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Irving is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Double Sting[]

Irving is working with Wendel and Tom Colt. He and Wendel sit in the Boar’s Nest while waiting for Tom to follow step one, which involves a bar fight. He is annoyed when Wendel calls him Stanley after Tom and the people he fought with were arrested. The next morning they watch the Court House be quarantined and Wendel remarks ‘step two Stanley’ to Irving from their RV.

While waiting for the order to move, he sees Daisy in the mirror of the RV. Captivated, he rushes outside and opens the door to the RV just as Daisy is about to pass it saying ‘hello gorgeous’ and telling her he is a lonely stranger and town and asks if she can show him the sights starting with her. She asks if he’s seen their jail as that is a sight before leaving. He watches her leave, ignoring Wendel scolding him before moving to get ready to rob the bank.

They put on masks and head into Bank. He puts an ‘out to lunch’ sign on the door. He tells the customers if they do exactly as they are told no one will be hurt. He robs a number of the patrons, taking Daisy’s purse saying ‘hello gorgeous’. They lock all the people in a back room and he asks about ‘gorgeous’ having noticed she was missing. He is asked if he can forget women long enough to rob a bank and leaves. He chains up the front door and gets in the RV as they flee. He notices a truck behind them and mentions that he thinks they have company. He asks Wendel if he can shake the truck and Wendel gets annoyed. Wendel suggests he ‘pop’ him and unamused he agrees to ‘pop him’ before shooting out Cooter’s tire.

They get to the shack and he starts unpacking the RV. When he notices Wendel is watching shows he asks if he can tear himself away to give him a hand. When Wendel calls him Stanley again he tells him enough with that already and his name is Irving. He is unamused by Wendel’s jokes and becomes upset when he’s told to completely unload the RV, yelling he just locked it and why does he need to unload it now. When Wendel says they are going to sink the RV in the lake, he reminds him they aren’t doing that until tomorrow. Wendel insists on calling him Stanley and says he’s still very much upset with Irving for talking to the beautiful girl. Wendel laments that he had to pick a "part time sex maniac" for a partner, making Irving smile and return to work.

While checking the RV he sees Daisy and grabs her, asking ‘couldn’t keep away from me huh gorgeous?” She yells for him to let go of her telling her she’s coming with him. He accidentally pulls her coat off and she falls out of the RV in her costume. Shocked he looks her over. He stands there as Wendel comes out before yelling at him, saying this was all his fault for making cute remarks. He asks how was he supposed to know she would get so turned on she would follow them. Daisy tells him that’s not how it was and asks if they mind if she sits down while they argue as her new shoes for the costume cotillion are killing her. He moves to help her as she hands him her shoes and she asks if they are coming as she bets they would take first prize. Annoyed he says the costume bit is Wendel’s idea, adding that at the last bank job Wendel was Dracula and he was wolfman. After being told he was terrible at being wolfman he is sent to find rope.

After being unable to find any rope, he brings out chains. When Wendel asks about it, Daisy tells them no way before shoving him over. He tosses aside the chains to run after Daisy. As they chase her he is forced to stop and help Wendel down a steep hill. He slows down, allowing him to see Daisy come out of her hiding spot. He grabs her, startling her.

They go back to the shack and he ties her up with fishing line. He tells her she wins, no chains just fishing line. She thanks him saying she has always depended on the kindness of strangers and when she calls him Stanley he tells her his name is Irving.

Hearing a car arrive, he goes outside to check it out with Daisy, seeing Colt has arrived early with the General Lee. When Colt says he had to take the General and asks if Daisy is the girl from the bar, he says Daisy belongs to him before he calls Colt a Dummy and asks how they were supposed to escape in that car. He is annoyed when Colt calls him ‘little man’ and says it would be easier than hiding Daisy. When Daisy asks if they don’t get along as Wendel rants, he gives her a sarcastic smile. When Daisy keeps talking he is told to take her inside. While inside he plays with the tassels on Daisy’s clothes.

After Wendel suggests killing Daisy by drowning her in the RV, he screams that he’s not into "exotic stuff like stuffing a broad" before storming out. He is walking around the Shack when Colt comes in with Cooter, prompting him to ask ‘whose that?’ When they ask where Cooter came from and he says for them to guess, he assumes Cooter was also in the RV and says they should sink it before something else crawls out of it. Cooter tells him that’s going to take a while because it’s got two flat tires. He ties up Cooter after being told, and learns the distributor cap to the General Lee is hidden. Before they can do anything, they are suddenly attacked by Bo Duke ramming into the shack with Cooter’s truck and Luke shooting dynamite arrows at them. They take cover. He yells about the dynamite. The entire shack is shoved into the water and they dive out of the house as the law show up.  They are arrested by Rosco and Enos but are handed over to Ragsdale.