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Jake, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Close Call for Daisy[]

As he drives him and Norman through Hazzard, Norman expresses concern about an orange car that has been behind them for ten miles. Norman says the people in the car are going to try to kill him. He tells Norman to relax, and Cutler and Monday wouldn’t be dumb enough to use a car that stands out like that. They hear a loud blast and Norman assumes they are being shot at. Norman shoots out the radiator and they lose the General Lee. Norman says that was close and he says it’s okay as they lost them. Norman expresses that it’s not okay because he thinks he’s having a heart attack. Alarmed, he heads to Hazzard.

He pulls u to the town church when he sees Daisy Duke, who he assumes is a nurse, standing outside. He runs to her asking where he can find the nearest Doctor. She explains that would be Doc Appleby and that he needs to call first to make sure he’s in. She says there is a phone inside and he tells her that he has a sick man in the back seat and tells her to see what she can do for him before running inside. After calling Doc Appleby he explains the condition of Norman and is told to bring him over to the office in Hazzard. He returns to the car to see Norman unconscious in Daisy’s arms. She says he just passed out and he lays Norman down in the back seat, saying the Doc said to bring him right over. After Daisy gets out he leaves for the doctors office.

After discovering the book in the back of the car is the wrong book, he goes to see Norman at the doctor’s office asking if his heart is okay. Norman confirms he’s fine and he remarks ‘good’ before adding that he hopes Norman has his little black book with him. Norman says he left it on the back seat of the limo and that book in his hands is it. Alarmed he tells Norman that isn’t his book, showing him the notes. He tells Norman that the nurse must have taken Norman’s book and left that one in it’s place. They leave to find her.

They drive over to the Church and he goes inside to ask who the nurse was. After learning her identity from the pastor, he goes back to the car. Jake asks about the nurse and he tells him it was no nurse and the pastor said her name was Daisy Duke and she was wearing a costume for a church play. As Norman becomes upset he tells him to relax and that Daisy just left in her jeep heading for the farm she lives on. Norman asks if he knows where the farm and he confirms it adding ‘and the road she’s taking’.

They spot Daisy’s jeep and follow her before they see the orange car fall in behind them. They lose the General when Norman shoots out a tire and continues to chase Daisy. When she goes off road he stops and Norman asks why. He explains if they go ten feet off the road in that car they will be stuck. He says for Norman to calm down as they know where she lives.

They arrive at the Duke Farm and search for the book, but do not find it. Norman says she must have it on her and Jake says she might have taken it to the police. Norman says he hopes so because Boss Hogg runs this county and they leave to see him.

They go to the police department where he and Norman overhears Boss tell his Sheriff that he has troubles with Norman. Norman demands to know what and Boss, assuming that is why he is there, admits to having shortchanged him. Norman says he hadn’t known that, but he does now. When Boss says he just put his foot in it, he remarks ‘all the way up to your double chin’. Norman says they can work something out and asks the Sheriff if Daisy turned anything over which Rosco denies. Norman tells him to turn Daisy over to him and when Boss begs him not to hurt her, Norman gives his word. After the two leave, he asks if Norman meant that he wouldn’t hurt her and Norman says of course and they will finish her off so fast she won’t feel a thing. He says in the meantime they need to find the boys in the orange car and dump the limo.

After getting a new car, they drive around looking for the General. He spots the General Lee coming toward them, commenting ‘lookie, lookie, lookie, where come them cookies.’ Norman tosses dynamite in the back of the General and he keeps driving. When they hear the dynamite go off, they assume the boys were killed. He remarks it must have finished them off or they would have come after them by now. When Norman says all they need now is to wait until Boss brings them the book and Daisy, he says Hogg is going to do some heavy reading. Norman decides they will kill Boss too.

They next morning they go to see Boss, trying to figure out what to do next when Rosco comes in and informs them that Daisy is at Enos’ house. He and Norman leave to get Daisy.

When they arrive at the Boarding House she is standing outside and he stops so Norman can grab her and put her in the car. They race out of town, the General Lee following. Norman asks Daisy for the book which she says she doesn’t have. He brings up the boys in the General and asks how they knew where to find them. Daisy explains to them that the car behind them are her cousins Bo and Luke. Luke calls Norman on the CB and offers a trade for Daisy and the book. When Norman asks how are they to know that the boys aren’t trying to kill them as they already shot at them, Luke says they never did and the General Lee was backfiring. Jake snaps that Norman is too nervous and the boys are likely legit. Norman agrees to look into it and the boys stop chasing.

After Boss confirms knowing the boys, Norman calls them and sets up a meeting at the junction of Old Post Road and County 27 in 30 minutes.

While at the meeting spot, he holds Daisy’s arm. They hear a report on the CB that Cutler and Monday are believed to be in the area. As Norman becomes frantic, he says they can’t leave without the book. Bo and Luke arrive and get out of the General and they move over to the boys. As they go to make the trade, Bo points out a limo and they assume Cutler and Monday found them. He shoves Daisy at the boys and gets in the car, driving away.

They see Enos coming at them from the front and turn, driving into a steel plant. Unable to drive any further they stop and get out, running on foot. When they reach a hill top they see Bo and Luke are chasing them on foot and stop to shoot at the boys. They run across train tracks before shooting at the boys, then run through the plant before reaching a staircase and stopping to shoot again. When they reach the first landing he stops so Norman can continue, turning to face the stairs. Bo reaches him and seeing the gun, he stops. Jake tries to shoot him twice only to see he’s out of bullets. He tries to flee but Bo tackles him and knocks him out.

He is turned over to the FBI.