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Played by comedian Jeff Altman, Hughie Hogg is a fictional character on the American television series The Dukes of Hazzard. Hughie was Boss Hogg's equally crooked (maybe even more crooked) nephew.


Hughie drove a white VW Beetle with bull horns on the hood, similar to Boss Hogg's Caddy. He wore an all-white suit, but unlike Boss Hogg had a slender build. A con man and a disguise artist, Hughie seemed to completely lack any moral compass while his "Uncle Boss" deep down had a conscience.

Hughie first came to Hazzard as a temporary Sheriff when Sheriff Coltrane went on vacation.[1] This was apparently typically of Boss, who would call Hughie to come help with a particularly dastardly scheme to get rid of the Dukes, before Hughie would turn on Boss and out-smart him. Boss would end up throwing him out of Hazzard. Despite this, Boss would always give Hughie "one last chance".


Hughie grew up in Hazzard County and wanted to follow the example Boss Hogg set. He knew Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke and had a crush on Daisy. He was mean to the Dukes' and cheated Daisy out of the school spelling bee. He later goes to college where he cheated his way through, swindled the class president out of the Phi Beta Kappa key and blackmailed the President into graduating him as Suma Cum Laude. [2] His degree was in Criminal Law but he took Theater classes as well to teach him disguises. [3]


Season 2[]

Arrest Jesse Duke[]

Sheriff Hughie Hogg (Arrest Jesse Duke)

Jeff Altman as Deputy Hughie Hogg

When Rosco goes to the Police Academy for a refresher course, Boss calls him and asks him to come to Hazzard to be the Sheriff for a few days. He has his driver take him in his bug. When he arrives Boss swears him in as the Temporary Acting Sheriff. As he shakes his hand he tells ‘Uncle Boss’ that he once told Hughie to never trust a man with sweaty palms. A few moments later Enos comes in with Mr. Benswanger saying that the car stripping gang stripped the man’s car. The man says he saw one and describes Jesse Duke as he comes in. When the man says Jesse did it, and hides behind Hughie, Hughie is amused asking that he’s saying Jesse stripped his car. Hughie is told to arrest Jesse and shakes a finger at him. When he’s told to take Jesse away, he grabs Jesse’s arm saying ‘come on Jesse’ and taking him down to the jail cell.

While out on patrol he sees the General and chases after Bo and Luke, saying if he catches them Boss will make him permanent temporary acting sheriff. He chases after Bo and Luke and follows them down a paved road, spinning out. He calls Enos on the C.B. and when Enos responds he tells Enos he wants the boys. When Enos pulls out they crash into each other, and Hughie sits, annoyed, as the boys get away.

Later he calls Enos on the C.B. telling him he wants all the ‘car stripping’ Dukes in jail with Jesse.

Hughie returns to the Police Department and makes a poster of a reward of $500 for the Dukes. Boss yells for him to get up stairs now and he comes up, saying he’s right there. Boss explains it’s not the Sheriff’s job to set rewards and if anyone shows up to collect it, it will come out of Hughie’s pay. Hughie says he never heard that before and Boss says he just said it. Hughie says he just got sworn in and he can’t afford that right now. Boss says he will when he gets Roscos’ regular cut, and he can trust Boss. Hughie reluctantly agrees. He agrees to go look for the Dukes saying ‘it sounds like an opportunity of a life time’.

He stakes out the road with Enos when a truck comes by. Enos says it’s just Cooter, but he yells that it’s the Dukes and he pushes Enos over his car telling him to get going as they have to get the Dukes and he’s got $500 running on it. He tells Enos to go and they take off after the Dukes. He assumes he got the boys and Daisy and tells Enos to back off. Bo slams on the breaks however, causing them to keep going and collide into each other.

He goes into Boss’ office to start to him, and is surprised to see Sally, Carla, Lil, and Jane. He says he didn’t know Boss had company and Boss accuses him of charging in like a bull in heat. As the ladies leave he hears the one call him partner. As the women leave Boss ask where he’s been and tells him that the Dukes ripped off the ladies auto parts store. Thoughtful, Hughie asks if he just heard on of the pretty ladies call him partner. Boss says she’s from Texas and Hughie nods, not really believing it. He asks if Boss would be holding out on him and Boss acts offended telling him to bite his tongue before pushing him out of the office.

He talks to Enos over the C.B telling him to find all three of the Dukes. Bo opens the door and calls out to him with a wave. Hughie says hi before realizing who it is. He tells Bo to stop and that he’s under arrest. Bo says bye and takes off. Hughie follows him, falling out the door as he does. He chases Bo down an alley and crashes into a worker, saying ‘I’m gonna tell my Uncle Boss about you’ before telling Bo to come back and chasing him again. Bo calls him from the Town square and he chases Bo into a bike and falls down. He pretends to be unconscious and Bo comes over to check on him saying he didn’t mean nothing. Hughie pulls a gun on him saying he’s alight and now he’s got Bo. He’s distracted by a horn and Bo knocks away his gun and pushes down his hat. He gets up and trips over the bikes again, accidentally firing his gun. He is upset at the Duke’s escaping again and accuses the two bikers of being in on it.

