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Jenny Walden is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard


Between 1979 and 1980, Jenny was volunteering at the Y in Savannah. Vance Duke, who had come into port meets her when he and some of his crewmates come through. They hit it off rather well and nearly become engaged. However she didn't want to live in the country and Vance refused to live in the City. They parted ways.

Jenny takes a job working as a secretary for Senator Maynard. She accidentally discovers he and his team are embezzling funds. They threaten her to keep quiet.


Vance's Lady[]

Fleeing from Maynard, she calls Vance and asks if she can come see him in Hazzard. She books a ticket and arrives, waiting at the bus stop for him to pick her up. The General Lee pulls up and Vance gets out, calling her. She runs to him, hugging him and saying it’s been a long time. He agrees before addressing his cousin Coy, asking Coy to confirm that she is as beautiful as he said. She shakes his hand before kissing his cheek, to which the boys joke about. She tells Vance that Coy is just like he described him. Vance says to pay Coy no mind before stroking her face. They go to get in the car but she comments about her bag. Coy goes to get it as Vance picks her up. She gives him a confused look and he explains the door’s are welded.

In the car Coy tells Vance he is three bricks shy of a full load to let her get away, to which she laughs. She says if anyone is lacking smarts, it’s her. As they drive, she is surprised when someone comes up behind them and starts ramming into the car. She looks back at the driver, and recognizing what this is becomes terrified. They are ran off the road and down a hill. When Coy and Vance comment about the driver, she says she’s just happy they are all still alive.

As they get back on the road, they hear sirens, and she is alarmed they are being chased by a police officer. However Coy and Vance don’t seem worried. They lose the officer quickly.

They arrive at the farm and she meets Jesse and Daisy. Daisy hugs her, saying she is just as pretty as Vance said she would be. Jesse says she’s prettier and she thanks him, addressing him as Mr. Duke. Jesse corrects her, saying he is ‘Uncle Jesse’ and not to thank her as they are glad to have her. Daisy goes to show her the spare room, but Vance grabs her hand, saying they’ll be along later as he wants to show her around. She laughs as she follows Vance away.

Vance and her get in a boat and go on a pond before he docks and helps her out. She says it’s all calm and peaceful. Vance asks if she will tell him what changed her mind after all this time and she says it’s supposed to be a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. He asks ‘how about a man’s curiosity?’ Vance insists for an answer and she walks away, smiling. She sits at a picnic table, saying she supposes she does owe him some answers but she doesn’t have any for him just now. She says she does have very deep feeling for him if that matters. He says of course it does before sitting with her, adding to let time decide where they go. He moves in and they kiss.

Vance holds her from behind and she tells him she wishes they could turn back the clock and start all over again. Vance says they would still be the same people, wanting different things but still each other. They are both startled by Coy’s arrival. When Coy says the police are after her, she scrambles to grab her things. Vance grabs her arm, stopping her and asking what this is all about but Coy says they got to go and the two get in the General. Once in the car, Vance says he’s listening. She tells him it’s a long story and Coy says to tell it in a short time. Coy points out the police officers before jumping the car over them. She hides in Vance’s shoulder, stunned. As they continue to leave, Vance tells Coy to pull over so she can tell them what they are up against and she gives him a resigned look.

They get out of the General and Vance asks what this is all about. She says she never intended for them to get involved, and when Coy says they are knee deep in it now she explains that the man earlier was trying to kill her. When Vance asks why she says he was afraid she would talk and go to the Senate Crime Committee. She explains that the man was Dugan and they both work for Maynard. She says she was the secretary and accidentally discovered what they were doing. She says they threatened and she tried to go to the newspapers but they found out and now she’s running. Vance sits next to her, putting an arm around her and asking about the Police or Crime Committee. She tells him that Maynard has powerful connections and who would believe a secretary. Vance and Coy say they believe her. She says they are the only ones she can trust and she never expected them to follow her to Hazzard. As they hear sirens, Vance gets up saying they need to get her and the crime committee together. She grabs his hand to keep him from leaving, telling him they will just keep tracking her down and they don’t stand a chance. Vance says they do if they can get to a phone. Coy leaves to check where Rosco is and Vance takes her face in his hands, saying they are going to get her out of it. He kisses her and leaves with Coy.

Unable to allow Coy and Vance to risk their lives for her, Jenny writes a note and leaves. She walks down the dirt roads but sees a police car coming toward her. She tries to run but Enos pulls up in front of her, telling her to hold on. She pleads with Enos that her life is in danger and he assures her that he wouldn’t hurt her. She says she isn’t talking about him, she is talking about Maynard. Enos says he can hardly believe that and she begs him to help, to which he promises he will and she gets in his car.

Enos calls Boss Hogg and while he finishes the conversation, she sees Vance and Coy arrive, forcing Enos to put his hands in the air. Vance signals for her to be quiet and she tries not to laugh as Coy handcuffs Enos to his car. She hugs Vance, saying she is sorry she ran. Vance tells her that she won’t solve anything by running away, that she needs to stand her ground and fight back. She agrees and they leave. In the car Vance says they will head to the nearest phone, which is about a mile down the road.

At the phone, they are informed that all the lines are busy and no calls can go out. Vance says they will go to the crime commission.

At the Farm, the Dukes come up with a solution to get her out of the county. She protests, saying she will not allow them to risk their lives for her. Daisy says it won’t be the first time they did it and Jesse says she needs to get to Atlanta as they don’t hold with crooked politicians. Vance takes her hand, telling her not to worry and they are all going to make it. He kisses her and opens the door for her. They leave in the pickup with Coy.

They wait in the bushes until Daisy draws off Enos, then they head toward Atlanta.

As they drive, Dugan calls over the CB and informs them that they have Jesse and Daisy and unless the boys take her back to the farm in an hour, the other Dukes will be killed. When Vance stops the truck, she asks him to take her back, saying she will never forgive herself if anything happens to them. Vance and Coy say that the men won’t let any of them go if they surrender and say they’ll bring in Boss, Rosco, and Enos as they’ll help if the boys are in real danger. They head to the farm, Vance assuring her it will be alright.

They arrive at the farm and get out of the truck. Wade and Dugan reiterate it is a trade of her for the Dukes. While Vance talks to them, she stands with Coy, holding onto his arm. At Coy’s insistence, she starts moving back to the truck but Wade walks over and drags her to the car. She it put between Dugan and Wade as they drive away. While on the road, they are startled when Vance lands on the roof. She watches him get in the back with Wade and fight him. She tries to get Dugan’s gun and Dugan is forced to stop the car when Daisy pulls up alongside and blinds him with oil. After the car is stopped, she hands Jesse Dugan’s gun before kissing Vance in the back.

Vance and the Dukes take her to the bus stop, and she walks with Vance holding onto his arm. He tells her he’s going to miss her, which she says she will too. Vance says maybe someday she will come out of the fast lane or he won’t be blinded by city lights. She smiles and asks that Vance isn’t mad at her from coming the way he did. He says no and what are friends for. They kiss and she gets on the bus before waving goodbye from the window.