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The conman is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Return of Hughie Hogg[]

He walks into Boss Hogg’s office at the Boar’s Nest where Boss and Hughie are. He looks to Boss saying he presumes he is Jefferson Davis Hogg. Boss says he is but asks if Roy can read and says there is a sign outside saying they are closed for a Private Party. He hands over a card saying he would be surprised how many doors that open. Boss reads the car as A.B. Stillwell, Chief Director, Southeastern Section. When Hughie asks what he would want with Boss, he says when a man of Boss’ obvious wealth pays a total tax of $87.14 over seven years, something smells rotten in the hog pen. Boss says he’s just hanging on by a thread and he tells Boss that he can hide taxes but not real estate. He says that if Boss has property more than he’s claimed then he better get a good lawyer. Boss says he can’t do that but can’t come up with a reason why and he tells him that while he figures out the answer, he has scheduled to audit for tomorrow at 9. He tells them to have a good day before leaving.

He waits for Hughie at a set place and asks how the scam went. Hughie says exactly as he said it would. Hughie says he makes a darn good IRS man. He is paid for his services and adds ‘just a minute’ to make Hughie give him a little more.