Hughie takes Jesse his lunch and asks Jesse if he thinks Boss would ever double cross his kin. Jesse says that Boss is one of the most outstanding citizens and he’s Hughie’s dear beloved uncle. Hughie nodes but then Jesse says he can trust J.D. like he can trust himself. Hughie freezes before uneasily telling Jesse to enjoy his meal.

In Boss’ office, Boss says he doesn’t want to hear anymore of Hughie’s excuses. He keeps trying to explain when Carla and Sally come in. Carla takes his gun and he learns that they are the car strippers and were working with Boss. He tells Boss he should be ashamed of himself. Boss tells him to shut up. As the girls leave Boss tells him to take his gun and go after them. Hughie says he’s not interested. Boss puts the gun in his hand and Hughie still refuses. Boss offers him a bigger cut and he pretends not to be interested until Boss promises 50/50 cut. Hughie agrees and they head outside to find the cars have been stripped. Boss vents that there is no justice in the world as a man can claw, bite and crock crew to the top and Hughie says when he gets there everyone’s onto him. Luke and Daisy pull up in the General and offer their help on a number of conditions. Hughie agrees but Boss tells him to hush. When Luke gives bigger terms, he encourages Boss to accept.

When Enos arrives, he tries to get in Enos’ car with Boss but Enos drives off. He tries to get in the car with Luke and Daisy but they also leave. He finally tries to get in Cooter’s truck but Cooter drives off and he yells for Cooter to come back. After he releases Jesse from jail and takes the four car strippers in.

Season 3[]

Uncle Boss[]

Hughie Hogg (Uncle Boss)

Hughie is called by Boss to come into Hazzard after he graduated college. As he rides in the back of his bug his driver comments that ‘it’s sure pretty country nephew boss.’ When his driver points out the General Lee, he comments ‘well I’ll be, Bo and Luke Duke’ and tells his driver to turn their faces ‘as red as that paint job’. They run the boys off the road, Hughie waving as they do.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest and Rosco is waiting outside. He greets Hughie and asks if Hughie remembers him before saying he can just call him Rosco. Hughie smokes a cigar before telling Rosco he can just call him ‘Nephew Boss’. He blows smoke in Rosco’s face and tells him to take his bags inside. He goes in to see Daisy making a speech to the bridal shower and claps after. He tells her she always had a way with words and Daisy thanks him before telling the girls to cover the cream before it curdles. Annoyed he snaps ‘even if you couldn’t spell them’.

He goes into Boss’s office, both pausing as they are wearing the same white suit, hat, and cigar. They assess each other before Boss asks if it’s him. He asks who else and Boss says he’s changed since he last saw him. Boss comments he likes his clothes and Hughie says it’s only out of admiration for the man who made him what he is. Boss says he looks good, talks good, and dresses good; that he’s a real Hogg. They hug and Boss says it seems like yesterday he was in short pants and Hughie says Boss taught him to cheat at marbles. Boss says blood is thicker than shine and that’s why he’s here. Hughie says he knows that and he figures what Boss needs is a new approach to the problem, modern thinking. He asks what is it worth to Boss if he gets rid of the boys within a week. Boss says his undying gratitude and Hughie just looks at him. Boss offers 1% of his operation. Hughie asks for 50% and they debate before Hughie quits at 5%, surprising Boss. When asked why he says 5 from Boss is like 105% from anyone normal. Boss agrees but says he won’t get a penny until the Dukes are behind bars. They shake on it and Boss ask when he aims to start. Hughie says he already has. He asks what time is it only to show he stole Boss’ watch. They joke about it and he says he’s only keeping in practice.

He goes outside and watches the Dukes go into the Boar’s Nest. He waves goodbye to them despite them not seeing him before running over and putting the General in neutral, causing it to bump into Boss’ car. After he goes inside with Rosco to confront the Dukes for a hit and run. When Jesse says that Boss’ car was nowhere near the boys he tells Rosco not to believe them as he saw the whole thing and he will testify. Daisy says no jury in Hazzard will take his word on a stack of bibles. He argues they will when they see the victim. Boss comes in pretending to be injured and he ‘assists’ Boss sitting down. He tells the Dukes that the condition could ‘last forever’. When Bo asks if Boss is serious about suing them where can they get the money for a lawyer which Hughie says from him. He offers Jesse $500 for the farm and everything on it. However his plan falls apart when Jesse pretends someone is stealing from the Boar’s Nest and Boss reveals he’s fine.

Inside he sits in Boss’ barber chair, planning as Boss paces. He waits until Boss comes near him before touching his arm and tells him to relax as they are going to get the Dukes for Grand Theft Auto. He explain that ‘somebody just stole my car a half an hour ago’ and Boss disregards it as anyone in Hazzard would want to do that. He agrees but says there is only one place the evidence will be found. Boss praises him and they head into the bar and he calls Rosco a turkey, explaining that he had Elmo steal his car and hide it in the Duke’s hay pile for Rosco to find. Rosco says that’s mean before leaving.

