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Jenkins is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard


Big Daddy[]

After completing a theft of watches for Boss, he meets with Boss and Rosco at Boss’ house. Boss says he will give him $2200 and he will keep the initial watch as a sample. He comments that Boss said he would negotiate with him in good faith. Boss shows him an APB that was put out for Jenkin’s pickup. He looks at it and Boss says he was seen leaving the scene and Rosco says it’s a no-no. Boss adds it doesn’t help him to negotiate and he asks for $3500. Boss insists $2200 before adding that he will also throw in a clean plate for Jenkins to leave. He agrees, asking when he will get the plate. Boss tells him to go outside and get the hot plate on his pickup and give it to the Sheriff. He is to then go out to the warehouse with the watches and meet Rosco there. He’ll get the plate there and when Boss asks if the pickup is there he says ‘you bet’. Boss says for him to go get the plate and he goes to leave but Boss stops him, saying for him to use the back door. He comments ‘right’ before doing so.

After swapping the plates, he goes to the Hazzard Garage. Cooter greets him and asks what he can do for him. He tells Cooter to fill the truck up and look under the hood and tells Cooter that if it is alright with him he’d like to leave for a bit as he has some business to attend to. Before Cooter can answer he sees Boss Hogg in the street with Rosco and Big Daddy. He tells Cooter that he sees the man he has business with now before walking off. Cooter calls after him, wishing him luck.

Boss runs up to him in the street, asking how is he and how is his family. Boss whispers that he will get him his money later and to get out of there. Annoyed, he loudly reminds Boss they made a deal on the watches and he wants the watches now. Boss tries to claim he pawned off his watches to buy a tractor for his farm. He asks if Boss has gone banana’s and Boss agrees, giving him $2200. Boss then tells him to get, giving him $500 more. He smiles, saying if that is what Boss wants before heading back to the garage. On the way he stops, surprised to see Ernie Ashburn. He remarks ‘well lookie who’s here.’ And Ernie tells him not to use his name before asking how he’s been. Jenkins says he’s never been better and adds he didn’t know Ernie had been working that territory. Ernie admits he isn’t, that he’s just passing through. They shake hands and he returns to the garage. Cooter tells him his truck is all set to go and when Cooter says he owes $9 for the gas, he gives Cooter a 10. Cooter says he will need to wait a minute so Cooter can run inside and get some change. Jenkins says for him to keep it as he’s in a hurry. When Cooter tries to insist he says he has to go and pulls away.

While driving, he notices the General Lee following him and turns up chestnut Road in an effort to lose them. As he approaches an intersection, Daisy arrives and Dixie and cuts off the left road, forcing him to turn right. As he heads to another intersection, he is surprised when Jesse in his pickup cuts off the right road and is forced to turn left. The General overtakes him on the road and cuts him off. He attempts to flee on foot, pushing past Vance but Coy grabs him and punches him. Vance keeps Coy from hitting him again before they confront him about the license plates. He says he doesn’t know anything about it, only that Boss Hogg promised him a clean plate. Coy tells him he needs to come back to town with them and Jenkins says if they let him go he will tell them something that will get them all even. When Vance agrees he says he did time with the driver for Big Daddy, a good con man named Ernie Ashburn. Vance says it’s interesting but no deal. When Jesse says he already took the plate, he bolts for Jesse’s pickup, pushing it at the four Dukes and taking the opportunity to leave.