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Jeb Duke is a biker. He is a motor cross champion and he is older than Bo and Luke Duke.


Formerly from Hazzard, he left after he, Bo, and Luke were all put on probation around 1976. He has been living in Placid County ever since.


Along Came a Duke[]

Heading to a motocross race, he decides to cut through Hazzard. After entering he sees Bo and Luke on the side of the road at gunpoint. He drives his motorcycle over, jumping over the four men. He turns around and jumps off his bike, picking up the gun one of them dropped when he nearly rand them down. He tells the two men to move out as he has an account to settle with the two 'no-account Dukes'. The men flee and he turn to Bo and Luke who approach him as pulls off his helmet. Bo and Luke are both happy to see him. Luke calls him is favorite boy cousin and he hugs both of them before asking which one of them took advantage of that man’s daughter. Bo tells him it’s nothing that serious. He tells Bo to help him with his bike, which Bo and Luke bothdo. Luke remarks the last time they saw him was when they all went on probation and he says it’s hard enough to stay on probation in Placid County. Bo says it was lucky enough for them he came along and he says he was just headed for their place. He says he was entered in the County Motor cross and wanted them to help him tune up the bike and run a few laps ahead of time. Luke says they have a few things to do first and he’ll call Jesse to let him know Jeb is coming. Jeb tells him to hold on and if he doesn’t mind Jeb wants to announce himself.

Jeb rides up to the farm and Jesse remarks there is only one person he knows who can ride like that but he is in Placid County. Jeb takes off his helmet saying 'no he’s not'. He goes to greet Jesse but Daisy jumps on him, hugging him. He winks at Jesse before asking ‘who be this little hussy’ and Daisy pretends to be offended asking that Jeb doesn’t recognize her and kisses his cheek. He says she’s grown in a whole lot of directions. Jesse says for them to stay and visit and he’s going into the kitchen to cook.

After learning Bo and Luke were arrested and are headed to the state penitentiary, he stands by Jesse and Daisy on the porch as Jesse counts what money they have and explain they don’t have enough for bail this time. Jesse and Daisy talk about what could happen and he tells Daisy the boys aren’t going to a federal prison. Jesse asks him what does that mean and he says Jesse has his word as a Duke on that.

He sneaks into the police department and Bo and Luke point to Cletus mouthing ‘keys’. He nods and sneaks over, gently removing the keys from the sleeping deputies hands. He tip toes over to the cell and quickly unlocks the cell whispering that he didn’t think it was going to be that easy. Bo says ‘well it ain’t.’ and he turns to see Cletus covering him with a pistol. Facing Cletus he comments ‘congratulations deputy’ before telling him a lesser man would have let his prisoners escape. Cletus asks who is he and Jeb claims to be the US Marshal, flashing an ID. He asks if Cletus knew he was coming and Cletus says he doesn’t look like or dress like a Marshal. Jeb says neither is Cletus and Cletus says he has a badge. Jeb says they heard of the Dukes in Cedar City and figured it was best to come undercover and he must get them out before the Duke Family can set up an escape. Cletus is unsure and he tells Cletus he will make sure he gets a commendation for his support. Cletus agrees and they shake hands. He opens the cell and they shove Cletus in before fleeing, Jeb moving the keys away from Cletus.

Outside they run but are told to all hold it by the real Marshal, coming to a stop. When asked where the Sheriff’s office is he points in a random direction before running over and jumping behind the wheel of Daisy’s jeep and driving off. They are quickly followed by Rosco, who was coming into town. He is chased around town by Rosco, losing him when Rosco is forced to stop. Bo pats his shoulder, praising him and Jeb grins as they go to meet up with Jesse.

He takes Bo and Luke to meet up with Jesse and Cooter. Jesse says Beauregard Mason would be who Boss was selling the sword of Stonewall Jackson to. He says they have to do something and Luke suggests Jeb pretend to be Mr. Mason’s son, asking if Jeb is up for it as it might be risky and Jeb tells him it wouldn’t be no fun otherwise.

At the garage he changes into a suit from Cooter. When Luke says they are one hundred dollar short for their scam, he hands Luke a hundred, saying it was the entry fee for the race. He tells Cooter that the suit fits good and asks where he got it. Cooter says he borrowed it from his cousin Earl the undertaker. Jeb becomes slightly put off by that.

Cooter helps him get on the suit and he asks how he looks. Bo says he looks great. Luke hands him the case with the money and he heads out. He thanks them and Bo pats his back and he goes outside to see a car waiting.

He enters Boss’ office and when Boss says he isn’t Beauregard he says no and that Boss must be ‘J.D. Hogg’ adding that his daddy said he was an imposing specimen of manhood. He shakes Boss’ hand saying he’s Beauregard’s son. Boss says he doesn’t look like Mason and Jeb says he’s the first to ever say that. Boss invites him in and asks where Mason is. Jeb says Mason got called to Atlanta so he was sent. Boss says he sure looks familiar and Jeb says his daddy must have shown him baby pictures. He asks if they can get down to business and Boss says he has to be dead sure he knows who he’s doing business with. He asks for the ID and Jeb says he doesn’t have it as if he were to get caught with stolen merchandise it wouldn’t do for folks to know who he was. Boss asks if he brought the money and he lays it out. Boss goes to take it and he stops him, asking for the merchandise. When Boss goes to check the money he says any man who insults his daddy’s integrity isn’t a man they will do business with. Boss says he will let Jeb put in in the money box. Jeb slips out the hundreds and puts the newspaper in. He is startled when Harry Joe and Tiny burst in, Tiny pushing him to the wall and taking his suitcase. When Boss realizes he’s Jeb, he just nods before he’s tied up.

Bo and Luke come in and Bo helps him up saying he’ll get him out of the ropes. He thanks Bo, calling him ‘cuz and says Boss knows it’s him. They go to leave but he stops when he sees Rosco and Cletus with guns on them, crashing into Bo who was in front of him. Luke distracts Rosco and they flee. Bo tells him to cut across Elysee Meadows and he gets on his motorcycle, saying ‘I’ll stay in your dust’ to which Bo says he sure will.

He follows the chain of cars through the high school. They find the car that the men were driving abandoned in water and he comments ‘what a way to go’. Bo says that they were snookered and no one was in the car. Luke says there was another one stashed and they get ready to head off again. Luke asks if his helmet radio still works, which he confirms. He follows Bo and Luke again. They catch up and Luke asks if he can read him over the CB. He says clear as glass and Luke asks if he remembers the flying cross. He says ‘affirmative’ and asks where do they make it. Luke says they are doing it at Chalk Hills. Luke tells him to come in from the north, and Jeb agrees. As they drive along the top of Chalk Hills, he signals to Bo. He jumps across at the same time as Bo, landing hard and falling off his bike. He gets back up and pulls up the bike, driving down the hill before falling over again and helping Luke pull the two out of the car. Luke says after they get the two men and the sword back to town they are going to have to give Jeb a few lessons on that bike and he looks a little rusty. Jeb laughs before hugging Luke.

Later Jeb says goodbye to Bo and Luke at the farm.