At the Police station, he and Boss listen to Rosco explain that he can’t find the car. He asks Rosco how he couldn’t’ find the car as it was in plain sight in the middle of the barn. Rosco says he checked and it’s not there. They ask where the auto is and Enos calls them out to show them the car is in the main office. Boss tells him he’s getting a little nervous and Hughie has underestimated his advisory as they Dukes aren’t dumb and it’s the second time they won. Hughie says so they beat off the frontal assaults but now they need to counterattack their flank when the Dukes least expect it. Hughie then asks about the wedding. Boss tells him that the wedding is tomorrow at 2 and he assures them it will work before having everyone sync their watches.

After planning with the others, he sneaks around the Boar’s Nest to film Rosco finding Moonshine in Daisy’s trunk.

In Boss’ office at the police station, Boss says it must be a breakdown in communication, since he was supposed to be arresting Bo and Luke but instead he framed Daisy. Hughie tells him to trust him as Daisy is bait. They are surprised when the three Duke men and Cooter barge in to yell at them. When Luke says no one will convict Daisy of running shine, he agrees saying they don’t’ have a prayer in the world of making the phony charge stick except Daisy will still have to stand trial and that could cost a few hundred dollars and he is lowering the offer on the farm to $400. Furious, Bo yells that he wants to get his hands on Hughie to whip some sense into him but the others stop him as Hughie will get them for assault and battery. He remarks that they almost had them before telling Boss he needs to go pick up a doctorate in humanities and it should only take about three or four hours. He leaves. He has Elmo drive out of town and after a short time he says that is enough time before heading back.

He returns to town and films Bo as Bo goes into Rosco’s office to steal the keys, open Daisy’s cell and help her escape. After he returns to Boss’ office, and when Boss says he doesn’t understand what Hughie is doing. Hughie says it’s just step four and he will show Boss step five after he pieces it together.

When Rosco returns to explain he lost Bo and Luke, Hughie tells them they don’t have to worry much longer and invites them to sit and watch ‘the show’ as he has a presentation. He offers them popcorn for a quarter. Boss asks about the VHS player and he explains he won it in a poker game a month before. Rosco says he’s never seen anything like it and Hughie says he’s not surprised as it’s a little too modern for Rosco but that is why he’s never got the Dukes. Boss tells him to leave the insults to him. He shows them the video, narrating it. He explains that Daisy was arrested for running shine and Rosco slept while Bo got the keys and let out Daisy. Hughie says now Daisy and Bo Duke will be arrested, leaving Jesse to sell the farm to him for $300. Boss loves it and he says he’s taking it to show the police to the state police in the capital and it will revoke the Duke’s probation. Rosco argues and he says it will look Rosco like a praised dipstick. Boss praises him.

As he and Boss head to the State Police with Elmo driving, he tells Boss that he’s going to lower the offer on the farm to $200. As they go he is surprised when Enos comes after them and asks Boss why Enos is trying to catch them. He tells Elmo to take a creek bed to lose Enos. After Enos gets stuck he remarks he almost feels sorry for Enos. He is even more stunned when Rosco joins in trying to stop them. They are forced in the junk yard and narrowly avoid a magnet however the others force him to Cooter and Cooter lifts the whole car with a magnet. Hughie yells and begs to be let down, asking Boss if he can make them stop. Hughie is partially pulled out of his seat when the magnet pulls at the briefcase on his wrist. After being freed, they flee to the state Police, holding up the briefcase in victory.

At the State Police they try to play the tape and is stunned to see it’s just static. Boss drags him out of the office and back to Hazzard. After Boss throws him out of town.

The Return of Hughie Hogg[]

Hughie returns to Hazzard with Norris, Barclay, and Roy. As they enter Hazzard he sees the Dukes on the side of the road. He starts blowing the siren on the fire truck to spook the horse Daisy is on. He laughs when the horse runs.

They arrive to Hazzard and Boss Hogg makes a large show of him donating the fire engine to the Hazzard County Fire Department. When Bo and Luke pull up and yell for him, he jumps down from the fire engine behind Rosco and Cletus, pulling them both closer together to hide him. Bo says he hopes he brought an ambulance with him as he is going to need it when they get through with him. He says it was an accident and he has witnesses. Boss tells them that if they touch Hughie they will be arrested. Luke tells him that if he has anymore shenanigans against the Duke Family they should just forget it because they have just about had it. As they go to leave Boss suggests they join the volunteer fire department. Hughie says they won’t do it as they are too chicken. Bo asks who is he calling chicken, calling Hughie a turkey, and says he will volunteer him and Luke right now. As the boys leave he tells Boss that they fell for it just like he told him they would. Boss agrees and he tells him that he will have the Dukes out of town and in jail before Boss can pluck a bald chicken bald. Boss asks if Hughie knows why he’s giving him a second chance, to which Hughie says no. Boss says he is the meanest, back-bitingest, double-crossingest, lowdown Hogg in history, and Boss loves him for it. Hughie says he always tries to do his worst. They hug and Hughie says ‘one more thing, your watch Sir’ showing he stole Boss’ watch but then Boss offers his wallet, which Boss stole and they laugh.

