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J. J. Carver, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Undercover Dukes Part 1[]

As he stretches before his morning exercise, he asks Bender if he’s heard from Jojo or Mary Beth. Bender says no and he suggests Bender calls them. He turns to three men, saying ‘alright boys, let’s have at it.’ The first attacks him and he flips the man over his shoulder before blocking a kick from the second and kicking the man hard enough to send him down. He flips the third man before turning to Bender, who hands him the phone with Mary Beth on the other line. He asks if Mary Beth signed the Duke boys and she says no, they refused. He tells her not to worry her pretty little head about that and he can make the boys an offer they can’t refuse. He says he’ll talk to her later and hangs up. He asks Bender that Hazzard is J.D. Hogg’s territory and Bender confirms it. He says Mary Beth needs a helping hand and they are leaving.

Carver and Bender arrive at the Boar’s Nest and head back to Boss Hogg’s office. Boss objects to their intrusion, saying decent folks knock before entering and J.J. says he was told he could find Mr. Hogg there. Boss confirms that is him and says he looks familiar. J.J. says he doesn’t believe they ever met and Boss insists. Boss recalls seeing him on tv and saying he was the man talking to the State Crime Commission with his hand over his face. Boss realizes he is J.J. Carver to which he nods. Boss says he is the biggest Businessman in the south. Boss offers his chair, his cigar, and anything he has. He says what he wants are two boys named Bo and Luke Duke. Boss asks that he wants them alive and he says he just wants to talk to the boys and asks if Boss can arrange that. Boss calls Rosco on the CB and tells him to bring the boys to the Boar's Nest.

Boss lights him a cigar and pours him a drink while they wait. After a bit Rosco brings Bo and Luke in through the back. When the boys ask why they are there, he puts down the drink and cigar, standing up and saying he is responsible for them being there and he does apologize for any inconvenience. He says he wants to talk to them and if they could move to his daughters motor home they will have the conversation there. Boss then asks the boys if they need anything and when they say their car has a flat Boss says they will take care of it before telling Mr. Carver that there was nothing he wouldn’t do for him. Annoyed with Boss and Rosco’s antics, he dismisses himself and the boys from the office.

They enter the motor home to see Mary Beth, Anna Louise, and Jojo with Mr. Jones. He tells Mary Beth and the others to go into the Boar’s Nest and take advantage of Mr. Hogg’s gracious hospitality while he and the boys talk things over. The group agrees and leaves. Hethen instructs the boys to have a seat, which they do. Luke starts to talk to him, saying if it’s about his daughters offer, and he cuts Luke off saying he heard the boys turned her down and he doesn’t blame them none. He says Mary Beth graduated from college with honors and knows a lot about racing cars but she isn’t a very good businesswoman. He says he is prepared to offer them $50,000 and all the purses they win if the boys will drive for Mary Beth. Bo says that it’s a whole lot of money and he says it’s worth it to him. He says he is a businessman and car racing doesn’t mean much to him but it’s his daughters passion and whatever it takes to make her happy, she will get. Luke tries to explain they made a decision to quit and they don’t want to leave home again. He says Mary Beth explained that too and he understands, but he is just asking them to do a very large favor by just thinking on it for a spell. He says that amount of money can make living a lot easier. The boys agree to think on it and give Mary Beth their finale answer. Bo says it probably won’t change anything but they shake his hand and promise to think about it. After the boys leave, Bender comes in.

While at home, he sits by the phone receiving phone calls from people intending to attend the big meeting. After Tony Reno confirms he will come, he hangs up and informs Bender. He says that makes four leaving tow more to go. He tells Bender to just think about how come Saturday all the top syndicate bosses in America will be sitting in that room. He asks if something is bothering Bender, who confirms there is and he explains that it will be the day of the big race and the town will be crawling with cops. He confirms it before saying all the cops will be concerned with is crowd control. He adds there will be thousands of cars with out of state license and he couldn’t have picked a better time or a better place.

Bender comes into the office to tell him the Dukes are there. He says good and Bender asks if it will interfere with his plans. He says nothing or no one is going to interfere and Bender would do well to remember that.

