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Jeremiah Duke is a fictional character featured in the American television series, The Dukes of Hazzard. He was portrayed by Denver Pyle.


Jeremiah is Uncle Jesse's Great Grandaddy. He lived on the Duke Farm in 1872 with his wife Jenny. It is likely he is a descendant of Caleb Duke, who is mentioned in "Treasure of Hazzard". He is the uncle of Hank, Joe and Dixie Duke.


Go West, Young Dukes[]

On June 12, 1972, Thaddeus Hogg goes to see him for the third time in a week to sell his farm. He refuses, telling Thaddeus off and saying that is their home. The next morning their barn is burned down. He had previously written to family for help and a few were due in on the stage coach that afternoon. Upon arriving in town he greets Jeeter Davenport and when asked if their kin are coming in town he says that is what his nephew Joseph wrote him. He remarks he doesn’t know why the stage coach stops there anymore. When the stage coach arrives, he goes over to see who all came. Joe and Dixie get out of the coach, greeting them. Joe helps a woman out before turning to him and saying he must be his Uncle Jeremiah before shaking his hand. He laughs when Joe hugs Jenny and says he looks too much like his father not to be Joseph. He introduces Joe to Jetter and Joe introduces Dixie to them as a young lady looking for work. He shakes her hand before asking if Joe was the only Duke who could make it. Joe explains that the others apologized but he was the only one who could come.

Thaddeus and Rufus approach the Dukes, asking about who Joe is. Jenny introduces him. He says Joe came to visit them for a bit. After Joe shakes Thaddeus’ hand he tells Joe to count his fingers just to be safe. Thaddeus says Joe is safe in Sleepy City and he agrees saying they have the best Sheriff money can buy before introducing Joe to Rufus. They are shocked to hear Dixie and Joe explain that they were attacked on the coach on the way in but the men were ran off by Joe and a drifter. Jenny decides they should leave. They walk over the the wagon and he tells the horses to go home, manning the reins.

As Jenny serves tea and pie, Joe explains he’s not actually alone and Hank and Dixie are also in town as Dixie is a Duke and wanted the job at the saloon to listen on Hogg’s plans. He asks where Hank is and Joe says he should be riding through town, pretending to be a drifter. Jeremiah smiles, relieved. Jeeter explains it is likely the two men who attacked the stage were the James brothers and they might have been hired to get rid of any Dukes coming to town. Alarmed he tells Joe that maybe he should get Hank and Dixie and they should leave. Jenny says they don’t want anything to happen to the kids and he agrees saying ‘especially against hired killers like the James boys’. Joe decides to stay and go tell the others what they are dealing with.

After arriving at the Duke Farm, Thaddeus and Rufus tell Jeremiah and Jenny about Hank. He stands by the fire place, remarking that Thaddeus framed him good. Thaddeus says that the fact is right now Hank can go to jail for life or even execution. When Thaddeus says that’s why he came, out of concern to which he says ‘you’re all heart.’ Sarcastically.  Thaddeus offers to let Hank go and give him and Joe safe passage if they sign over the farm.  When Jenny starts to cry, he rubs her back and tells her not to cry as they won’t let them one hair on that boys head and they will look out for him. He says they love their home but it’s not worth anyone getting hurt over. He tells Thaddeus he wins. He asks how he knows Thaddeus will keep his word and Thaddeus pulls out another paper that outlines dropping all charges and guarantee Joe and Hank safe conduct home. They sign. As Thaddeus and Rufus leave, he looks at the papers, sad, and hugs Jenny as she cries.

Later they learn Hank, Joe, and Dixie stopped the James brothers from robbing Hogg. In gratitude, Hogg signs the farm back over to him.  Not trusting Thaddeus, he buries the paper on Boot Hill to ensure that they have it if they ever need it.