks how long they spent in the back and Enos says ‘two shakes of a jack-lakes tail.’ Melissa admits she doesn’t understand but Dade screams her name before wheeling out of his room.

Chester Dade is furious that one of the nurses took his gun. He notices Enos and Turk and asks if they are the officers who robbed him. Melissa scolds him but he says Enos and Turk better get the mess cleared up and get his belongings back fast. They are interrupted by a nurse, scolding Mr. Dade and saying he needs to be in his room. Mr. Dade argues but the nurse convinces him to go and Enos and Turk leave.

Riggs and his partner unload the trunk of the car at an airport. Nelson mans a radio and informs Briggs and Burton, who is admiring the silver they stole about a possible case but Burton decides to pass on it. Burton says that the items are good and another hit like that they can close up shop in that area and move on. Briggs mentions the safe and he and his partner explain to Burton that Dade had a safe but they couldn’t open it due to the cops being there. Burton says they need to make another pass for the safe.

Broggi scolds Enos and Turk. He says not only did they allow a burglary to be committed in broad daylight under their very noises but then they went off on an unauthorized investigation and came up with the discovery that the police were involved. He tells them that they then told Mr. Chester Dade, adding ‘brilliant.’ Enos protests that they didn’t tell him, that he probably overheard. Broggi says he did overhear, and it may interest them to know that the Mayor overheard from Dade, and that the commissioner overheard from the mayor, and Captain Dempsey overheard from the Commissioner, and Broggi overheard from the Captain that Mr. Dade will sue the city for a billion dollars unless the criminals are found and his belongings returned by the end of the day. Enos protests that isn’t fair and Broggi says the world is not fair; citing things like war, starvation, pestilence, their presence in his life, taxes, politics, and conservation to prove his point. Turk says that he believes that the two officers weren’t really cops. Broggi protests that they reported two uniformed men in a black and white car with badges. He asks if they are figuring the men were masquerading as cops. Turk explains that he spent the whole night checking the personnel files of the department, which Enos had not known and praises him on to Turk’s embarrassment, before explaining that neither man’s face or name was in any file. Broggi says in some way he should thank them for clearing the departments name but that only proves they were doped.

Captain Dempsey comes in, saying ‘trouble Broggi.’ Broggi says he was just discussing ‘them’ looking at Enos and Turk but Dempsey dismisses that saying ‘trouble’ before handing him a paper. He explains the commissioner is spitting nails and they have just been given orders to break up every team of officers and reassign. Dempsey says that all administrative officers will be assigned to work with regular patrolmen. Broggi praises the action, saying it will ‘sweep away the cobwebs.’ Dempsey tells him that the paper he gave him is Metro’s reassignment list and to get on it before leaving. Broggi looks over the form before collapsing into his desk. His starts shaking violently as he takes a few pills. Turk and Enos are concerned and Enos asks if he’s okay. Broggi takes the pills before saying he is riding with Enos. Enos becomes excited saying it will be a real pleasure. Turk congratulates him and Enos says they will have fun. Broggi gives him a horrified look.

Enos waxes his car as Turk approaches, greeting him. He asks if Enos is polishing a car or an apple and Enos says he’s just giving the LT his due. Enos asks who Turk’s shotgun is and Turk says he drew Kick, but he called in sick and he wonder’s if Kick is trying to tell him something. Enos asks which car Turk is driving, and Turk walks over to a black car before saying ‘this flesh colored one’ before putting his stuff in trunk. Turk calls them to attention as Broggi walks over in his uniform, standing at parade rest next to Enos. Enos remarks that he looks ‘slicker than lard on a door nob.’ Turk hands Enos the wax from the back of the car, saying for them to move out. Turk cuts in, explaining Kick isn’t in today and Broggi informs him that Kick ‘thought of it first’ before saying Turk will be working with Sergeant Parton from accounting. Turk asks what kind of guy is he before a blonde woman pushes herself between Enos and Turk saying she is Sergeant Parton. Turk says ‘the best kind’ and Enos remarks that Turk got the beauty and Enos got the rank. Turk escorts her to his car. As they get in, the sergeant points out that Turk is missing a cigarette lighter and it will cost him $2.73. Turk is annoyed.