After Boss calls out all the Dukes for a fire, he and Rosco waits in the bushes on the Duke Farm until they leave. Rosco tells him it looks like they are going to get four birds with one stone, calling him Hughie which upsets him and he says it’s “Nephew Boss” to Rosco. They take the bottles of moonshine into the house.

He and Boss go to the Boar’s Nest, where they have a toast to Bo and Luke that they may live long in prison and to Rosco and Cletus who should be catching them right then. As they continue to drink, a man comes in who introduces himself to Boss as part of the Internal Revenue Service. He comments ‘the feds’ before asking what they would want with a fine upstanding citizen as Boss. When the agent threatens to check Boss’ records and Boss says he can’t do that, Hughie echoes ‘you can’t do that’ before asking Boss why can’t he do that.

After the man leaves, Boss starts crying and tells him he’s looking at one dead hog and when they IRS look over the county records they will learn Boss owns everything. Hughie stands up and puts a hand on him to sooth him. He tells Boss there isn’t a problem as the IRS can’t prove he’s been cheating if he hasn’t got anything. Hughie says to put all his assets in someone else's name until after the audit. Boss asks who that would be as the only person he trusts is Jesse. Hughie says to put it all in his name. Boss says he cant’ do that due to Bo and Luke. Hughie gets excited when Boss says blood is thicker than water. Boss says he can trust Hughie. Hughie tells him he doesn’t know what he’s saying and Hughie has been lying and cheating his whole life. He says he might swindle Boss out of everything but Boss brushes it off saying blood is thicker than water and they hug. Boss says they are going to the County Hall of Records and they draw up a contract.

At the county building he stands over Boss shoulder as Boss finishes putting everything in his name. As Boss finishes he says everything is in Hughie’s name and as far as the IRS is concerned he doesn’t’ have a penny and Hughie says he may never have spoken a truer word in his whole life. They both leave, him saying Boss is a special kind of guy.

He has Barclay take him to his conman and when they asks how the scam went he tells him exactly as he said it would. He tells Roy he makes a darn good IRS man. Hughie pays the man but when he doesn’t give him enough the man calls him out and Hughie reluctantly hands over the rest.

He then sees Norris had caught Bo and Luke.

He goes with Barclay and Norris to take Bo and Luke to the Hazzard Jail. Bo tells Rosco that he needs to get Boss to talk to them or he’ll be finished in Hazzard and Hughie comments they just threatened Boss’ life.

He goes back to the Boar’s Nest, which he has had redecorated. He is playing chopsticks on the piano when Boss comes into the office. He greets Boss and when Boss asks what he did he remarks ‘that’s the way the praline crumbles’ and says Boss signed everything over to him. Boss closes the piano saying it was temporary. Hughie opens it to say he made it permanent. Boss closes it again saying no he didn’t and Hughie opens it saying he did, slamming on the keys. Boss asks why he would do something like that to him and he tells him that when Boss called him to snooker the Dukes, he figured he would make it a double whammy and get Boss too. He says he’s too greedy of a pig to just be a Hogg. When Boss asks how he could do that to him, Hughie starts crying and apologizes. He says he told Boss not to trust him and he prays that the devil will forgive him for what he’s done. Boss says there is no use in crying over spilled shine. He throws himself on the couch saying he bit the hand that fed him and he double crossed the man who made him who is he. He says Boss isn’t even mad at him and Boss says he can’t be as Hughie did what Boss would have done and he is actually very proud of Hughie. He thanks Boss and says he knew Boss would understand and Boss says just like Hughie will understand when he returns everything. He stops the act saying he doesn’t think he could do that, and he would like to but he can’t. He tells Boss that money is thicker than blood. He assures Boss that he isn’t going to repossesses his house until noon. Boss says he’s going to the law and Hughie reminds him that he can’t because if he does he will be admitting to cheating his income taxes. Boss says he’ll go to his friends and Hughie says he doesn’t have any. Boss says he’ll go to his enemies. He tells Boss that he will have to bring back an army as he’s got three deputies guarding it with more coming from Atlanta adding ‘not to mention this’ before shoving Boss out and bolting the steel door.

The next day he has the owner of Joe's hardware Store tossed out, collects a higher rent from the Barber shop and has his men ambush the local drivers.

While in the police station, Rosco comes in to confront him, calling him a weasel and a dipstick. When Rosco says he should blister his backside he asks if that is because he sold Rosco’s patrol car. Rosco says that is part of it but it’s mostly over how he’s treating Boss. Rosco says he’s not going to get away with it and seeing Norris and Barclay come up he tells Rosco that he is forgetting one thing, he’s Boss now. Boss says not if he knocks him into the middle of next week and Hughie tells him to hold on one second before telling Norris and Barclay to book him for assault and battery. As they take him away he yells ‘book him’ after them.

