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Jeb Morton is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Dukes Strike it Rich[]

They buy a piece of property from Boss Hogg in Hazzard but when they go to look at it, they see Boss tricked them. He holds Carrie as she sobs when their new neighbors, Coy and Vance call out to them. When they ask if there is anything they can do, he remarks that they can hang a man named Hogg. Vance and Coy properly introduce themselves and take them back to the Farm house to meet Jesse and Daisy. When Jesse asked why they bought the property he says Boss made it sound like a beautiful farm but when they bought it they found it was a lie. When Vance asks if they have the contract, he says Boss does. Vance and Coy leave to talk to Boss.

They go with Daisy and Jesse to meet the boys at Choctaw Hollow and Coy explains they are at a dead end. When Daisy says they might be able to sell it, Coy says there isn’t ‘two other’ before trailing off. He tells Coy to go ahead and say it, that there isn’t two other suckers like them. Vance gets an idea to sell it back to Boss. Vance tells them to gather up some gold and meet him at Cooter’s as he has a plan.

They go with the Dukes to the Hazzard Garage and meet Cooter, who melts down a large amount of gold to make a gold nugget. Later they help make fake gold nuggets.

Later they look at the limo Cooter’s cousin is loaning them and the fancy clothes, as Vance explains how he intends to make Boss believe they found gold on the property they bought.

While the Dukes are away, they set up a large fancy party at the Farm as part of the scam. The Dukes come home, closely followed by Boss, Cletus, and Enos. Jesse reintroduces them to Boss, to which Boss says he was hoping to run into them. Boss expresses the contract was illegal and he will return their money but they need to sign a new deed. Boss offers to buy it back for double what they sold him and he asks ‘Uncle Jesse’ what he thinks. Jesse says they need to do what they think is best. He agrees to the deal, signing the deed back to Boss and taking the money.

As Boss leaves he thanks the Dukes, saying they even made money because of them. He shakes Vance and Coy’s hands but Rosco arrives, revealing he knows it was a con. Vance and Coy leave to ensure Rosco doesn't stop Boss from finalizing the transaction.

They buy a piece of property in Hazzard and start a farm, thanking the Dukes again for their help.