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"Hughie Hogg Strikes Again" is the thirteenth episode of the fourth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Hughie Hogg (Jeff Altman) sneaks back into Hazzard County, and talks Boss Hogg into not kicking him out of town for what he did to Boss a year ago. This time, Hughie has a scheme that is too good for Boss to refuse. For $25,000, Hughie plans to frame Cooter for robbery so that Boss can use his power of eminent domain to foreclose on Cooter's garage and tear it down to build "Hoggominiums", the condos that Boss has always wanted to build.


Balladeer: The Duke boys know how to enjoy three things. Girls, fast cars, and peaceful mornings in Hazzard County. Cause girls change, cars wear out, and Hazzard mornings don’t stay peaceful long.

Bo and Luke head down a road. An RV swerves onto the road, coming up behind them. The driver, Hughie disguised as an old man, decides to have fun. Hughie runs them off the road and into a pond. Bo concludes that the man did it on purpose and he don’t believe it but Luke says he’ll believe it when Cooter bills them for towing the General. Luke calls Cooter, remarking that one day he’s going to learn to swim.

Town of Hazzard

Hughie arrives at the County Building, a reddish-orange smear on the front of his RV from the General. In the police department, Boss scolds Rosco and threatens to fire him again if he doesn’t hit every car in town with a parking ticket. Rosco says no one is in town as everyone is at the Drive In for the Swamp Meet. Boss says there has to be a few people who don’t have the money to go to a swamp meet. Rosco asks how are they going to pay for a parking ticket. Hughie comes in and Boss asks who is it and Rosco says he don’t know but they are probably not going to make it. Hughie addresses Boss and claims to know him but Boss disregards. He looks again and realizes its Hughie. Rosco asks if Boss wants him to kick Hughie out or throw him in jail. Boss says depends on how much is left after he gets his hands on him. Hughie hides behind Rosco but they try to capture him. Hughie begs them to listen, saying he’s changed. Hughie offers them a multi-million dollar fortune and Boss agrees to hear him out.


Cooter tows the boys out and talks to them on the way back to town. Cooter says that he keeps telling them the General is not an amphibious vehicle and he ain’t gonna run them much. Bo says it is only gonna cost the old man his fender and they should send him the bill. Luke reminds him they don’t know who the man was.

Police Department

Hughie tells Boss and Rosco about Boss’ dream of the ‘Hogg’s Happy Hacienda’ in Hazzard square. He says Boss always wanted to build the ‘Hoggaminiums’ and Boss agrees but he adds he never could because he couldn’t get the key location he wanted. Hughie suggests getting Boss the key lot he needs for $25,000. Hughie says that Boss already owns the mortgage on the property and to just foreclose. Boss says he can’t as the tenant pays his payments like clockwork. Hughie suggests he can ‘unwind’ the clock. Rosco asks where the key lot is and Boss and Hughie point out the garage.

Hazzard Garage

Cooter arrives at the Garage with the boys. He tells them he’ll get the General up and running in no time and loans them one of his cars. As the boys leave he says goodbye to them before working on the car. Hughie, as an old man, walks by him and greets him before dropping a wallet. Cooter picks it up for him but the man yells that he’s been mugged and calls for help from the police. Rosco and Cletus jump out from a stack of tires and Cooter becomes annoyed, realizing they are up to something. Cooter waits impatiently as they fall over stacks of tires. Cooter says they are out of their minds but they go to arrest him, Cooter walking over of his own accord as he won’t let them cuff him.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke pull up at the Duke Farm and get out of the car. Inside, Daisy and Jesse are repainting the kitchen white when the phone rings. Daisy answers it, saying they’re timing was right on as the boys are walking in right now. As Luke and Bo come in she says Cooter called. Luke asks what is up and Cooter remarks that the place he’s at ‘don’t have no TV set, foods terrible, and you only get one phone call.’ Luke is stunned to learn he’s been arrested. The rest of the Dukes are stunned and Cooter taunts the officers and Luke says they’ll come up with the bail. The Dukes try to figure out what the do and Jesse says ‘as long as we got the pink slip for the pickup, we got money’. The Dukes head out.

