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Hudson, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Farewell, Hazzard[]

He and Garrett are in the helicopter on L.S. Pritchard’s orders to stop the General Lee. After Hudson points out the General, he flies over the car, saying it’s got a flag overtop. He blocks the road, causing the car to run off before flying away. They return to their hideout and go into the barn. He waits by their car as Garrett calls in their successful mission. He pulls out a report of their core samples for Garrett to tell L.S. about.

Garrett and Hudson take the chopper out to another farm and use dynamite to blast for another core sample. As they attempt to gather the samples, they see Bo and Luke running towards them and he comments it’s the boys in the orange car. They get in the chopper and he starts to fly away, before going low over the Dukes to scare them.

L.S. and Whitney meet up with Garrett and Hudson. Garrett gives them a report that all of Hazzard seems to be loaded with high density coal deposits.

Realizing they dropped a drill bit at the Pruitt Farm, they get in a car and head over to see Bo had gotten there first and found the drill bit. Garrett says they need to get it back so he drives directly at Bo. After Bo gets out of the way, he stops and gets out. He moves behind him so when Garrett hits Bo, he grabs him from behind by both arms and holds him so Garrett can continue to hit him. However Bo manages to avoid a hit, resulting in Hudson getting hit in the face and Bo elbows him in the stomach before committing ‘this one’s for Daisy’ before hitting his face and driving away. They get in the car and chase after him. When Bo jumps a creek, they stop knowing they can’t make it.

He listens to Garrett fill in L.S. on what happened. They get orders to find Bo and Luke with the Chopper, imprison them, and keep them until after the deal is complete. They get in the chopper and look around, even at the Duke's former farm, but don't find the boys. That night they are told to stake out the road between Hazzard and Hatchape the next morning.

The next morning, Garrett and Hudson move a large tree across the road to block it. They go down the road and park, watching the police road block. He watches as the Dukes trick the police into opening the road block and getting through. He drives after them in his car with Garrett to try and stop them. They reach their road block, putting their car behind it and hiding in the bushes. They are surprised when the Dukes not only escape, but Enos totals their car. He tells Garrett they need to get to a phone.

They are contacted by Whitney to get the chopper up to Lover’s Rock and wait for his signal to kidnap Luke. They get in the chopper and take to the sky, awaiting orders. They receive a call, informing them that the boys have proof and must be stopped.

They locate Bo and Luke and try to cut them off but Bo goes around them and they chase after the car. As they continue the chase, Bo gets annoyed and jumps the General Lee at them, forcing them to pull back. He says they have a screw loose. Garrett says they need to stop the boys and he agrees. They start banging down on the top of the General and watch as the car flips. They are excited, realizing they got the boys and head down to get the briefcase. While Garrett locates the briefcase, he looks at Bo, the closest one and determines he’s out. When Garrett finds it, they go to leave but Bo suddenly gets up and attacks him, slamming him up against the General. Bo knocks him out. He is arrested by Rosco and Enos.