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Jeeter Davenport is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Jeeter Davenport fought for the Confederate Army in the Civil War and took part in the Second Battle of Bull Run.

Jeeter is related to Cooter Davenport, but it isn't specified how.

Episode Appearances[]

Go West, Young Dukes[]

On June 12, 1872 he is in Sleepy City when he sees Jeremiah and Jenny Duke come in. He greets them and asks that their kin is coming in today. Jeremiah confirms that his nephew Joseph said he would be in on that day’s stage and he remarks it should be arriving any time now.  He waits with Jeremiah and Jenny, sitting on their wagon.

When the coach arrives, he goes over to see who was on it. Joe and Dixie get out. Jeremiah introduces him to Joe Duke. He shakes Joe’s hand and introduces himself as the town blacksmith and a friend of Jeremiah and Jenny. Joe then introduces Dixie as a young lady looking for work. Joe explains that the others apologized but he was the only one who could come.

He watches as Thaddeus and Rufus approach, asking who Joe is. He listens to Dixie and Joe explain that they were attacked on the coach coming into town but the men were run off by a drifter and Joe. The Dukes decide to leave and he says goodbye to Dixie as well before going to his shop.

He goes to the Duke Farm for tea and pie. Joe explains that he isn’t actually alone and Hank is in town as well as Dixie as she is their cousin. He explains she was getting the job at the saloon to listen to Hogg’s plans. He tells Joe if those outlaws are who he thinks they are then Hank is just as liable to have a bullet passing through him. Joe brushes the concern off and he insists that if they are the James brothers as he heard they were in that neck of the woods and the holdup could likely have just been an excuse to get rid of Joe and any other Dukes on the stage. When Joe asks if he means Frank and Jesse he confirms it. Joe brushes it off again, but he says killing comes natural to them and they will work for whoever will pay the price. Joe decides to stay and go tell the others what they are dealing with.

He waits with Joe and Dixie at his shop for Hank to break out. He remarks Hank is certainly taking his time and he hopes he gets out before the sheriff return. Hank arrives and they officially meet. Hank thanks him for the horses and he says it was the least he could do. They all hear an explosion and he remarks that it sounds like dynamite. He runs inside to get some guns. He gives one to Dixie and remarks he hasn’t been in a good scrap since the Second Bull Run. Hank asks them to cover him and Joe and he and Dixie take cover. They see Frank and Jesse come out and Hank try to stop them but they take Thaddeus and Rufus hostage. Dixie hands him the gun back and leaves to chase after the brothers and Hogg. He tells them he’d round up a posse but there is nobody left in town. The Dukes save Hogg and Rufus and he is present when Thaddeus returns the farm.