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J.P. Pruitt or Mr. Pruitt is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard. He owns a printer shop in the Town of Hazzard next to the Antique Shop.


Mrs. Daisy Hogg[]

While sweeping outside of his shop, Bo and Luke approach him. He stops, greeting the boys and Bo says that they have a question. Bo asks what someone would want green printers ink for. He asks what kind of ink are they talking about. Luke tells him it was ‘medium fine, shade 4C’ and he says that is the type usually used for fine detailed printing, or artwork, or designing, and if you’re the U.S. mint for printing money. Bo asks printing money and he confirms it before asking if he’s been any help and patting Bo on the shoulder. Bo and Luke both say he has and he heads back inside, the boys thanking him.