While at the Boar’s Nest with his men, Daisy approaches him with a picnic basket saying ‘morning Hughie sugar’ surprising him. He says he always thought Daisy hated him and Daisy says that was before as she is attracted to smart forceful men and she knows that he’s both of those. He remarks she is learning fast and she says since she works for him, she can’t say no if he asks her to share that lunch with him. He tells her that he doesn’t mix business and pleasure but he can take the day off and go on a picnic. He picks up the basket and puts an arm around her as they go outside. He opens the door for her and after getting in, she moves to sit against him, wrapping her arms around his. He grins as he drives away.

He finishes eating and tells Daisy ‘that was some powerful fried chicken’. Daisy thanks him calling him Hughie-honey and her dumpling. She says wait until he sees dessert and he tells her he knows what he’s going to have for desert, her. He lunges for he but Daisy moves. He stands up and says he doesn’t understand and that he thought the picnic was her idea to get him up there alone. She says it was and he asks why she keeps running away. She tells him she’s got her reasons ‘like that there arrow’ before pointing it out. She then taps his arm to get his attention before telling him bye and kicking his shin. As he jumps in pain she says to show him they always keep their word she has desert before shoving a pie in his face. Hughie asks who turned out the lights, trying to wipe the pie off his face. She says he can’t see anything.

He gets a call from his deputies asking if he’s got his ears on and he says he does but they are full of lemon and morange so they need to speak up. He is told the Dukes have the safe. He tells them to get them because if they don’t stop them, they will be out in the cold. Hughie takes off to join the chase. After catching up he says he’s going to take a shortcut and cut the boys off. He heads toward Bo and Luke but the boys turn down in the creek, causing him to crash into his men. He backs up and heads along the side of the creek. Hughie says they got the boys and they are going to beat them too the bridge. To late he sees the bridge is out and yells about it but crashes into his men’s car in the air.

As he falls out of the car, Bo and Luke help him. He asks what happened and Luke says he just bought himself a one way ticket out of town. Boss adds out of his will and out of the family altogether. He shows Hughie the paper before ripping it up.

Later he is taken out of town by Cooter with Boss yelling for him not to come back again.

Season 4[]

Hughie Hogg Strikes Again[]

He drives to Hazzard disguised as an old man and comes onto a main road where he sees the General Lee. He calls out to Barclay and Norris in the back of the RV telling them ‘there go them Duke boys’ and that he’s gonna have some fun. He drives all over the road, pulling up alongside them and greeting the boys before ramming into them. Bo asks him to ease up but he run them off and into a pond. He yells ‘bye, bye Duke Boys’ and he hopes they enjoy the swim.

He pulls up to the County building and goes inside. He pretends to be a weak old man as he enters Boss and Rosco’s office and Rosco immediately goes to help him. He addressed Boss Hogg and calls him a ‘fat ol’ rascal’. He asks if Boss knows how long it’s been since he bounced him on his knee and Rosco suggests 50 years. Boss says he’s never seen him before in his life and Hughie says maybe he ought to take a closer look. Boss stands up, remarking his whiny voice, shifty eyes and sweaty palms leaves him as only Hughie, ripping off his disguise. He steals Boss’ wallet and when Boss takes it back he says he’s just keeping in practice. Rosco asks if Boss wants him to toss Hughie out or throw him in the slammer. Boss threatens him and he hides behind Rosco but Rosco turns to him telling him not to hide behind him, calling him a weasel and prompting Hughie to gently slap at him. Rosco says he hasn’t forgiven Hughie for getting him fired. Boss and Rosco both go to grab him and he drops to the ground, crawling away. He gets up and asks them to wait saying that was the old Hughie Hogg and this is the new one. He says he’s turned over a new leaf. He says there are no more tricks and no more lies. Boss asks if that is what he calls by dressing up as his own grandfather. He goes to grab Hughie, who jumps up on his desk and says it was the only way Boss wouldn’t throw him out, at least until he spoke his peace. Boss tells him to come down so he can give him the spanking he deserves and nothing he says can talk Boss out of it. Hughie asks ‘not even if I could serve you a multi-million dollar fortune on a silver platter?’ Boss agrees to hear him down and they help him off the desk and Boss asks what his plan is.

Hughie does a presentation, showing a painting of the ‘Hogg’s Happy Hacienda’ at 100 Hazzard Square. He says Boss always wanted to build the ‘Hoggaminiums’. Boss says yes but he never could because he didn’t own the key lot. He remarks ‘well now, supposing I can get you that key lot’ and asks if it would be worth $25,000. Boss says it sure would but he better have a full proof plan or he isn’t getting a dime. He says deal and when Boss reacts in surprise he says Boss already owns the mortgage on that property and to just foreclose on it. Rosco scolds him as it isn’t a plan. Boss says he can’t foreclose as the owner pays like clockwork. He crosses his arms saying he knows but suppose he could unwind the clock and make it so the payment can’t be made on time. Boss agrees to pay him if he does that. Rosco asks where that key lot is and he points to Cooter’s Garage. When Rosco says it’s just Cooter’s, he pulls up the first layer of the painting to show the building for Boss’ new business was over a painting of Cooter’s. They share a laugh as Boss praises him. He tells Boss to believe it ‘unless of course your meat headed Sheriff here fowls up my plan’.

