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'Jamie Lee Hogg' is a fictional character on the American television series The Dukes of Hazzard.


Jamie Lee Hogg is Boss' nephew who visits Hazzard to purchase his uncle's grits mill.

He is the son of Boss' baby brother, who is never named.

Jamie is very wealthy, like all the Hoggs, and at first appearance seems to have made all his money legally.

His smooth charm and good manners even impress Daisy enough to get her to agree to marry him - marking a potential earth-shattering event in the Duke-Hogg feud.

However, Bo and Luke's suspicions are proved right. Jamie Lee's true Hogg nature comes through when its revealed he's the head of a major counterfeiting operation.

When his partners turn on him and threaten Daisy, Jamie Lee does step up to defend her, but that doesn't keep him from being arrested for his illegal activities.


Mrs. Daisy Hogg[]

While entering Hazzard he is riding with Floyd when they nearly collide into another car and hit a tree. He gets out as Bo and Luke confront Floyd. He listens to Luke explain that they had the right of way at the intersection. He tells the boys he didn’t’ see what happened as he was looking over some financial reports. Bo asks who the heck is he. He introduces himself and Bo asks what he’s doing hogging the dang road. Luke asks if he is any relation to J.D. and he says he is his nephew from Atlanta. They are approached by Rosco who asks what is going on and he backs his driver when he explains the situation, that the boys nearly killed them. When his driver and Bo nearly start fighting, he grabs his arm to hold him back. He tries to talk to Rosco to say there appears to be a difference of opinion but Rosco tells him to hush as he isn't’ done talking. He interrupts Rosco again and says his name. He smiles as Rosco recognizes him as the ‘rich and fabulous wealthy nephew of Boss Hogg’s’ and is welcomed to Hazzard. He watches Rosco arrest Bo and Luke.

They arrive in town with Rosco, Bo, Luke, and Cletus where he sees his Uncle Boss. Boss shakes his hand and says it’s good to see him. As the boys talk about being mistreated, they are approached by Daisy, Cooter, and Jesse. He is immediately taken with Daisy and Daisy says if he’s a Hogg than his word doesn’t mean squat. He remarks that from the fire in her eyes she must be a Duke. She introduces herself and tells him to back off of her cousins because they didn’t do anything to him. His Uncle starts insulting all the Dukes, shocking him. When Jesse says the Hogg’s are the worst when it comes to stealing, he tries to break in and Daisy tells him to ‘shut your snoot and put it back in your trough.’ He is fascinated. As the others fight he notices Bo and Luke slipping off and points it out. He is stunned by Daisy’s anger when she says it is all his doing and Boss tells her to ignore her and to come inside. He tries to talk to her, to apologize and she tells him to just hush. Boss pulls him into the police station, telling Cooter to fix his car.

He goes into the Police Department with Boss, who expressed that he caught him in the middle of his morning snack. Boss asks if he wants to join him as he’s having ‘belly burgers smothered in greens’ to which he uncomfortably declines and tells him to go ahead. He asks if Boss had to be so rough on the Dukes and Boss scolds him saying he doesn’t know what goes on in small towns and asks what Jamie Lee is doing there. He remarks that he thought maybe his favorite uncle and him could do some business and Boss asks what he’s got in mind. He asks about the ‘broken down Hogg gritsmill’ and he remarks that Boss has been losing money on it and says he thought he’d take it off his hands. Boss asks why and he says he planned to use it as a tax loss. He says he’s willing to pay cash and shoves a large number of bills in Boss’ face.

