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Jack Morris is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Lawman of the Year[]

While driving through Hazzard, he and Burnett get a flat tire. He begins to change it while Burnett watches him before the General Lee pulls up, Coy and Vance getting out. When they ask if they need any help he remarks ‘no thanks, we’ll manage’ but the car falls off the jack. Coy moves to help and he yells at them, saying ‘I said we’ll manage’. The boys leave.

They finish the tire and meet up with Boss Hogg. When Boss asks that no one saw them he says no, except a few do gooders in an orange car with an 01 on the door. Boss says they were the last people he wanted to see them.

They go into town and Boss shows them the jewelry store he wants them to steal from. Seeing the safe in the store, he remarks he can pick it blindfolded. Boss admits that the security is good but there is no alarm to the door in the basement.  He asks how Boss figures they will get into the basement and Boss points out a manhole cover. Boss also admits the Sheriff won’t be a problem.

The two go to Rhuebottom’s General Store to get dynamite but learn that the store is fresh out from the owner. When Mr. Rhuebottom says he’ll have some at the end of the week they tell him they’ll be long gone.

As they leave Hazzard, he notices Coy and Vance suddenly fall in behind them. He asks where they came from but Burnett says it doesn’t make any difference.  After a few moments however they find the boys are keeping up with them and when Burnett asks how he says ‘beats me’. He suggests they stop and see what the boys want but Burnett refuses, saying Boss wouldn’t want that and they aren’t double crossing him until after the store is robbed. When he sees the General have a tire go and the boys go into a ditch, he comments ‘ain’t that a shame, them boys just had a blow out’.

They meet up with Boss, who gives them construction worker’s clothes and the ‘Department of Sewers’ van. Boss runs down the plan with them again. He brings up the boys in the orange car, saying are getting mighty nosy and asks what if they come snooping around. Boss says he intends to arrest them.

They return to town and climb down into the man hole. After going to the spot where Boss says to dig, they get out picks and start chipping at the wall. As they clear away the dirt they come to a wall. He checks before telling Burnett that it’s solid concrete. He says they can’t tell how thick it is or how deep and Burnett says they need to get that dynamite.

They call Boss and meet him on the side of the road. Boss comes, but informs them that he can’t be seen with them. He informs Boss they can’t get into the jewelry store without blasting and Rhuebottom’s is fresh out of dynamite. Boss says he isn’t and he has dynamite at the gravel pits, giving them the keys. They leave, going to the gravel pits.

After arriving they get into the shack and get some dynamite when he hears an engine. They hide and see Daisy drive up and go into the shack. They go inside, blocking the exit. He asks Daisy if she is looking for somebody and she says she was just checking on stuff. When Daisy tries to flee, Burnett grabs her and he ties her to a chair. After they hide the jeep and watch Vance and Coy come in. They go back into the shack and he fights with Coy. He gets away from Coy and picks up a gun, pointing it at Daisy and telling everyone that the fight is over. They lock the three Dukes in the shack before leaving.

They head back to the store and he listens to Burnett check in with Boss.

They arrive at the manhole to see Boss waiting. Boss informs them that the jeweler is out of the store and won’t be back for a while. Once inside, they pull out the dynamite. They light the dynamite and take cover while it goes off. Once the wall is destroyed, they rob the store and return to Boss. Boss tries to claim it from him, saying they will divvy it up later be he remarks ‘that’s what you think fatso’ before pulling the money away and they run. They get in the green car and escape town.

As they escape they are followed by a number of vehicles. The General Lee cuts him off and when he gets out of the car he is confronted by Vance. The two fight and he is captured before being arrested by Cletus and Enos.