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Jamie Cooper is a character from the Series Enos.


Jamie Cooper used to be a thief and did at least one job with international jewel thief Carl Winters before he was arrested and sent to prison. After serving his time, he has been completely honest, staying away from any illegal activities.


One Daisy Per Summer[]

At the press conference in the hotel lobby, he addresses the reporters telling them that beside their new low friction formula they want to introduce their other secret weapon that combined the two will knock twenty minutes off the record of the Palm Springs San Felipe Classic. He calls out ‘Miss Racing Crude’ Daisy Duke. He explains that he saw her picture in the Off Road Racing Magazine after Daisy and her cousins won the Hazzard-Choctaw 200. He says besides her driving he figured they would get some very nice photo coverage. As the reporters start taking pictures he has Daisy sit on the car hood and cross her legs.

After a few moments of pictures he hands Daisy a can telling everyone to be sure to get a shot of it. Daisy suddenly calls out to someone named Enos before shoving the can at him and saying she will be right back. Daisy rushes off, to which he protests before colliding into Enos and falling to the ground with him and a waiter. One of the reporters remarks that if Daisy drives likes she walks he’s in trouble and he gives her a pained smile before saying this is embarrassing and asking Daisy and Enos to give him a break. However the reporter assures him it’s good publicity. Daisy and Enos get up, talking to Turk and they invite Daisy to dinner to which Daisy says she needs to get changed first. He cuts in saying they are running out of time and Daisy needs to meet the executives and he’s already lined up a number of interviews for her. She agrees to meet with Enos for supper and he leads Daisy away to introduce her to the reporters Nancy and Charlie.

Later at the hotel he is getting changed when he hears a knock at the door. He opens it, shocked and alarmed to see Carl Howard Winters and Julian.

Carl comes into his hotel room, explaining that he wants Cooper to smuggle the diamond into Mexico. He takes off his tie, saying that’s impossible and he doesn’t want to take the risk. Carl says he is passing up a fortune but he says he doesn’t care about that, he’s been straight since he got out and he has a PR campaign going. Carl insists this is different as they were inexperienced. He says he’s sorry but Carl needs to find someone else as he is just not interested. Carl threatens to let his sponsors know about his time in prison if he doesn’t help. He says that is real rotten and Carl asks ‘what else.’ Carl gets ready to leave, saying to let him know when Cooper is ready and Julian will deliver the package. He says it’s crazy and Carl is playing with fire, but Carl says if anyone gets burned it will be Daisy.

Jamie and Carl meet in the hotel conference room. He expresses there is no safe place to hide the diamond, that he’s been over the car a dozen times. He says there is going to be mechanics and reporters all over it. Carl says to put the large show can on top of the car. He is not happy about it, but agrees.

He and Daisy go to the race track with the mechanics where he watches Daisy test the car, timing her progress. After a few laps he calls her in. As Daisy drives back, he climbs out of the observation stands and walks over to meet her. He tells her that it sounds like the timing or the mixture is off. Daisy climbs out saying ‘no’ and he asks how the front end is. She protests that it’s fine, but the can on the top of the car is dragging her back. She says the car is squirrely and it’s bugging her. He tells her that is what is paying for the run and he offers to take her back to the hotel and buy her lunch. She declines saying she promised Enos they would have lunch. He asks if that was the guy she ‘ran into’ yesterday before chuckling and asking if Enos is somebody special. She says he’s her friend. He hums before offering to drive her back and getting the door for her.

At the hotel he calls Carl, saying it’s all set ‘the dummy can and the cover story’. Carl asks what the driver thinks and he says it’ll slow her down and she hates it. Carl says he doesn’t care and for Jamie to just make sure Daisy gets to Mexico. He tells Carl not to worry, that Daisy won’t cause him any trouble before hanging up. He notices Daisy still standing in the lobby and walks over to her. He asks if she’s ‘waiting for the Robert E. Lee’ and when she greets him as ‘Mr. Cooper’ he asks that she calls him Jamie as he thinks they know each other well enough by now. She agrees. He asks that Enos didn’t show and she says something must have come up. He tells her he hasn’t eaten and asks if she wants to have lunch together. She asks about Enos and he says he’s sure Enos will find them in the restaurant if he makes it.

While they look at the menus he remarks ‘you know Daisy I was wrong about something’. He explains that he figured she was another of those package deals, a beautiful girl and race car driver. He says there is a lot more to that package then he expected and he thinks she is a terrific girl. Daisy says she is just another powder puff lead foot.

After they have lunch they go outside where Enos is waiting. Daisy goes to see him while he waits. After a few moments he calls her, saying they are going to be late.

Later he goes to see Carl, and when Carl says he’s risking everything over a girl, he points out he hardly knows the girl, but he does know she can get hurt and he doesn’t want that to happen. Carl says she can get hurt by the kind of driving she does. He snaps that he’s had it, he’s through with this and Carl is going to have to find another way to get that diamond across the boarder. Carl says if Jamie backs out he will send a copy of Jamie’s mug shot from prison to all his ‘big shot’ clients. Angry, he leaves.

Jamie drives Daisy to the start line. He parks and says this is it before asking how she feels. She says she’s great, but she’ll be better on the road. He says that is the spirit and to be careful as he doesn’t want any broken bones. He says he knows the record is important and she tells him not to worry. He tells her another thing, that he doesn’t care what happens she has to make the end of the run. She assures him she will. He tells her he will go talk to the official and he will see her at the starting line. He then walks over to meet Jack Smith, the official.

Later he watches Daisy start the run, worried. Before the race, he had taken the diamond from the can, writing in a note that read ‘Dear Carl, I found another way to support my current lifestyle. Jamie Cooper.’

Daisy is unharmed during the race, although she doesn't break the record. He gives the diamond to the police and turns himself in for his part in the smuggling attempt.