After Cooter arrives at his garage, he puts his disguise back on. He walks by Cooter remarking ‘Good morning sonny’ before dropping his wallet in front of him. When Cooter picks it up he calls Cooter a wallet snatcher and yells for the police saying he’s been mugged. Rosco and Cletus jump out from behind stacks of tires and come over to arrest Cooter. He takes his wallet back and tells them to put Cooter in jail. When he says Cooter mugged him, Cooter tells him ‘no disrespect intended Sir, but Rosco he ain’t quite playing with a full deck’.  He laughs as they take Cooter away.

After taking off his disguise, he celebrates with a shot with Boss, saying Cooter went for it like a bear after a honey-pot. Boss says he’s glad Hughie is back and he is still the same sneaky, low-down, double-crossing, back-biting, slick talking side winder that he ever was. Hughie gets flattered and thanks him saying he always tries to follow Boss’ fine example. He says he figured learning about disguises would be real helpful to him someday so he had taken theater arts when he was in college majoring in criminal law. Boss asks that he studied to be a lawyer and he corrects him saying ‘no, a criminal’. When they look outside he is stunned to see Bo and Luke working at the garage. He tells Boss not to worry as he can get rid of them too.

After Bo and Luke are ran off by Rosco, he sees Daisy and Jesse working at the garage, commenting that he doesn’t believe it. He is frustrated and Boss says they keep coming but Hughie says he’ll keep them going. Boss says he better do it fast because if the Dukes make the mortgage than he’ll put Hughie in jail. He says he understands.

After learning Bo and Luke know about their plan from Rosco, he calls Boss and waits in his office with Rosco. When Boss returns from lunch, Rosco says he warned Hughie not to call Boss while he’s eating and he explains he didn’t think Boss would mind since he figured out a way to stop Jesse from helping Cooter. Boss says it better be a good way to keep Jesse from helping a friend and Hughie says Jesse can’t help if he’s not around, and he plans to get rid of him permanently. Boss and Rosco ask if he means to kill him but Hughie assures them he just wants to lock Jesse up for a long time. Hughie says Boss will get rid of the Dukes and get Cooter’s property at the same time, saying it’ll be a double whammy. Boss asks how getting rid of Jesse will get rid of all the Dukes and Hughie says with Jesse gone the family will burst wide open. He says Daisy and the boys will want to move closer to the prison and Boss can take their farm. Boss goes to hug him and he tries to steal Boss’ wallet, only to have a mouse trap snap on his hand. While that happened, Boss had tried to take his wallet only to find Hughie had also kept a mouse trap in his pocket.

After putting back on his old man disguise, he is walking with Barclay and Norris. When he hears tires screech, he looks up to see Bo and Luke in a brown car. He tells the others that they got company, pointing the boys car out. When asked if they are the Dukes, he confirms it and says they gotta go right into the act right now. They go into the theater and Barclay and Norris quickly helps him swap into a farmer disguise. He says it’s beautiful before heading out. He almost crashes into Bo and Luke commenting ‘pardon me boys, you’ll love the movie it’s a talkie’ and walking down the street.

During the night, he goes to the Garage with Barclay and Norris. He shuts off the gas line at the pump while the other two set up a jug of moonshine. After he shows Boss and Rosco a briefcase with a tape recorder and camera and explains that they will record Jesse selling his men moonshine. Boss says he’s done it again and Hughie grins, proud. Boss says he has even forgiven Hughie for the mousetrap and he says he thought Boss would like it and it is going to help him earn that $50,000 Boss promised. Boss says he thought it was 25 and Hughie asks hasn’t he ever heard of inflation. He asks what time the Garage opens and Rosco says 8. He says by 8:30 Boss will be taking the evidence to the ATF in Capital City. Boss says he just sunk to a new high in lows as they celebrate.

The next morning he puts on a businessman disguise as they go to the garage. When his men start having Jesse pump the moonshine, he pulls out the laptop from the RV and records it. He laughs as he gets the evidence. He records Jesse assuring them that he filled the well himself, unknowingly incriminating himself. After Norris and Barclay get it, he drives around to the other side of the square and gets out, telling Barclay and Norris to go to where they agreed to meet and keep the CB on in case he needs them in a hurry. He staggers under the weight of the can, remarking that it’s heavy as he does. He goes into the Police Department.

Boss prepares to call the ATF and says he sure hopes Hughie has all the evidence they need. Laughing, he pulls up the five gallon can, the pictures of Jesse selling it and a tape of Jesse boasting about how he was the one to fill the pump himself. He listens to Boss talk to Roy Winters over the phone, amused. After Boss hangs up, the phone rings again and he quickly grabs it to answer it. He becomes agitated as he learns that Bo and Luke wrecked the CB in the RV and know all of his disguises. He says it’s too late to do the boys any good and to come pick him up behind the county building as the sooner they get to Capital City the sooner Jesse Duke will be in prison.