Enos tells Broggi that he considers it a real honor to ride with him and asks where to first. Broggi says to the hospital as he is going to try and reason with Dade. Enos says he needs to buckle up but Broggi says it won’t be necessary. Enos speeds off, causing Broggi to yell at him.

Melissa returns to Dade’s house before going inside. Meanwhile at the hospital, Dade is trying to use his ropes and complaining that he needs to get out of there. Broggi asks if he would reconsider his lawsuit but Dade refuses. Broggi decides to leave but Enos stops, to Broggi’s frustration, and tells Dade that he will take the blame for the whole thing. Enos says he will not lie and he will take responsibility for not doing anything since he was there. Enos asks for Dade to turn the lawsuit on him alone and that he will sell all his pigs at home and give his salary until he makes it right. Dade is stunned as Broggi says that Enos is typical of the department. He says Enos is honest, loyal, and dependable. Broggi says Enos is dedicated and exemplifies the standards of the Metro squad. He says that Dade heard what Enos has offered, and that Enos means it. Broggi says that if it comes down to Enos’ great personal loss, the whole department will stand behind the selfless officer and share his loss. Moved, Dade decides he’s reconsidering the lawsuit. As Enos and Broggi celebrate, Dade gets a phone call. Dade hangs up, furious. He informs Broggi and Enos that Melissa just told him his safe was broken into and now he’s going to pursue the law suit at double before. Enos and Broggi flee.

Enos and Broggi are in the car and Enos remarks that this is the first time the same place was hit twice and Mr. Dade shouldn’t be able to blame this on them. Broggi gives him a sarcastic remark back. Enos hears a call on the radio about a hostage situation. Broggi sets up the siren light and Enos asks if Broggi would mind handing him his hat. Broggi says Enos is wearing it but Enos says he needs his lucky one in the backseat. Reluctantly Broggi gets it before asking if Enos also needs a rabbits foot and a teddy bear. Enos sees a police car going in the opposite direction and turns around to chase it. Broggi snaps that the call for all units was going the other way, and Enos asks why the police car is going that way then. Broggi says for Enos to keep both hands on the wheel. Enos, as Metro 10 calls for Metro 7, Turk’s car. He says he found the phony police headed west on Maple and asks if Turk can come back him up. Turk comments ‘Got ya’ Buddy Roe’ and that they’ll cut off the car at the pass.  Parton yells that the call is in the other direction and Turk says his partner is going this way and that is good enough for him.

Enos and Broggi continue following the phony cops, Broggi nervously telling Enos to keep his hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Meanwhile Parton makes a note of all the wastefulness Turk is doing in the car, annoying him. Enos warns Broggi that he isn’t sure if he can catch the men and Broggi just says for Enos to do his best. Enos finds the phony police car again, keeping behind it. Briggs and his partner has noticed Enos and try to avoid him. Turk and Parton join the chase and Turk informs Enos there is only one way out of there and he’ll head them off. Turk cuts around and ties to block the exit. He and Parton sit in the car for a moment and Turk calls Enos, asking where the crooks went. The men burst through a warehouse wall, jumping over Turks’ car. Turk asks where Enos is, and Enos says right above him, jumping over the car as well. Enos spins out and can’t get the car started, leaving Broggi in shock.

Enos arrives at Dade’s place and goes into the garage. Seeing someone in overalls, he calls out to them saying he’s looking for Ms. Carlson. The person turns around, showing them to be Melissa who is overhauling a water pump. Enos says he didn’t know they made them to come apart and she admits they don’t but she’s got tools and determination. Enos asks where she learned to work on cars and she tells him she has four brothers. She mentions that they used to pick on her, even set her pigtails on fire once. She says she finally found a 2x4 and let them have it one day, and they were good practice for working for Mr. Dade. Enos informs her about the police officers being fakes before leaving.

Enos and Turk go to see Broggi, who is cleaning up after his scare with Enos. Broggi insults Enos, which Enos mistakes as compliments. Enos and Turk explain their plan, to send out their own fake ambulance call to a wealthy neighborhood. Broggi says if Enos is the victim he may buy it. Enos tells him it doesn’t need to be a real victim, they just need to inform the dispatcher they are sending out a false call. Enos says when the burglars arrive they’ll find the cops waiting. Broggi says the last time he fell for Enos’ schemes it was at a great personal and departmental expense. Broggi says if there anything he don’t need now is one of Enos’ plans. Enos remarks that even a poor plan is better than no plan at all before noticing Captain Dempsey’s arrival.

