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Iggins is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Southern Comfurts[]

Iggins is the chauffeur and butler to the Comfurt Family after they come into a quarter of a million dollars. He takes them to the Duke Farm and opens the car door to allow them out. As everyone goes into the house he stands by the car.

He goes into the Duke Farm with the others and watches the Comfurt Family give the Dukes gifts, looking happy and amused. When he hears another car arrive he heads to the door to see who it is. When he hears a knock he says he will get the door but Jesse grabs his arm saying it’s his door and he will get. He remarks ‘it simply isn't done sir’ and pulls away to answer it. He opens the door and Boss Hogg marches past him to announce he has a warrant. Boss turns to him asking who is he and he says he is Iggin’s the butler and asks if he may ask who is calling. Boss tells him that he doesn’t know what the Dukes are trying to get him to pull, but it isn’t going to work. When Jesse confronts Boss, Iggins explains ‘he refused to be announced sir’ and Holly suggests calling the Sheriff. As he listens to the Dukes and Boss talk, he is nearly stepped on by Rosco as he comes in, cringing back from him. When Boss throws Rosco outside and Rosco yells, he sighs in annoyance. Boss rips up his search warrant and hands over the pieces saying ‘you may dispose of the pieces my good man’. As Boss leaves he closes the door.

When the Comfurt's car refuses to start later he tries to look it over. Having no luck he remarks ‘I’m terribly sorry, Ms. Lori, it doesn’t seem to be working’. He goes to close the hood but Bo and Luke tell him to wait and asks what is wrong. He says ‘I believe it exploded a packing sir’. Bo and Luke offer to look at the engine and he moves aside, Bo taking a tool from his hand only to find “it ain’t American”.

After Lori, Bo, and Luke leave to town with Cooter, he makes coffee for Jesse and Holly.

Bo, Luke, and Lori return and tell everyone that all the money has been stolen. He listens to the Dukes and Comfurts discuss a plan. When everyone scatters, he approaches John Henry saying ‘begging your pardon Master John’ and says he has a rooting interest. John tells him to hop in. He thanks him as he climbs in the jeep.

As Daisy drives she asks how he’s doing to which he says ‘Very well, suspending madam’. He is unamused at John Henry translating for him when Daisy doens't understand the answer. After getting a call from Luke on the radio, Daisy tells him to hang on as she speeds after a gray car. Later He is confused by Luke and Daisy’s exchanges over the C.B.

John Henry and Daisy stop and he stays in the jeep. When Luke calls asking if anyone can hear him, he picks up the mike saying ‘This is Iggin’s Sir.’ He tells Luke that 'Miss Daisy and Master John are lunching at the moment' and when Luke sarcastically says they don't have time for a champagne brunch he corrects Luke saying he believes the table consisted of bread, cheese, and beer ‘which they insisted on being ice cold if you can believe’. Luke tells him to hightail it to them and tell them to put the chairs back in the wagon and start shaking trees back to Hazzard. Confused he asks ‘I beg your pardon Sir?’ Jesse tells him to get the others butts back into the jeep. He does as asked.

In the Jeep he rides with Daisy as she cuts off Enos. After they all get on the road again, they arrive to see Lori reclaim the money.

Later the Comfurt Family tell him to stay with the Dukes and he watches them leave, waving goodbye. When the Dukes think the Comfurts forgot something, Bo turns to him, shocked to see him and asks what he’s doing standing with the goat. He explains that Miss Holly left him to take care of the Duke Family. The Dukes refuse and Bo, Luke, and Daisy put him in the trunk as Jesse drives off after the Comfurts to return him.