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James Fenwick is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Treasure of Hazzard[]

He is working with Stacy to find a military payroll before Laura Bardsley.

While working with Stacy, he destroys the supports to a bridge that Laura is about to cross. He asks Stacy if she is she is sure they should go through with this and Stacy says that Laura is carrying a letter that can lead to a fortune and she won’t let James or anyone stop her from getting it. They hide in the bushes and are stunned when instead of Laura, it’s Bo and Luke who reaches the bridge first.

They follow Laura to the Duke Farm, hoping to get a lead. When he asks what Laura could want with ‘them yokals’ Stacy says the same thing they do, information.

They follow the Dukes to the swamp and he asks if they are going to rent a boat and follow but Stacy tells him they are going to wait.

After the Dukes go to bed, Stacy says they are going to search the house. He says that is insane and they don’t know what they are looking for and she tells him a letter or a map. As he searches the kitchen, he knocks over a vase and it shatters. When Jesse comes to check he goes to hit him but then they hear a commotion due to someone else breaking in and they flee.

In the morning they watch Bo, Luke, Jesse, and Laura leave together and Stacy says to stay with them, ignoring Daisy.

As they follow the Dukes to Colonial City, Stacy says things couldn’t be better. He meets the Dukes and Laura, telling her they have the most complete records in the south. Stacy brings him a list of churches. Bo and Luke talk about what is at the spot where the church was and Laura concludes that is the finale marker. Laura then thanks him and they leave.

Him and Stacy follow the Dukes and wait until Bo and Luke uncover the box. He pulls a gun on the group and explains to Laura that she is well known in academic circles. He says one they read about the letter they knew she would be looking into it. He asks for the pay box and Bo rams it into him. He is knocked over and Bo and Luke go to attack him but are stopped as Stacy has a gun on Laura. He reclaims the box from Bo and gets in the car before driving off.

As they drive, Daisy and her jeep swerves in front of them. He remarks he can’t get around her and she is deliberately trying to slow them down. Daisy falls out of the chase and he says that it couldn’t work out better if they planned it but learns the General replaced her. He turns off at Stacy’s instruction and they arrive at Zack’s Landing, stealing a boat. When Zach confronts him he pulls out a gun and shoots at him.

As he drives in the marsh he says Bo and Luke are gaining on them. When Stacy goes to shoot the boys he tells her to wait, spotting two young women in a boat. They knock the women into the water to slow the guys down. They leave the marsh.

He waits along the side of the road as Stacy tricks the Dukes into stopping, then he comes out to help Stacy. Stacy tells him to make sure no one can follow them. He shoots out two of the Generals ties and gets in the Jeep. As they try to leave they are stopped by two dynamite arrows, blocking in the jeep. He tries to flee but before he can get far he is tacked to the ground by the McCobb twins. He is captured and arrested by Lester.