Police Department

The Dukes are stunned when Boss says that he isn’t setting bail for Cooter. Boss says that mugging is a serious crime. Bo gets upset and Boss says he’ll turn Cooter lose after his trial at the end of next week. The Dukes go down stairs to see Cooter and inform him what Boss said. Cooter tells them that he took out a second mortgage on the garage to fix up the place and the payment is due at the end of next week. Jesse says that is why Boss won’t let them pay the bail since Boss wants the garage. Cooter says he can make the payment if he wasn’t in jail as he got plenty of work, he just can’t do it there. Bo says he and Luke will cover down on them and Cooter thanks them. They conclude that the old man is the same who ran the boys off the road.

Upstairs Boss, Hughie, and Rosco celebrate. Boss says he’s glad that Hughie is back and has restored his faith in human nature. When they all look out the window they are stunned to see Bo and Luke working at the garage. Hughie says he can get rid of them.


Bo and Luke finish up with the General, Bo saying that should just about do it and Luke says it better be since they are paying Cooter good money for it. They hear sirens and see Rosco and Cletus rush in. The two cops approach them and Bo asks what they did. Rosco says they are cohorting with known criminals and Luke says the only criminal in that area is Boss. Cletus says they mean Cooter and Bo asks how they can call Cooter a criminal. They put the boys in the back of the police car but Luke open up the other side and they run. Cletus and Rosco follow them through the backseat, giving Bo and Luke a chance to get in the General and drive away.


Bo and Luke speed away from town with Cletus and Rosco following. Luke notices they are gaining on them and tells Bo about a bridge being out. Bo says he was counting on that to Luke’s annoyance and jumps the creek. Rosco tells Cletus to watch him but accidentally goes into the creek. Cletus stops and after checking on Rosco they talk about how the old man is probably with Boss. They drive away.

Police Station

Hughie and Boss look out the window to see Jesse and Daisy are now working at the Garage. They say they need to get rid of Daisy and Jesse and Boss threatens that if the Dukes make Cooter’s mortgage payment, he’ll be putting Hughie in jail instead of them.

Bo and Luke return to town and start looking for the old man. They go into the post office and start talking to Miz Tisdale. They explain they are looking for an old man that they are not familiar with and figure she might know who he is as he may be picking up mail. Miz Tisdale explain that the man they described has not picked up any mail at the post office. As Miz Tisdale starts to talk about Jesse wistfully, Luke and Bo become uncomfortable and Luke pushes Bo out the door as they leave.

Bo and Luke go toward the Barbershop and climb up onto the roofs. They cross the building tops and go toward the court house. Rosco is walking Flash outside, allowing Bo and Luke to climb down a rope into Boss’ office. They go through Boss’ desk and Bo finds a paper saying Boss charged the county $976 for a filtering system on the county swimming pool. Luke remarks they don’t even have one. Luke notices the painting and they lift up the top page to see Boss plans to remodel the garage. They hear Rosco has returned and Luke sends Bo to the window while he gets Boss’ chair. When Rosco comes into the office Luke shoves the chair at him before following Bo out the window. The commotion brings Cooter to his barred window and he smirks as he sees the boys running. Rosco jumps out the window after them and Cotoer grabs his leg, causing him to fall. Rosco tells him to let go of him or he’ll put Cooter in the slammer. Cooter says that’s alright with him, as he’s already there. He lets Rosco go and Rosco runs to his car to chase them. Bo and Luke make it to the General Lee and lead a chase around Hazzard square. Cletus returns to town an Bo causes him and Rosco to collide into each other. Rosco loses a door but he and Cletus resume the chaise. Bo sees a platform by the church and jumps over it. Rosco and Cletus both follow but Cletus crashes into Rosco’s trunk. Bo and Luke escape as Rosco starts screaming at Cletus.

Police Department

Bo and Luke get one of Cooter’s cars and put on hats to hide as they drive around the square. In Boss’ office, Hughie and Rosco sit when Boss arrives, asking if they called him. Boss asks why they had to call him while he was on his pizza break. Rosco says it wasn’t his fault as he warned Hughie not to call him. Hughie says he found a way to keep Jesse from helping Cooter and Boss says it better be a good way. Hughie says he plans to get rid of Jesse permanently, alarming Boss and Rosco who assume Hughie wants to have him killed. Hughie assures them his plan will only have Jesse locked up for a long time. Boss is much more comfortable with that and Boss starts to celebrate. Boss hugs Hughie, praising him. However as they both try to steal the other’s wallet, they find both had hidden mouse traps in their pockets that snap on their hands.

