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Jasper Fenwick is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Jasper Fenwick is a well known moonshine distributor. He has done business with Boss Hogg, Jesse Duke, and Rosco Coltrane in the past. However it had been a while sine he last reached out to them as in 1982 he did not know that Jesse was no longer making moonshine.


Shine On, Hazzard Moon[]

Needing a shipment of top grade shine, he and Eli go to meet Boss Hogg. At the still site, Eli gives him a small cup and he holds it out for Rosco to put some shine in. He tastes it before couching and yelling that the deal is off and he isn’t giving Boss 10 thousand for that ‘slop you call shine’. He remarks Jesse Duke made shine that was nectar to the lips, smooth as molasses going down and they should have looked up Jesse in the first place. Boss says it wouldn’t do him any good as Jesse is out of business but he might be able to get the recipe. Boss asks if he gets the recipe the deal would still be good. He agrees but says he’s warning ‘Hogg’ as he’s got a deadline to meet or else his customers go someplace else and then he loses money. He says losing money makes him angry and that’s when he lets Eli take over. After they leave.

The next day while at home, he is sitting in a chair with a cigar when Boss calls him. Boss says he practically got Jesse Duke’s shine recipe. He remarks that he’ll warn Boss again, that if he’s stalling him then Eli is going to come down on him so hard he’ll look like a pizza before hanging up.

He sends out Eli first to help load up Jesse’s shine before arriving himself. Boss asks where his money is but he refuses, saying not until he samples what he’s paying for. As Jesse goes to get some for him, Boss tells him he already tasted it. He remarks Boss never had much taste in anything. When he’s handed his cup, he tastes it before smiling and saying ‘like I always said Jesse, you make the best’. Boss takes the cup from him, finishing it and he hands over the money before telling Eli to move that stuff out.

Later he discovers what he bought was not actually moonshine but what Jesse refers to as ‘high grade mouth wash’. In anger, he goes to see Boss an reclaim his money.