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Jason Steele is a character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Jason Steele is a bounty hunter from Atlanta who's reputation is big enough that Rosco, Mabel Tillingham, and Luke have all heard about him before. He is known as a mean ruthless man who will do anything to catch his targets, not caring if they broke the law or not.


10 Million Dollar Sheriff: Part 1[]

While at his office he gets a call from Rosco Coltrane, who introduces himself and asks that Jason has heard of him. He remarks ‘no Sir, I can’t say that I have’. Rosco says he’s heard of him and he has a job for him to capture two criminals named Bo and Luke Duke. He comments about the ‘and’ saying that will cost him twice the going rate. Rosco says that doesn’t mean anything and he’s willing to pay quadruple. He says Rosco is a man after his own hart and he shall be in Hazzard the next morning and they will finalize the deal then. He thanks Rosco before hanging up. He cracks his knuckles before turning and writing Bo and Luke’s names on his wanted board. When Dawson asks who they are, he says they’re just a couple of rubes from some little truck stop called Hazzard. When he finishes writing he tells Dawson they’ll take them ‘like Grant took Richmond’.

After arriving in Hazzard, he goes in the Police Department window to see Rosco. Rosco turns to see him, alarmed asking who he is and what does he want. He says ‘same thing you want Mr. Coltrane, the Duke Boys’ and Rosco says he’s Steele. Rosco asks how he got in and he explains that sometimes in his business it’s better to slip in where you’re not expected. Rosco says they boys are slipperier than a bucket of greased eels. He asks if that is right remarking this job might be more interesting than he thought. He tells Rosco he will be traveling incognito and he says that if Rosco lets anyone know he’s working for him, he will quit the case and Rosco will still owe him the full fee. Rosco agrees and says that he will not pay until Bo and Luke are in jail. He says at that time, Rosco will owe him $100,000. He approaches Rosco again saying there is one other small point. He pushes Rosco back into his chair saying may heaven help Rosco if he even thinks of welshing on the payment, squeezing the back of Rosco’s neck in warning.

He heads out to drive down the road, hitting an intersection at the same time as Bo and Luke and beginning to ram into the General.  He passes the boys and has them chase him. He radio’s Sheriff Little, asking if he’s ready to go fishing. Little says if it’s fish worth catching. He tells him he’s bringing Bo and Luke now and when they cross the line for Little to grab them. Steele passes him but to his disappointment, Bo and Luke stop at the line. He remarks they’re smart alright. He cracks his knuckles saying this will be more fun than he thought.

While in town the next day, he stands in an ally as he watches Bo and Luke leave. Dawson approaches him and he asks what he came up with. Dawson hands him a package which he opens to see a gun. He remarks it will make a nice little present for the Duke boys and all they have to do is figure out when exactly to use it. He gives it back and they leave.

After hearing about Rosco’s poker game against Boss Hogg he goes to the Boar’s Nest. After a while Bo and Luke arrive and after they go inside, he goes over to the General Lee. He puts the pistol in the glove box.

He waits behind the door, watching Bo and Luke come out and leave. When Rosco comes out, he grabs him by his jacket, surprising him. Rosco asks him not to scuff his jacket and asks if there was something he wanted to ask him about. Steele asks how would he like to arrest the boys for illegal possession of a handgun. Rosco gets excited and asks how he’s going to do that. He tells Rosco he’s seen it with his own eyes, that it’s a nickel plated .357 magnum. Rosco asks if he can ask a favor and says he will pay Steele but he would like to be the one to apprehend the boys. Steele nods. As he leaves, Rosco says he’s all heart and muscle.

10 Million Dollar Sheriff: Part 2[]

He calls Rosco while Rosco is at the Police Station. When Rosco starts to ramble he cuts him off to say ‘It’s Steele here’. Rosco asks what he can do for him and he says he’s gonna need pictures of General Lee from all four sides and he needs them today. Rosco says he can’t do it today as he’s busy and he tells him to just go out and take some or he can forget about ever jailing the Duke Boys before hanging up.

He meets Rosco on the road side. When Rosco pulls up he tosses a rock to divert Rosco’s attention before slipping into the front seat of the car. He cracks his knuckles to get Rosco’s attention. Rosco tells him he wishes he wouldn’t do that and he asks if Rosco has the pictures. Rosco hands them over and asks what he’s going to do with the pictures. He says he’s going to use them to earn him that $100,000. Rosco says that is good and says he wouldn’t impose on him to tell him his business but he would appreciate if no one else got hurt. He nods before saying that the way Rosco talks, it sounds like he ‘was on his side’. Rosco says he’s not on anyone’s side who will get his friends hurt, even if they are enemies. Upset he points to Rosco saying ‘you hear me good Coltrane’ saying if Rosco welshes on the payment than all his money will do is buy him the deepest grave in the south. Rosco becomes alarmed.