They go out the back and Boss and Rosco helps him get the evidence to the RV as Norris and Barclay pull up. After getting the evidence loaded, he gets in and they head to Capital City to meet with Winters.

As he drives Boss calls him over the radio to inform him that the Dukes are behind him. He sees them in the rear view and informs Boss that he’s ‘way ahead’. Hughie hits a button, filling the road with glass. Luke calls him on the CB saying he can pull over of the trick didn’t work. He remarks ‘maybe this will’ before dumping oil. When Bo, Alex, and Rosco all spin out he laughs saying ‘what do you know, we’re home free’.

Barclay climbs up front as he notices the boys coming up behind them. He is confused when he sees Luke comb out of the General, wondering what they are doing and becomes annoyed as he realizes Luke is trying to climb onto the RV. When Luke jumps over onto the RV, he tells Barclay to get rid of Luke fast. Barclay fails and Luke tosses a beehive in, causing him to get attacked by bees. He stops when Bo cuts him off with the General. He tries to flee and when the boys chase him he tosses the evidence to them and escapes.

Later Boss drags him to his bug by his ear. Boss shoves him in his car saying for him to get outta Hazzard County and that he doesn’t want to ever seen him again. Hughie drives away.

Season 5[]

The Revenge of Hughie Hogg[]

Hughie returns to Hazzard, intending to run for Sheriff. He, Barclay, and Norris go to a feed warehouse and he records Boss making an illegal business deal. He tells Barclay and Norris that between the pictures and the recording, he has enough to blackmail Boss and own all of Hazzard. He expresses his desire to continue to own the state and eventually the U.S. Barclay says he is one of the most parasitic people that he ever met, which Hughie takes as a compliment. As they head to town, he spots Daisy, Coy, and Vance in the General. He decides to mess with them, saying he wants to see how the General does against his car after all the work he did to it, and tries to run them off the road. Instead Hughie hits some mud and drives through a pipe, crumpling his car.

He, Barclay, and Norris go into Boss Hogg’s office and he calls out to ‘Uncle Boss’. Boss happily offers him a hug, addressing him as his no-good nephew. When they hug Boss pulls back, saying his hands still move faster than a scalded cat and to give him back his wallet, which Hughie does with a laugh. He then adds that Boss hasn’t lost his touch either and to give him back his watch which Boss does. They hug again before Boss suddenly changes asking what he’s doing back in Hazzard, reminding him that the last time he was there he was thrown out and told never to come back ‘or else’. He tells Boss that he has an ‘or else’ before showing him the evidence he gathered. He tells Boss that he has enough evidence to ship him up river for ten years. Boss asks where he got it and Hughie says it doesn’t matter, what does matter is that Boss is going to withdraw his support of Rosco in the upcoming Sheriff’s election. When Boss asks why would he do that, Hughie shows him the evidence saying he doesn’t have much of a choice or he’ll turn the evidence over to the FBI. Boss starts insulting him and he cuts him off, telling Boss to save the compliments and go tell Rosco that he isn’t supporting him now.

Hughie oversees three women wearing shirts for his campaign. The order they are in reads ‘Hughie wants we’ and he tells them that while that may be true they should probably stand in the proper order. He rearranges them so the their shirts read ‘We Want Hughie’ but Barclay and Norris come running into the office, informing him that the Dukes have decided to be Rosco’s campaign backers. He asks why the Dukes would do something like that and his men respond that maybe the Dukes hate Hughie more than Rosco. Upset, Hughie asks what they are standing around ‘jawing’ for saying the Dukes are something else and he wants them gone until after the election. He tells them after he becomes Sheriff, he’ll get rid of the Dukes ‘permanent-like’. After he tosses Norris and Barclay out he expresses happy about the girls shirts.

Hughie goes through Boss’ ledger, telling Boss that he had been going through the files and he figured out what his cut will be. He tells Boss he will be taking 70% of all of Boss’ operations. Boss misunderstands at first so he clarifies that Boss will be getting the 30%. When Boss argues, he suggests Boss does it his way, reminding him of the evidence. Barclay and Norris come in, informing him of their failed kidnapping attempt. Not overly surprised he tells Boss that since Rosco is still Sheriff, he wants Boss to have Rosco arrest the boys on some trumped up charges. Boss says Rosco wouldn’t do that so Hughie suggests that Boss fire Rosco and make him acting sheriff. Boss puts on Hughie’s hat, making him laugh and take Boss’ hat with him.

They go over to the Garage to see the Dukes campaigning. When Rosco refuses to arrest them, Boss swears in Hughie who simply says ‘I do’ and takes the badge. He turns to Norris and Barclay saying ‘Boys’ and they respond with ‘we do’ to which Hughie says they are now sworn in. He orders them to arrest the Dukes. To his surprise and frustration, the Dukes escape. He attempts to help but Lulu shoves him over and sits on him.

While in his new uniform, he sees Rosco kick his car and a bumper falls off. Amused he approaches Rosco, giving him a 150 fine for littering. Rosco protests that the car isn’t even worth that. When Rosco kicks the car again, another fender comes off and he laughs, raising it to 250. He makes Rosco sign for the fine, takes his pen, and walks away.

