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Jason W. Maynard is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


A senator in the state of Georgia. He hired Jenny Walden as his secretary until she discovered he was embezzling state funds. He threatened her but when she ran he ordered his men to follow her and kill her.


Vance's Lady[]

While in his office, one of his men call to tell him they found Jenny Walden in Hazzard. He signals for his secretary to leave before asking what Jenny would be doing in a place like Hazzard. His man informs him that she is waiting on someone.

Dugan later calls him, informing him that he was not able to kill the girl. After hanging up, he turns to Wade. He says Dugan is a good assistant but suffers from a weak stomach and a bad case of conscience. He tells Wade to handle it.

After Wade and Dugan are arrested and Jenny reports him, Maynard is investigated and arrested.