Carver and Bender head over to the track, arriving just as Bo finishes a test drive. Luke asks what he thinks as he approaches them and he shakes the boys saying he thinks he just lost his best income tax write-off. He praises Mary Beth saying she has two good drivers. She tells him that she knows he has a big business deal coming, and he becomes slightly annoyed, and she asks that he will be at the race. He tells her that as soon as the flag drops he will be there before telling everyone else that he has arranged a picnic lunch for them by the swimming pool. He then asks Mary Beth to walk him to the car and Mary Beth and Anna Louise go with him. He reminds her that they never mention business when there are strangers around and she apologizes. He accepts the apology and heads to the house.

That night in his study, he looks at a map of the US and draws lines for territories.

Undercover Dukes Part 2[]

He hears a knock at his den and asks who it is, to which Jojo says it’s him and it’s important. He has one of him men hide the map before sitting at his desk and telling Jojo to come in. Luke is sent in first with Jojo behind him with a gun. He asks what is all this and Jojo says he caught Luke sneaking around. He asks if Luke has something to say and Luke says not until the gun is put away. He has Jojo put it away. Luke says he was on his way to see him as he and Bo are pulling out. Carter asks if Luke wants to tell him why and Luke says he caught Jojo searching the motor home and they aren’t staying where they ain’t trusted. Carter asks Jojo if Luke is telling it like it is and Jojo agrees but tries to explain more but he cuts him off, telling Luke he owes them an apology and he hopes Luke will be gracious enough to accept it. He says he would hate to think his daughter would suffer for something as stupid as this. He adds that Jojo will not bother them again and they have his word on it. Luke shakes his hand, saying that’s good enough for him and leaves. After Luke is gone, he addresses Jojo calling him a damn fool. Jojo says he told him to check them out and Carter yells that he didn’t tell Jojo to get caught. He tells Jojo to get out and Jojo leaves too.

On Saturday morning, he and Bender go into his office and he remarks that he doesn’t want any mistakes. Bender assures everything is set. Bender congratulates him on getting all the syndicate leaders to agree and when he asks if the room is arranged correctly, he confirms it and says everything is fine. He says there will be no more gang wars and after this meeting it will be just one big organization with him at the head. Noticing Bender is still on edge, he asks what he’s worried about now. Bender admits that the Feds can put them away for conspiracy for holding that meeting and he asks how they would do that when they don’t know where or when the meeting will occur. He says sometimes Bender worries too much and Hanah must have lunch ready by now.

Mary Beth, Anna Louise, Jojo, Carver, and Jojo go to see Bo, Luke, Herky and the team before the race starts. As Mary Beth brings Luke’s extra suit, he addresses them saying he guesses they all know how this means to his little girl. Bo says they will do their very best before shaking his hand. He tells Bo to do that and anything else it takes to win the race. When the race starts, he tells Mary Beth that he has some important things he has to take care of and promises her that he will be back before the race is over. As they leave the speedway, Bender says their guests should be arriving by now and he remarks that come sundown both him and Mary Beth will have something to celebrate.

Once arriving to the house, Carver and Bender greet the various syndicate leaders as they arrive.

He holds the meeting, explaining to the other men his plan and saying it will double their take. He says they will have so much money they will be running the country. He adds he has a few new ideas for loan sharking too.

While the meeting continues, Bender informs him that Jojo has arrived with Luke, Boss, and Rosco. He excuses himself from the meeting to go address the situation. He confronts Boss, saying it was a nice plan, getting the Dukes to work for him and have Luke take pictures. He says they must be a pack of fools and Boss protests before Luke says that the two of them had no idea what he was doing. He orders Jojo to tie the three up, saying as soon as he finishes the business in the meeting they will take care of these three. He tells Jojo that once he’s done with that he is to go to the race track and when Bo Duke finishes the race, to finish him.

As the meeting continues, Bender leaves for a bit. Their meeting is interupted by an FBI raid and they are all arrested and sent to prison for consperiacy, learning Bo and Luke were actually working for the FBI.