Town of Hazzard

Bo and Luke pull up to talk to two older women, asking if they had seen the old man. They find these women, like the others, have not seen him. Across he square, Hughie dressed as the grandpa, is walking with Barclay and Norris. In the car, Luke spots them and Bo turns around, causing the car tires to squeal and alerting Hughie to their presence. The three go into the movie Theater, quickly pulling off the old man disguise and changing Hughie into a farmer. Bo and Luke quickly park as Hughie goes out one way and Norris and Barclay another. Hughie nearly crashes into Bo and Luke as he leaves and Luke wonders if that voice sounded familiar but Bo admits he wasn’t paying attention as he was wondering where the old man went.

Camp Site

As night falls, Bo and Luke set up camp and make coffee.

Hazard Garage

While it’s dark, Hughie, Barclay, and Norris go to the garage. They shut off the gas line and connect the pump to a tank of moonshine.

Police Station

Hughie shows Boss and Rosco a briefcase with a camera and recorder and explains that they will record Jesse selling him and his boys moonshine as evidence to put Jesse in jail. Hughie says he knew Boss would like it and it’s going to help him earn the $50,000 promised to him. Boss agrees before realizing what Hughie said. Boss is upset but agrees. Rosco says the garage opens at 8. Hughie says by 8:30 Boss will take the evidence to the ATF in Capital City.

Hazzard Garage

In the morning, Hughie and his men arrive at the Garage. Barclay and Norris approach Jesse and ask him to fill a fuel can. Jesse agrees and they imply that Jesse is selling them moonshine. Jesse notices the paint mark on the front of the RV from the General and calls over Daisy. After he points it out to her she leaves to call the boys. Hughie records them as Bo and Luke finish packing up their camp. Daisy manages to contact them and informs them that there is a man in a business suit who looks familiar but she isn’t sure where. Jesse charges $6.25 for the gas and they pay him before leaving. Jesse tries to clean the windshield to prolong them but they leave anyway. Daisy lets the boys know they left and they say for the boys to take State 7 and there are three.

Hughie pulls over on the other side of the square and gets out, having Norris and Barclay go to another location to meet him. As they drive away, he heads inside.


Bo and Luke are driving when they notice the RV. Bo says to tail them and Luke agrees. The RV is parked in a barn and Bo and Luke get out to check it out. After not seeing anyone they go inside to get a better look. While looking around in the RV, the boys find pictures of the disguises and Luke finds a picture of Hughie. Bo says they should have known and he wishes Hughie would quit fooling with them. The boys are confronted by Barclay and Norris but manage to knock them both down and escape while also destroying their CB. Barclay and Norris go to chase them in the RV only to find the CB is done and they need to get to a phone.

Police Department

Boss is about to make a phone call and reminds Hughie he is about to commit himself to the ATF. Hughie shows him the five gallon can, the pictures, and the recording of Jesse saying he filled up the pump himself. Cletus listens in on the conversation as he mops the floor around the corner. Boss calls the ATF Agent in Capital City. The Agent, Roy Winters, doesn’t fully believe that Jesse would go back to making moonshine. He tells Boss that if Boss really has evidence against Jesse then he’ll get a warrant together but if not then the warrant will be made out for Boss. After the phone call ends, the phone rings again and Hughie answers it. Barclay and Norris inform him that the Duke boys know all of his disguises now and are looking for him. Hughie says for them to come pick him up.

Town of Hazzard

Out back, Hughie, Boss, and Rosco take all the evidence out as Norris and Barclay arrive in the RV. Boss gets in his car where Alex is waiting and Rosco gets in his police car. The RV goes first with Alex following behind and Rosco in the rear. Bo and Luke arrive at the Hazzard Garage while Cletus is running to the Garage. Bo and Luke come in through the back as Daisy, Jesse, and Cletus come through the front. The five talk and Bo and Luke explain they know about Hughie and his disguises. Cletus says they haven’t asked him about the three people going to the ATF in Capital City. He mimes out Hughie, Boss, and Rosco for the Dukes. He continues to mime that Hughie has phony evidence against them. As the four Dukes leave Cletus says he wishes he could go with them before realizing he can’t go but he can chase them.