Captain Dempsey asks if Broggi really thinks now is the time as the commissioner is on his back. He asks if Broggi has come up with a plan. Broggi informs him of Enos and Turk’s plan, claiming it was his plan. Turk is smirking while Enos grins. Dempsey says it’s a good plan and he likes it. He says for Broggi to implement it at once before leaving. Enos proudly tells Broggi he came up with a good plan while Turk gives him a confused look and Broggi slams the door closed on him.

Turk and Parton sit in Metro 7 and Enos and Broggi sit in Metro 10 as the ambulance arrives at the house. Enos and Turk touch base on the radio. Parton notes Turks ‘bad use’ of air time. Broggi puts out the call about the ambulance on the police scanner, which Nelson and Burton hear. Burton gives his men the green light to check it out.

The four start getting antsy waiting and Broggi asks where are the burglars and are they waiting for Enos tor recruit some. Enos, not realizing it was sarcastic, says he doesn’t know any and could ask around. Finally Briggs and his partner arrive, to which Turk says he thought they would never get there. Parton is ready to go after them but Turk reminds her bullets are 48 cents a piece and to wait until they have orders. Broggi and Enos move in on the brooks and Briggs shoots at the front of Enos’ car, causing Enos to stop and him and Broggi take cover. They evade Turk as he and Parton check on Enos and Broggi. The two officer cars chase after the crooks. As they continue the chase, Broggi tries to take some of his medication, remarking he should have been a ‘doggie doctor like mother wanted’.

Briggs finds Burton and Nelson, informing them it was a set up. He says he and his partner will distract the cops and for Burton and Nelson to load up and get out of there. Burton and Nelson start loaded in Briggs and his partner attempt to keep the police distracted. Turk and Enos spot them, driving through the airfield and Turk comments that he wants these dudes bad. They leave the airfield and hit a dirt road. Broggi asks Enos to stop this as he’s getting car sick. Enos runs the fake cops off the side, forcing them to flip their car.

Enos and Turk check the car to find there is nothing in there and suspect they were led on a wild goose chase to protect the van at the hanger they spotted. Broggi stumbles around, asking to be ‘let out of this thing’ and Enos pats his back, saying ‘bless your heart Lieutenant’ and asking if he’s okay. Turk asks Parton to stay with the two men until back up arrives. Broggi says that is a good idea and he will stay with her but Enos says they need him with them. Broggi whines saying ‘but I don’t want to.’ Enos calls for a tow truck and an ambulance before he and Broggi get into Enos’ car and Turk gets into his own.

The two police cars find the van just as Burton and Nelson finish loading up. The van takes off with the two cars following. Enos and Turk cut the van off and arrest the men inside. Enos comments about the arrest and seeing how sick Broggi is, he comments ‘bless his heart’.

Enos and Turk go to the hospital, and Turk says that Parton wrote up a cost estimate for the chase saying it costed the department $2,813.03. Enos says they should start watching the overhead and Turk adds that they took away the cost from the criminal capture and they talked. He says Parton liked his thinking, didn’t like him. Enos notices Mr. Dade, who is furious that Melissa is late in picking him up since he was just discharged. Enos tries to cheer Mr. Dade up by telling him to smile more, which just makes Mr. Dade more angry. Melissa arrives saying ‘good morning’ and Dade corrects her to ‘good afternoon’ before demanding to know where she’s been. The nurse comes to take him to her office and return his gun. Dade asks that she hasn’t shot anyone with it, to which she says ‘not yet.’ Melissa goes to follow him as Dade continues to yell at everyone. Enos suggests Dade lit one of her pigtails on fire, making Melissa laugh and confusing Turk. Melissa says she needed that before going into the nurses office and screaming at Mr. Dade. Turk asks ‘set fire to her pigtail?’ and Enos tells him that he thinks Melissa found another 2x4. Turk shakes it off and they go to leave before noticing they have the wrong hats.

Enos: So you see Daisy, working on the metro squad has it’s good days and bad days. But some days are just great!


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  • Enos tells Turk that seeing an ambulance is Hazzard is a big thing
  • Enos says Hazzard has a VFW
  • Enos says his dad always told him that if he loses something of somebodies then he owes them what is his own.