After buying the property, he goes outside to find the hotel. Daisy storms up to him and tells him he’s got a ‘cotton picking nerve’ and that he came into town to make trouble and she is telling him her cousins never lie. He stands in awe as she says it wasn’t their fault. He holds his hands up in surrender and he says he’s sorry she’s so upset and she demands to know why she shouldn’t be as it’s his fault Bo and Luke are running from ‘Hogg justice’. He says she said that like it was a dirty word and she says as far as the Dukes are concerned it is. He tells her he would like to do something to change that image and he will drop all the charges against her cousins, shocking her. He says with an outstanding character reference like her the boys must be telling the truth. He says he owes her and her family an apology for all the heartache he’s caused. Floyd gets his attention to tell him there is a call for him. He excuses himself and heads over to answer the call Floyd said he received. He takes the phone, greeting Roy who asks if it is a go. He says it is and he made a deal on it. He’s told to make sure everything goes well. As they hang up he notices Floyd’s gun and tells him to put the gun away and that they are cooling the accident. He goes back to Daisy, saying he is sorry they were interrupted. He asks if there is a place they can talk and Daisy says the Boar’s Nest. He offers his arm asking ‘shall we Miss Duke’ and she corrects him saying it’s Daisy. She takes his arm an he walks her over to the car, getting the door for her.

As they head to the Boar’s Nest, the boys fall in behind them and try to get them to pull over. Floyd runs them off the road and they go back to see them. He gets out and Bo starts yelling but then freezes when Daisy get out. Daisy explains that they dropped the charges while he smiles. He says he’s sorry and they want to chock the whole thing up to a big misunderstanding. Rosco arrives and he tells Rosco to put the gun away as there is no need to arrest the boys because he’s dropping the charges. They leave, waving goodbye at the boys and Rosco.

Later they go to the grits mill to start setting up their counterfeit operation.

He goes to the Duke Farm and approaches the house. Daisy runs out and he greets her, picking her up and spinning her in his arms. He puts her down and opens the car door for her before leaving. Later at the Boar’s Nest, he and Daisy dance. Later while on a date in the woods, he pulls Daisy to him and tries to kiss her. She run off, laughing and he chases after her, grabbing her by the waist and they both falling down. He kisses her on the ground and she says she can’t believe it’s happening. He says she really is something special and they kiss again.

He is called by Boss to the Police Station and Boss says if what he’s been hearing is true then there is something he needs to tell Jamie Lee. He says Jamie Lee is his baby brothers boy and that since he’s not there he will have to tell Jamie Lee in the man’s place. He says he insists that Jamie Lee stops running around with Daisy and cease all contact with her. He says that he’s sorry to hear that ‘Uncle Jefferson’ feels that way, but Daisy is a fine girl and he’s not giving her up. He excuses himself and leaves.

Daisy takes him to the grits mill and kisses him goodbye. Hearing a car he goes outside to see Roy has arrived. After greeting Roy they go back inside. He shows Roy their operation, putting the counterfeit bills in boxes before filling them with grits. They hear Daisy calling his name and he calls out that he will be right with her before helping to hide everything. He opens the door and Daisy hugs him. He remarks he misses her too but she just left and she says he left his wallet in the jeep. He says she’s making him do strange things before kissing her. She notices some money on the floor and picks it up. He says they were checking through petty cash before taking it and thanking her before pulling her out. He says she is starting to pick up after him now and she says she’s starting to like it before leaving. Roy comes out and says she saw the hot bills but he says Daisy couldn’t tell they were phony. Floyd agrees with Roy that Daisy is a risk. Roy says Daisy has to go and he says he can’t. he says he’s fallen in love with Daisy. He’s told to do something about Daisy or Roy will. Roy offers him his gun, telling him to go kill Daisy. He tells him to wait a minute and if he’s worried about Daisy talking, he has another way to shut her up. He says they don’t have to kill Daisy, he can marry her. He says as his wife, Daisy can’t legally testify against him. When asked if he would really marry Daisy he says he sure would and he loves her.

Jamie takes Daisy out to where they had a date and asks her to marry him. He tells Daisy it would make him the happiest man in the entire state. Daisy asks what are their families going to say and he says it doesn’t matter if they get married right away. Daisy says it matter to her and he says they’ll have a little get together and make an announcement. He says when they see how much in love they are, the families can object. He tells her to say yes and she does, kissing him.