He goes to the barber shop to get a shave. His face is covered by a towel but he still feels Rosco reach in his pocket for the tape. He draws a gun on Rosco, remarking that if he’s looking for a close shave he’s come to the right place.

Hughie and Barclay goes to the Hogg Family home, announcing that he is putting the Dukes, Lulu, and Boss all under arrest. When Jesse asks for the charge he says it was for disturbing the peace and campaigning without a license but now it’s for consorting with known criminals. However Lulu tugs his hat down and holds him as the Dukes escape.

They return to the station and Hughie has Barclay put on an APB on Vance and Coy while asking Norris to go check on Daisy. He also gives Norris a set of flowers, telling him to give them to her with his compliments. Hughie sits at the desk when he hears a few noises. Barclay and Norris returns and he asks if they heard it but they say they smell something. He remarks that it isn’t his cigar and they exclaim that it must be a skunk and flee from the room.

After his prisoners escaped, he is reviewing files in his office when Daisy comes by. He is surprised to see her, even spitting out his cigar. Daisy addresses him as ‘Sheriff Hughie’ saying she realized she has to turn herself into him because he’s too much of a man for her’. She says she has always had a hankering for him and he asks if it’s because he’s so macho, which she agrees. He asks if she always dresses like this, moving around the desk to get closer to her. Daisy starts circling the desk, suggesting they go for a swim and Hughie keeps following her. She says first she wants to hear more about himself and Hughie asks like what. She suggests all the heroic ways he made all that big money. She says Boss Hogg always said he was too stupid to pull it off, annoying Hughie. He starts to brag, telling Daisy about how he bilked a bank in Hatchapee out of a number of bonds. He puts an arm around Daisy, adding about the time he and the boys were in Loomis and did a hijacking and a fencing operation. He asks Daisy for a kiss before puckering up and Daisy says she has to go. He refuses, grabbing her arm but Daisy insists she does before flipping him on the ground. She says goodbye and he remarks that sometimes his machoness just scares girls away.

Hughie, Norris, and Barclay get a call from Vance at the Police Station, playing a tape of the crimes Hughie confessed they did to Daisy. Vance asks if he’s heard enough and Hughie says they think they are pretty smart. Vance asks if they are going to swap and Hughie agrees. After they hang up, Hughie and the others leave, aiming to get the Dukes and the tape before the meeting.

Hughie, Barclay, and Norris set up the three women with Hughie’s campaign on the side of the road and wait in the bushes. When Vance and Coy stop for them, they come out to confront the boys. Hughie thanks the girls and they leave before telling them to hand over the tape. When Coy tosses it over he tells his boys to arrest them. Coy and Vance take down Barclay and Norris and Vance punches him once in the stomach before the boys flee. He tries to draw his gun but he can’t and gives up. When asked if he wants his men to go after the boys, he says it’s a waste of time.

In the car on the way back to town he plays the tape only to find it was a blank tape. Furious he yells about it when Vance calls him over the C.B. He answers, saying Vance is going to go to jail for more years than Uncle Jesse has whiskers. Vance says if that’s true then Hughie will go with him. He reminds them that the meet up is at Morgan’s Glueworks, and in fifteen minutes.

Hughie gets to the glueworks, waiting for Daisy and Vance who come in. Vance says for them to get down to business. He tells the Dukes he has the tape, but he wants to hear the tape all the way through first. Daisy asks that he wants to hear the confessions of all the crimes like the one in Hatchapee. He agrees, saying also wants to hear about the counterfeit plates and ‘all that stuff’. He adds the hijacking in Loomis and the protection racket he had running and his fencing operation. Vance tells him that they didn’t before, but they do now, showing Hughie the new tape. Hughie is shocked but then surprised when Boss and Rosco come in. Angry he hands his tape to Boss and Boss announces he wants Hughie arrested along with the Dukes. Norris and Barclay come in and take both tapes and when Hughie praises them, Norris takes his gun saying they are double crossing Hughie too. He starts getting upset but Coy drops in, covering him and everyone else in a barrel of glue.

Later he is forced to leave Hazzard, handcuffed to Barclay and Norris. He tries to hug Boss as he’s taken out and Boss tells him to never come back. During the hug he stole Boss’ gold watch.

Season 7[]

When You Wish Upon a Hogg[]


  • Jeff Altman was apparently not able to reprise his role as Hughie in the 6th season episode "How to Succeed in Hazzard" and was replaced by another nephew of Boss's named Dewey (Hughie's older brother), which was an obvious parody of Donald Duck's 3 nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

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  1. As seen in in the second season episode "Arrest Jesse Duke". However he was first introduced in the episode "Uncle Boss", produced early in the second season, but this episode was not broadcast until the third season (for unknown reasons). This only serves to confound the issue because, Enos is still the deputy despite having left for Los Angeles a few episodes before, and Daisy is still driving her yellow Plymouth Roadrunner that her cousins Bo and Luke had let run off a cliff the season before.
  2. Uncle Boss
  3. Hughie Hogg Strikes Again

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