Later he hears Bo and Luke going around, Bo calling him a coward and challenging him to meet them at high noon in the town square as the boys pass the barn he and Dawson are in. As he watches them leave he says he’ll give them this much, they got plenty of guts. Dawson says the boys aren’t falling for their tricks and he says the boys will and tomorrow morning they will be on their way to the federal slammer unless he can get them today. When Dawson asks what he means he says maybe if he was to take their bait and cause them to make a mistake before tomorrow.

At exactly noon he exits the church and walks over to meet Bo and Luke. He asks if there is something on their minds, calling them sodbusters. Bo says he’s dang right there is and Luke asks how much Rosco is paying him. He says it’s more than they could spend. Bo says they can file charges against him for hit and run and for hiding the gun in their car. He tells them to be his guest and that Bo doesn’t really think those charges are going to stick. Luke reminds him their Uncle got hurt trying to find him and if he don’t make it they will be back. Bo tells him that there is one more thing and he wants to warn him but Steele cuts Bo off calling him sonny and saying he’s going to warn him. He says he considers it his duty to keep scum like them off the streets. Furious Bo goes to hit him but Luke grabs him. Bo says he deserves a mouthful of his fist and he gestures for Bo to come at him saying ‘anytime you think you’re man enough to try sonny, come and get it’. Bo tells him he thinks he’s man enough and asks to do it right here and now but Luke stops him. He laughs as Luke explains to Bo that if takes a swing, they will be arrested. He says he almost had them going for it and maybe next time Bo won’t be so lucky. He says there will be a next time because he will nail them with a felony charge if it’s the last thing he ever does before leaving.

As he passes the church, Rosco calls him from the bushes. Annoyed he stops remarking ‘Coltrane. What are you trying to do?’ before asking if Rosco wants everyone to know he’s working for him. Rosco says no one can see him from the street and he asks what is on his mind. Rosco says the boys aren’t as bad as they seem and asks if they can just wait until Uncle Jesse is out of the hospital. He shakes his head and says that Rosco and him have a deal and he can’t go back on that deal even if he wants to as he has a reputation to protect. He leaves.

Later when Dawson tells him the boys will be at the Boar’s Nest, he waits until they arrive with Daisy. After switching out the General Lee with a fake, they wait until Bo and Luke get in it and drive away before chasing after them. The boys are forced to turn and come back before the fake General overheats at the Boar’s Nest. He gets out with his partner, Rosco, and Cletus to confront the boys. When they ask what the charges are for, Rosco says Grand Theft Auto unless Steele wants to drop the charges, to which he shakes his head no. Bo asks what auto they ‘grand theft’ and he says ‘this auto’. When the boys open the doors and realize it isn’t their car he explains it was all part of his plan. He says that it is his car and they tried to drive away in it and that adds up to grand theft auto. He watches as they are arrested.

They arrive at the Police Department with the van to see Bo and Luke trying to escape. After Dawson stops them, he asks if they want to get in the van please. After the boys get in the back they leave.

They drive toward Atlanta with the boys in the back. When Dawson sees the Sheriff, he asks Steele if he wants him to pull over. Steele says not until they get to Atlanta as it’ll give him less chance to Welsh on the money. Rosco then passes them and cuts them off, causing Dawson to drive into a bush. Bo and Luke break out the back. While Dawson tries to stop the boys, he sees Luke going for a gun and pulls his own gun on him, telling everyone to stop. He calls Bo blondie, telling him to leave Dawson alone. When Bo and Dawson comes back he tells them he’s not letting them go as they are worth $100,000 to him. Rosco runs up and says ‘not exactly’. He approaches Rosco saying he told Rosco what he would do if he tried to welsh on the payment. Rosco says he can’t make the payment. He tells Rosco not to be so sure before telling Dawson to put Bo and Luke in Rosco’s patrol car. When Rosco agrees and pulls out both guns, he rolls his eyes before taking them and telling Rosco to get in his van and he wants to see if Rosco’s hide is worth $100,000. He grabs Rosco and shoves him into the van. He tells Dawson to hurry up and they leave.

As they drive he addresses Rosco telling him to start earning his money. He tells Rosco to get Boss Hogg on the CB and Rosco says it won’t do much good as Boss doesn’t care much for him at this moment. He tells Rosco he better change Boss’ mind because if he can’t then Rosco won’t be talking to anyone. He tells Rosco to get him and Rosco does. Rosco calls Boss but gets no response. Rosco says he doesn’t think Boss is listening and Steele hits him saying to try again. Rosco insists he is. When Boss laughs over the CB at Rosco’s request for the money, Rosco tells him that Boss isn’t going to do it. Rosco asks him if he wouldn’t mind giving him a little time to make out a will and he asks Rosco if he wants a pencil.

As they travel, they hear a sound of someone on the roof before Luke Duke uses his body to prevent Dawson from seeing the road. He pulls out his gun to shoot Luke but remarks the windshield is bulletproof. He tells Dawson to stop, which he does. As he goes to get out, Luke attacks him. They fight, gaining the upper hand before going after Bo. Bo and Luke fight him on either side. In the end Luke hits him hard enough to knock him out.

He is arrested for kidnapping and processed by Rosco and Cletus.