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Ira Grant is a minor character in the Dukes of Hazzard.


A Boy's Best Friend[]

Worried about Terry Lee, a new member of the orphanage, he calls Doc Appleby. While waiting for the doc, he brings out lunch for Terry Lee but the boy refuses to eat. Seeing the General Lee pull up with Bo, Luke, and the Doc, he goes over to greet them. He tells Appleby that he’s sorry to call him out there again, but Terry Lee is doing no better than before. He says the boy won’t eat and he’s worried. As Appleby goes to check on Terry Lee, Luke asks what is bothering the boy. He explains that Terry Lee just lost both of his parents and the boy hasn’t said a word and he can’t really get him to eat. Bo asks if there is anything they can do and Ira says they have done everything they can think of but nothing seems to work. Appleby comes back as he says this the second time he’s had to come out. He asks if there is anything the Doc can do, but Appleby says no. The Doc says he’ll stay for a bit anyway and he goes back to the porch.

He is surprised when Bo and Luke later return. He watches as the boys give Terry Lee a dog, grinning and relieved when it works. As the boys leave and Doc steps off with them, he kneels by Terry Lee to look at the dog.

Later he and the doctor sit in the yard and happily watch Terry Lee play with the dog.

Jesse and Daisy come out, making a dog house before they all go inside for lunch. Doc Appleby jokes that he needs to lead as it’s his place. When they come back outside the dog is gone and Terry Lee becomes upset, sobbing.

Ira, Jesse, and Appleby watch Daisy try to talk to Terry Lee, but he’s upset.

Later he is relieved when Bo and Luke not only recover the dog, but Mr. Hooper the dogs actual owner agrees to let Terry Lee keep her.