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Jeb McCobb is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Jeb is a friend of Jesse Duke's. Jesse says that he stays in the swamp and if there is any place in the swamp he wouldn’t know his granddaughters will. He keeps his granddaughters in the swamp to keep them away from the ‘temptations of civilization’ and always moves to keep the revenuers from finding him.


Treasure of Hazzard[]

He is out when he hears a commotion and goes to see his granddaughters have a young man, Bo Duke, in a net and are fighting over him as he’s trying to get free. He fires a gun to get all three’s attention. He points the gun at Bo and Bo tells him this isn’t what he’s thinking. He tells Bo that he thinks Bo better shut up and he tells his granddaughters to move as he doesn’t want them to catch any buckshot meant for Bo. Jesse runs up, followed by Luke and Laura, and Jesse tells him to wait a moment and he doesn’t like Jeb pointing a gun at his nephew. He says he doesn’t take kindly to Bo trespassing and turns to Luke saying him either unless they come with Jesse. Luke says they do and he says they can leave with him too. He tells the girls to let Bo go and they aren’t too big for a whipping if they don't listen. Jesse tells him to just let them come up to the house and they can have a drink while Jesse explains why they came, unless he lost his touch. Offended, Jeb says he’s going to have to make Jesse ‘drink’ his words before inviting Jesse, Bo, Luke, and Laura to the house.

He serves them all shine and is having a good time until he sees his granddaughters have a crush on Bo. When the girls fight over showing Bo the marker he says neither will take him. He says he will show Jesse the marker and they need to leave and not come back, especially Bo.