Hughie’s RV, Alex and Boss, and Rosco all head toward Capital City where Winters is headed toward Hazzard. Bo and Luke, Daisy and Jesse, and Cletus all head toward the RV. Bo goes one way but Jesse is forced to take another road as the truck won’t follow. Bo and Luke spot the RV and head toward Hughie’s group. Bo reaches the road behind the RV, cutting in front of Alex. Boss radio’s Hughie to inform him, who has his CB repaired now. Hughie dumps glass on the road that Bo, Alex, and Rosco are barely able to get through. Boss scolds Hughie but is ignored. Luke tells Hughie to pull over but Hughie dumps oil, to Bo’s anger. All three following cars spin out. After a moment Alex and Rosco get back to the road but lose the RV. Bo and Luke go off road. Rosco rams into Boss by accident and they take a shortcut. However Agent Winters is taking that same road. Roy and Rosco swerve to avoid each other, flipping their cars. Alex drives through a hay pile. Rosco and Flash get out of their car and Boss yells at Alex.

On the main road, Hughie is still heading to meet Roy Winters. Bo and Luke manage to catch up again and Luke tells Bo to pull up by the old oak tree. As Bo does, Luke grabs a bee hive in his shirt. They head toward the RV, where Hughie is confused why Luke is trying to climb onto the RV. Luke jumps onto the RV and Hughie tells his men to get rid of Luke. When Barclay opens the back door, Luke takes the chance to throw the beehive in. The bees attack the three in the RV and Bo gets around the RV and cuts it off. With the vehicle stopped, Barclay and Norris try to flee but the boys stop them. After knocking them out, Hughie tries to flee. Bo and Luke chase him and he gives them the evidence so he can escape. Luke dumps out the alcohol and Bo pulls out the film, ruining it with the excuse he wasn’t good at taking pictures. Jesse, Daisy, and Cletus arrive.

Balladeer: The Dukes got Cooter out of jail in time for him to make his mortgage payment. And Boss had to give up his dream of building his Hogg-aminuims in Hazzard which shortly would have become Hazzard’s only slum. Cletus and Rosco had the pleasure of booting ol’ Hughie’s henchmen out of town. Black sheep kin fold are kind of like the swamp itch. Once you think you got shut of it, it comes back again. So the Dukes had a little bit of a celebration that night. Word got out that old Boss’ Celebrity roadblock had snagged him another road band.

Police Department

Cooter is released from jail and pays his mortgage payment to Boss with all the Dukes present. Bo shakes Cooter’s hand in congratulations. Outside Cletus and Rosco put Hughie and his men in Hughie’s bug and run them out of town. Boss pulls Hughie to the car by his ear and tells him to never come back. The Dukes and Cooter laugh as they watch.

Boar’s Nest

Having been caught, Buck Owens is forced to do a song at the Boar’s Nest. Daisy serves drinks and gets more from Jimmy behind the bar. She sits down with Luke and Cooter. Boss and Rosco get up and dance to the front of the bar to many of the patrons, Rosco, and Cletus’ amusement. Buck Owens isn’t amused and Boss keeps Cletus and Rosco from stealing his food. As Buck finishes the song Luke, Cotoer, and Daisy approach him, Daisy hugging him and the boys shaking his hands. Rosco says he was speeding and Buck says it was 30 miles per hour and no school there as Rosco claims. Buck Owens asks if he’ll ever be safe coming through Hazzard and Luke says if he has laryngitis.


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Hazzard County[]


  • This episode makes many references to Hughie's last appearance in The Return of Hughie Hogg
  • According to Boss, Cooter pays off his Mortgage Payments on the Garage like clockwork.
  • Hughie elaborates on his time in college, saying he majored in criminal law and took theater arts classes
  • This is the first time Alex has been seen since The Great Hazzard Hijack
  • Buck Owens is caught in the Celebrity Speed Trap.
    • He sings "I've Got a Tiger By the Tail."
    • Bo and Jesse are noticeably absent from the Celebrity Speed Trap segment


  • Happy Days fans may remember Ed Peck, who played Agent Roy Winters in this episode. He had a recurring role on Happy Days as the gang's nemesis Officer Kirk.