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J.W. Hickman is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Boss of Claridge County, J.W. does a yearly trip to see Boss Hogg and offer to give him protection in Hazzard for a cut of his business profits.


State of the County[]

He arrives at Boss’ office in Hazzard county and has Rollo light his cigar before he starts the meeting with Boss and Rosco. Boss asks why doesn’t he just stick to being Boss of Claridge County and boss will just stick to being the boss of Hazzard County. He tells Boss to let him explain his proposition to them. Boss says there is no need to explain nothing as he knows it by heart and every year he comes by with the same proposition. Boss tells him to stop wasting his time and Boss’. He tells Boss he wants 30% for everything and that includes Boss’ hijacking operation, shine operation, chop shop, Boar’s Nest, and all other business. Boss ask why should he have 30% of his businesses when he already gets 100% and Hickman says because he will give Boss his protection. He says he’s offering Boss the chance to retire, one way or another. Boss says he won’t be retiring and Hickman doesn’t believe him he can come by on Saturday to hear his State of the County Address where he’ll talk about his plans for the next 10, 20, 30 years or more. Hickman says he’s sorry Boss feels that way about his offer because he doesn’t think he’ll be inclined to be making it again. Boss smiles saying he will and should they say same time next year. Furious he yells for Rollo and they leave. They stop in the hall and Rollo lights another cigar for him. Whispering he asks Rollo if he knows what Hickman thinks they should do and that he thinks they should show Boss Hogg just how much he does need him. He says it will give a little persuasion.

As they go outside, he sees Bo and Luke Duke looking at his car. When Bo asks who ‘belongs to this thing’ and Luke proposes somebody rich he remarks ‘I’d say that’s a mighty fine guess’. Bo and Luke are not happy to see him and Luke asks if he was ran out of Claridge County. Rollo moves to go after them but he stops him. As he talks to the boys, they both sit on the hood of his car.

He and Rollo meet with Earl in town after Earl blew up the Boar’s Nest. He remarks Boss is a smart man but will need more persuading. He tells Earl that he knows what to do next. Earl says consider it done and he remarks Earl is a good man as they leave.

On Saturday, he and Rollo go to see Boss, and when Boss says ‘look who we have hear’ and says his name he remarks ‘in the flesh’. Boss asks what he’s doing there and he remarks he was just wondering if Boss was reconsidering his proposition. He sits down and says that all things considered that need considered. Boss asks like what and he remarks the two little accidents to two of his major enterprises. He remarks it is a shame and it wouldn’t’ have happened with his protection. Boss tells him to go suck a lemon. Boss tells him to get off his back as he has no intention of retiring and if Hickman doesn’t believe him he can come out this afternoon at 1:00 to listen to his address, which Hickman finishes the sentence in annoyance. Boss tells him to get out and when Rosco gets Rollo’s name wrong, he angrily corrects him and they leave. Outside he says it looks like they are going to have to do business with Boss the hard way.

While in the car they get a call and Rollo hands him the phone. He tells Earl he is right on time and he did good, real good, but the trouble is it wasn’t good enough. He tells Earl that Boss is making a speech at 1:00. When Earl says he knows he tells him to stop it. When Earl says it will cost him double, he laughs saying ‘it’s gonna be worth every penny of it, boy’.

Earl turns State's Evidence against Hickman and he is arrested by Rosco for assault.