After calling everyone he can to the Boar’s Nest, he and Daisy walk in. As he holds Daisy’s hand he announces happily that they are getting married. Boss tells him that he isn’t allowed to marry Daisy. He asks Boss who he addressed as ‘Uncle Jefferson’ to calm down, but Boss insists he is facing a family disgrace. He and Daisy watch everyone fight. Boss tells him again that he can put the marriage out of his mind and he turns to Daisy in disbelief. When Boss says there is no way for a Hogg to love a Duke, he angrily goes to protest but Boss tells him to hush. Bo and Luke come in and approach them and he is surprised when Rosco goes to arrest them but Boss calls him off. He and Daisy smile, happy for the boys. He addresses Boss and Jesse, saying Daisy and him truly wanna be married and they would love to do it with their blessing. Boss refuses and he goes to protest but Boss calls him ‘boy’ saying he’s gotta talk to him and pulls him aside. As they finish talking they hear Daisy tell her family that a bird has to fly. He goes to stand by her as Boss tells her she is not settling down with Jamie Lee. He tells Boss that he’s sorry but he doesn’t care what he says as he is marrying Daisy. Daisy says she’s going to be Mrs. Daisy Hogg and her and Jamie hug each other.

He meets with Daisy at a crossroad and hugs her. He tells her to believe him, calling her love, and saying the way their families reacted leaves them no choice but to cross the border to Greenville and get married there. Daisy asks that he means to elope and Jamie nods. Daisy protests that she can’t and he smiles. She says she has to think it over and he strokes her hair saying it’s alright and he’s gotta get back to the mill. He tells her to meet him around three and that he hopes she thinks it over, his way. He leaves, waving to Daisy as he does.

While with Roy at the mill, they hear a commotion. He and Roy run in to find Bo and Luke fighting Floyd and two other men. He watches as Roy ends it with a gun shot. He looks at them in disappointment, saying their names before asking what are they doing there. Floyd says they were snooping. When the boys try to lie, Roy tells him ‘you and your big fat ideas’ and says that he said they should have just killed Daisy. Bo asks what are they talking about and Luke demands to know what he got Daisy into. Jamie Lee apologizes to them and says he never intended to get her involved. Roy cuts him off saying to cut the soap opera and they need to move. He says Daisy is meeting him at three and Roy says that is the first good thing he’s done and they are taking her with them. Roy then marches him away at gun point.

Outside they watch the last of the grits being loaded. He sees Daisy arrive and heads over to her. He greets her saying ‘hi honey’ and she tells him to guess what her answer is. He hugs her before telling her that he has to make an emergency delivery but he’ll be back. Annoyed Roy says that’s enough before pulling out a gun. Daisy asks him what is going on. He tells Roy to leave Daisy out of it but Roy says she will guarantee a safe passage. Roy shoves them both toward the car and when Daisy is shoved he yells for Roy to keep his hands off of her. Roy hits him across the head, knocking him out.

He comes around in the car in Daisy’s arms as Roy tells her that Jamie was only marrying her to shut her up. Furious Daisy yells that she can’t believe that she fell for all that phony stuff about love. He says he does love her and he meant what he said before telling ‘Landry’ to let her go and she will promise not to talk. Daisy says she won’t promise such a thing. They hear gun shots and realize someone has caught up. He asks Daisy to let him handle it but she snaps at him for lying to her and says she isn’t going with him and she’s getting out of the car. Daisy fights Roy for the gun and he decides to kill her. He pleads for Roy not to and is told to stay out of it or he’ll be shot too. They are all startled when a tire is shot out by Bo and Luke and Daisy gets the gun as they are forced to stop. Daisy holds them all at gun point. He is arrested by Rosco and Cletus.

While in jail, Daisy comes to see him. She tells him goodbye and he says bye as well. He says he wishes they had met sooner and Daisy says it could have been something real special but she guesses it wasn’t meant to be. Daisy kisses him.


  • Jamie Lee is the second of three nephews of Boss Hogg's to be introduced in the series
  • Jamie Lee is one of three men Daisy was willingly agreeing to marry.
    • The other two was Enos, who she attempted to marry twice, and L.D. who she did marry and later divorce.