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Jenny Duke is a fictional character featured in the American television series, The Dukes of Hazzard.


Go West, Young Dukes[]

June 12 1872, she says that Thaddeus Hogg has visited them three times that week to sell the farm. After Jeremiah told him off they stayed up most of the night and watched their barn burn down in the morning. They worried if their house will be next. After they ride into Sleepy City to pick up Joseph and any other Dukes who arrive into town by the stage coach, waiting with Jeeter.

When the coach arrives, she goes over to see who all came. Joe and Dixie come out of the coach, Joe greeting them. After greeting Jeremiah, Joe turns to her saying she must be his Aunt Jenny, calling her a fine young lady and flattering her. She hugs him saying she sure is. Joe introduces Dixie to them as a young lady looking for work. They shake her hand. Joe explains that the others apologized but he was the only one who could come.

Thaddeus and Rufus approach the Dukes, asking about who Joe is. Jenny introduces him as their nephew. They are shocked to hear Dixie and Joe explain that they were attacked on the coach on the way in but the men were ran off by Joe and a drifter. When Joe starts antagonizing Thaddeus, she cuts him off saying he’s had quite a day and they should get back to the farm, before something else catches fire and directing that last statement to Thaddeus. He says she heard about that and it was a terrible thing.

As she serves tea and pie, Joe explains Hank and Dixie are both in town and she asks that he means the sweet little girl they met at the stop is their niece. Joe explains she get the job at the saloon to listen in on the plans. Joe explains Hank should be just arriving in town too. Jeeter explains it is likely the two men who attacked the stage were the James brothers and they might have been hired to get rid of any Dukes coming to town. Alarm, she agrees with Jeremiah that the kids should leave. She says they appreciate them wanting to help but they don’t want anything to happen to them. Joe decides to stay and go tell the others what they are dealing with.

After arriving at the Duke Farm, Thaddeus and Rufus tell Jeremiah and Jenny about Hank. She sits at the table, alarmed. Thaddeus says that the fact is right now Hank can go to jail for life or even execution. She becomes horrified. She latches onto Thaddeus’s words when he says they can get Hank out of jail and him and Joe out of Sleepy City. Thaddeus offers to let Hank go and give him and Joe safe passage if they sign over the farm. She cries and Jeremiah rubs her back, saying not to cry as they are going to look out for Hank and while they love their home it’s not worth losing family over. She sobs as Jeremiah signs over the land. After the two leave, she sobs harder into Jeremiah’s shoulder.

Later they learn Hank and Joe prevented the James brothers from robbing Hogg’s saloon and Hogg signs back the Duke property as a thanks. However due to not trusting Hogg, Jeremiah buries the papers at ‘Boot Hill’ and tells her in confidence.


Jenny Duke kept a detailed diary of her time on the Farm. The diary is kept by her great grandson Jesse Duke. After Boss Hogg finds Thaddeus's letter saying he now owns the farm, the Duke Family is able to use her diary to find the paper returning the farm to Duke possession.


Jesse tells Daisy that Jenny is his Great-Great Grandma and Daisy's Great-Great-Great Grandma. However when Jeremiah is introduced by the Balladeer, he is stated to be Jesse's Great Grandpa. This would make Jenny his Great Grandma and Daisy's Great-Great Grandma.